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What Are Nike Slides For?

Nike Slides

Nike Slides are among the brand's most comfortable spring, fall, and summertime shoes. They are comfortable brand name shoes for people of all walks of life from active to sedentary lifestyles. Here is everything you need to know about the Nike Slides.

What is Nike Slides for?

According to Influenster, Nike Slides come in a variety of models and variants. They all share one thing in common. They are shoes that slip on quickly and easily with no hassle. There are no laces to tie and no struggle to pull them on the feet. What makes them such a popular shoe? They're easy to put on and take off when you go to frolic on a sandy beach or wade in a creek or stream. Slides are convenient forms of protection for the feet.

The unique construction of the Nike Slide

The Benassi Swoosh style slides are popular with athletes who like to wear them before and after practices and games. They provide massaging comfort for the soles of the feet. They're made with a footbed that features a massaging texture that is comfortable and invigorating for tired feet. They're ideal for use after athletic competitions as a way to soothe tired or aching feet. The upper is made of one solid piece so there are no seams to create friction points or discomfort for the feet. The midsole is made of phylon material that is injected to provide a springiness in each step. The slides offer outstanding traction thanks to the herringbone traction pattern. Slides are made for men, women, and children, which makes them ideal choices for the entire family.

Differences in Nike Slide models

According to Footlocker, all Slides share few things in common. They're comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off. What sets them apart is the model design. Yes, there are different iterations of Nike's Slide. For example, the Benassi Slides are above average in the materials used and construction. One of the features that attract so many athletes to the Benassi Slide is its attractive design, along with ease of wear. They're easy to put in a backpack or gym bag, so taking them along makes it convenient for athletes to slip into something more comfortable after games or matches. They're stylish yet comfortable.

Single and Double straps

Slides come in a choice of two different strap designs. Single Slides are the more basic type with one strap such as the Benassi JDI, DJI SE Slide, or Benassi Solarsoft Slide 2. If you prefer more foot support, the Benassi Duo Ultra Slide is constructed with two straps for extra security. All come with the massaging textured footbed.

Stylish Slides

The Slides are made to perpetuate the appearance of being casual and cool. They're versatile shoes that are ideal for wearing shorts or jeans. They're a good choice for everyday comfort for casual and everyday wear. They go well with modern streetwear-styled outfits. Nike Slides are a wardrobe staple for men, women, and kids. The Benassi JDI Slides come with a soft plush lining if you prefer the feeling of cushiony softness against your feet. The Benassi JDI Chenille Slide is constructed with fluffy textured Nike Swoosh and a fine leather strap.

Reviews of the Nike Slide

According to Zappos, over fourteen hundred Nike Slide fans offered their opinions on the summertime and after-game shoe. A breakdown of 1,450 reviews showed that these aren't perfect shoes but they certainly are highly rated. A whopping 77 percent of all respondents gave them a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars for quality and comfort. Just 2 percent ranked the Slides with 1 or 2 ratings with 5 percent giving them a 3, and 14 percent giving them a 4. The most outstanding remarks focused on the extreme comfort, durability, and stylishness of the Nike Slides. In general, Slides tend to fit true to the width and true to size. More than half appreciate the arch support.

Other versions of the Nike Slide

Slides also come in a variety of other versions including the Offcourt Faux Fur iteration that offers over-the-top stylishness and comfort for female athletes, or business professionals who want to get out of their uncomfortable shoes and relax the feet for the day. Nike also makes the Kawa Shower Slides for those who enjoy having a pair of clean sandals to wear when exiting a shower, swimming pool, or a spa. The Victori Women's One Slide comes in a variety of stylish prints. The Victori is also available in a variety of prints and styles for men.

Final thoughts

Nike Slides are sandals that are made for extreme comfort and for the refreshment of the feet after a long day of competing on the court, working on your feet on the job, or anytime you want the comfort and convenience of a shoe that slides on and off with the greatest of ease. You can find Nike Slides in a variety of models that met your individual preferences for comfort with varying degrees of support and cushioning. When it comes to stylishness, there is a broad selection of models and variants to choose from. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a broad strap in all black with a brilliant white Nike Swoosh or a more delicate strap with floral and other print choices, there is a pair of slides that will cater to your discriminating taste and preferences. Nike Slides are a wardrobe staple commonly worn to the beach in the summertime or after a game or practice during the fall and winter months. They're a year-round sandal that stands for comfort, style, and fashion. If you're looking for a comfortable slide that is known for its strength, durability, and attractive good looks, the Slide may be a good choice for you.

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