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The 10 Most Expensive Motorcycle Jackets Money Can Buy

Street Style - New York City - December 2015

Biker jackets used to be primarily seen as functional gear to protect motorcyclists, but today this one piece of clothing has become a versatile, trendy fashion staple. While it's not uncommon for bikers and fashion aficionados alike to spend several hundred dollars for a jacket, the ones below far exceed that and are truly designer creations. Sure, you can wear these motorcycle jackets if you plan to hit the road, but each would look just as perfect paired with your favorite skinny jeans or leggings.

Here are ten of the most expensive motorcycle jackets that you can buy.

Schott Sunset Limited Edition Jacket - $1,325


Schott NYC is known for its motorcycle jackets, and the Sunset Limited Edition is one of its most exclusive. The burgundy leather piece is gorgeous due to its color alone, but that's not the only thing that gives it a price that exceeds $1,300. Just 50 of this design was produced, and the inside of each one bears a hand sewn, limited edition leather patch with a unique number.

Blackmeans Leather Biker Jacket - $1,800


Blackmeans jackets can be seen worn on the road, the backs of motocross champions, and on the streets by people who have never even sat on a motorcycle. The company's motorcycle jackets often have a classic style, and such is the case with this design. It's the epitome of timeless and sports super soft black leather, matching hardware, and great subtle details. It's meant to have a close silhouette, and even though it's pricey, this is one quality piece that you can keep in your wardrobe for years.

Blackmeans Studded Leather Biker Jacket - $4,000


While many Blackmeans motorcycle jackets are attractive and refined, sometimes the company takes a step towards being avant-garde. Their Studded Leather Biker Jacket is a showstopping piece that's not meant for the shy. The profile of the jacket is classic, with its many zippered pockets on the body and arms, gleaming hardware, and decorative buckles. However, it has a punk aesthetic and silver studs line the sleeves and collars. Inside is a comfortable lining that makes the jacket easy to actually wear while riding. The studs are applied by hand, which is just one reason why the jacket costs so much.

Burberry Shearling Biker Jacket - $4,795


Leave it to Burberry to create a motorcycle jacket that would fit right in on the English countryside. It's not made of leather, but suede with a beautiful light tan hue. Genuine shearling and lambskin trim complete the design and make this biker jacket warm. The Shearling Biker Jacket has many pockets with hardware and zippers that perfectly complement the overall design.

Gucci Leather Biker Jacket - $5,350


When Gucci makes a biker jacket, it's guaranteed to be two things: expensive and quite stylish. The brand's Leather Biker Jacket for men is black with silver hardware and a number of fine details. It's comprised of a leather that's more silky than buttery soft, and inside is a lining made of quilted tartan fabric that makes a bold style statement. A belt on the hem and several zippered pockets add practical touches that also look great.

Balmain Shearling Classic Moto Jacket - $5,470


Balmain has come up with designs for many motorcycle jackets over the years, and one of the most outstanding is the Shearling Classic Moto Jacket. It features unique styling, grained black leather, an asymmetrical two-way zippered closure, and snap lapels. You could definitely put it on and hit the road atop a motorcycle, but why take the chance of scuffing up a $5,470 jacket? It's much safer to pair this pricey piece with a pair of close fitting jeans, sneakers, and your favorite graphic tee.

Saint Laurent Signature Motorcycle Jacket - $5,490


The Signature Motorcycle Jacket from Saint Laurent is the definition of cool. The styling on this jacket is impeccable, and it manages to effortlessly combine the bad boy biker look that intrigues us all with fashion forward details. Its black washed leather, angled zip pockets, silver hardware, leather lacing, and grommets all come together without a hitch.

Dolce & Gabbana Rose Patch Biker Jacket - $6,045


It's not certain when roses became a popular symbol to place on motorcycle jackets, but this one from Dolce & Gabbana takes a luxurious twist on the theme. It features rose appliques on the shoulders, below the front pockets, and on the back, all set against dark charcoal gray lamb skin leather. Zippered cuffs, a cool patch, and useful side pockets add nice touches.

Versace Biker Jacket - $6,190


Motorcycle jackets with an off-center zipper are in style, and one of the most expensive that you can get is this masterpiece from Versace. The biker jacket is made of black lambskin and has a distinctive notched collar. Pull tabs at the sides and zippered embellishments on the cuffs make a statement without being over the top.

Givenchy Hooded Biker Jacket - $9,100


How do you make a moto jacket that costs over $9,000? Combine exquisite details, fur, and the best leather you can get, then put the Givenchy name on the label. This women's Hooded Biker Jacket looks like it belongs on a runway, and this is clearly one of those pieces that was designed for the sake of fashion rather than wearing while riding. Still, it's filled with beautiful details, such as buckle straps on the cuffs, roomy zippered pockets on the front, and an ever-stylish off-center fastener. Most of the jacket is made of lambskin, but pillowy lamb fur lines the collar and inside of the hood.

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