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The Five Most Expensive Gucci Flip Flops


Gucci is one of the top names in luxury accessories and designer fashions, and the brand has made its mark all over the world. Founded in 1921 by visionary Guccio Gucci in 1921, the company has become a multi billion dollar empire and its fashions are sported by high profile clients, influencers, and celebrities. Though Gucci handbags have always been highly sought after, in recent years the brand's flip flops have become an "it" item.

The reason behind the popularity has its roots in pop culture and the music industry, but there's plenty to love about the shoes aside from their reputation with celebs. Gucci's sandals are a smart pick if you want shoes that will go the mile, last for years, and look great -- the quality of materials is second to none, and you'll be hard pressed to find better looking leather. Much like the brand's other offerings, these shoes are stylish and feature classic designs, but by no means do they come cheap.

Here are five of the most expensive Gucci flip flops that you can buy.

5. Men's Leather Thong Sandal, $395


These men's sandals cost nearly $400, but for guys with discriminating tastes they're worth the investment. This pair of Gucci flip flops is one of the most versatile styles the brand offers for men. It features black leather covering the straps and footbed, and an interlocking Gucci logo placed at the center of the shoe.

The well made sandals are full of style, but they can be worn on the beach, with casual wear, and would make a welcome travel companion on vacation. Because they're so well constructed and made of quality leather, these shoes are comfortable and can easily be worn for hours at a time. A thicker strap helps the appearance of these flip flops remain masculine.

4. Men's Web Strap Thong Sandal, $430


One of the most distinctive motifs belonging to the Gucci brand is its triple stripe, which is ideally suited for integration into a shoe. The Web Strap Thong Sandal not only incorporates the signature stripe, but they're among the most sporty Gucci flip lops available for men. Thick straps, a molded leather footbed, and rubber sole all make these a great pair of shoes to own. Even guys who aren't into fashion will be able to appreciate the quality of craftsmanship and appealing design of these sandals.

Bolstering the status of Gucci's Web Strap Thong Sandal is that a number of A-list celebrities have been spotted wearing them about town and on vacation. What better advertising could a brand get than a heartthrob caught by the paps lounging on a yacht with these shoes? They're quite popular, and Gucci makes this particular flip flop available online in US sizes 5.5 to 16.5. They can also be found at most Gucci boutique locations.

3. Women's Gucci Logo Thong Sandals, $660


Ironically enough, the popularity behind Gucci flip flops exploded when rapper Future's album DS2 was released containing a lyric about the shoes. Following that male celebs, especially those in the hip hop industry, were quick to show that they had a pair or ten. Not long after followed female celebrities, including Rihanna, who wore the shoes to do everything from shopping to walking out of after parties.

This particular model is one that the rich and famous have often been seen wearing, and it's easy to see why. Even those who don't care much about trends can acknowledge the chic sophistication of its design. Supple black Italian leather, a one inch gold heel with a satin finish, and the golden Double G logo on top are great details. That the heel of these Gucci flip flops is squared also lends a refined touch to their appearance.

2. Women's Leather Thong Sandal, $695


Once Gucci flip flops became insanely popular, some styles of the shoe lost their high end appeal and exclusivity. This was a dilemma for any fashion lover who was a Gucci fan and also wanted to sport sandals made by the brand. The answer for a lady in this position it to pick a style like this one.

The Women's Leather Thong Sandal thong is beautifully designed, would work well for occasions ranging from a walk in the park to a summer wedding, and the design isn't based around the brand's logo. The only place where you can prominently see the Gucci name on this shoe is an imprint on the comfy footbed, which is made of fine leather. The t-strap shoe also features a flat heel, decorative pearls and studs, and an ankle strap with a round golden buckle.

These perfectly pretty and feminine Gucci flip flops are available in gold, black, and white. While the white and gold can quickly go from casual to semi-formal, the black version would be an ideal complement to jeans and a breezy blouse or a short jumpsuit. If you've got the cash to splurge and you really love the shoe, it would be worth it to get all three for your wardrobe -- great sandals never go out of style.

1. Women's Leather Horsebit Sandal, $795


There are so many subtle but attractive details that make this shoe crave worthy. This ladies sandal features the signature Gucci stripe, brilliant gold hardware fashioned to look like a Horsebit, and a deep brown footbed. No logos adorn these Gucci flip flops, but the look definitely reflects the style that the brand is known for. Black leather and a one inch gold heel with a galvanized texture complete the design.

This is one of the more practical pairs of Gucci shoes available, as it has a durable Velcro closure at the ankle and its heel height makes it suitable for taking walks or hitting the town. Sizes for these women's sandals range from 5.5 to 11 US, and these can be bought in-store or online.

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