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How Many Different Types of Cowboy Hats are There?

Cowboy hats

Cowboy Hats are fashion accessories that are made for stylishness and functionality. Western attire is likely to never go out of style. The term cowboy hat covers a range of different styles. A trip to your local western outfitter retailer will show you that there is no one size fits all, for cowboy hats. They're made in sizes to fit all head diameters and they come in a plethora of styles. To help you find the right style, we explain the ten different types of cowboy hats, to help you understand what makes each unique.

1. The Cattleman

Threadcurve explains that the quintessential cowboy hat is the Cattleman style. This hat is designed with a low crown and a curved brim that features the traditional aesthetic that features three creases on the upper portion of the crown. It's the style that we've come to associate with a classic cowboy hat, often chosen by traditional cowboys to complete their wardrobe ensembles.

2. The Dakota

The Dakota stands out from other styles of cowboy hat styles with its brim that has a smaller curve on the brim than traditional Cattleman style hats. It features a wide indentation at the top of the crown. The indentation is made in a triangular shape to add a distinct and defining look. It's a style that is preferred by many bull riders. The Dakota is typically accented with a leather braid where the crown meets the brim and it is often made of leather material.

3. Nevada

The Nevada style of the cowboy hat is often confused with the Gambler type because of their similarities, but they are different. The Nevada Cowboy hat features a flat brim with no curves that take on a round shape. The crown and crease are also rounded. It's not a traditional cowboy hat, but it does fall into the category of Western fashion. It's a sophisticated style that is often worn with dressy ensembles. You're more likely to find this hat in white or other light colors, but they do come in a range of colors. All feature a contrasting band around the crown where it attaches to the brim.

4. The Gus

Horse Hooves explains that the Gus cowboy hat is styled similar to the Cattleman with a classic cowboy hat aesthetic combined with an Outback styling. The crown is high on the Gus and it has a single crease steamed into the middle of the crown with two creases steamed into the side. The difference in this hat style is that the crown is fashioned with a slight downward slope.

5. The Tom Mix (Montana)

The Tom Mix cowboy hat is also called a Montana. It's similar to the Gus and Cattleman and fits into the category of traditional cowboy hats. Like the others, the Tom Mix has a crease down the center of the crown with a crease on either side, but it differs from the others with smaller and less pronounced creases on the back. When you compare them you will immediately see the differences. The center crease is more pronounced than the side creases, giving the hat the appearance that it is sloping downward in the front. You will also notice that there is a half-inch upturn on the brim. The Tom Mix or Montana cowboy hat became fashionable during the 1920s and 1930s as a style preferred by old Western film stars when the industry for the film genre began to boom. You'll notice that the crown of the Tom Mix is also larger than the Cattleman style.

6. The Gambler

The Gambler cowboy hat is also called a Telescope crease. This unique style of cowboy hat originated in South America with the Charros, who brought the hat style from South America to Mexico. It was a popular style in both South America and Mexico that found its way to Nevada among ranchers. The hat is made for comfort and protection for cowboys working in hot climates. It has a lower crown that keeps the amount of hot air that can collect on the head at a minimum. It also features a wide brim that provides cowboys with more protection from the sun. The Gambler style became popular with wealthy ranchers and was not only functional but also stylish. It was the style of cowboy hat worn by Rhett Butler in the epic film "Gone With the Wind," which skyrocketed the popularity of the style.

7. The Pinched Front

The Pinched Front is a style of cowboy hat that has become a classic in western fashions. It is easily distinguished with the partial dents on each side, but it is available in two crown styles. The pinched front may have a diamond crown or a teardrop crown. Both are considered pinched front-style cowboy hats. This is a style of hat that is worn by both men and women, but it is more popular among the ladies as it accentuates delicate jawlines.

8. The Brick

Langston explains that the Brick cowboy hat is a version of the Cattleman that deserves its category. This hat features a single rectangle-shaped dimple to distinguish the top. It's a modified Cattleman style with more squaring at the crown.

9. The Derby

The Derby-style cowboy hat isn't the type that you'd expect to see cowboys wear in the old west but it was a popular style in the old west that is still favored today. It's also known as a Bowler. This hat style originated in England, created by a man named Bowler. It became a symbol of stylishness in the old west during the 1850s. The hat has a curved short brim and a round crown without creases or dimples.

10. The Amish

The Amish cowboy hat is another of the favorites that depart slightly from traditional cowboy hat styles. It's recognizable by its slightly rounded crown and the black band around its smaller and flat brim. It's called The Amish because it is the style commonly chosen by Amish people. The hats are traditionally made of felt or straw material for their comfort on hot workdays.

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