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Is the New Telfar Duffle Bag Worth the Price Tag?


When Telfar Clemens moved to New York from war-torn Liberia, he was drawn to fashion designing. He eventually established his brand and introduced the Telfar shopping bag in 2014 during the Autumn/Winter runway show. Clemens once said he wanted to be Michael Kors but on purpose. His aspirations are coming true. His shopping bag always sells out, and he is now adding another to the product offering: the Telfar duffle Bag. With a price range of between $290 and $490 based on size, you have to wonder if the Telfar Duffle bag is worth the price tag. Let’s help you decide with the following facts.

It is the Brand’s First Duffle Bag

According to The Cut, the Telfar duffle bag is the first to be designed outside the popular shopping bag. With the shopping bag setting precedence for the duffle bag, the latter is borrowing a lot from the predecessor. For instance, the duffle bag comes in three sizes: large, medium, and small. The small size goes for $290, the medium goes for $390, while the large size will set you back $490. It is barrel-shaped and caters to men and women, a very important feature since Clemens identifies as a queer. Clemens knows how to cater to different consumers. Therefore, like the shopping bag, the duffle bag is also made from vegan leather. Other features include a double handle and a detachable body strap that allows the bag to serve as a handbag or side bag. The “T” logo appears on the faces; they open up as functional pockets. Although currently, it is only available in black, other colorways will soon be available. Clemens has seen how popular the Telfar shopping bag is. The knowledge could have informed his decision in retaining the features even on the duffle bag. It may be a new product, but those who have had the privilege of owning a Telfar bag know that Clemens does not compromise on quality. Therefore, even if the shopping bag price range is from $150 to $257, the new duffle bag had to be priced higher since it has a ready market and the demand always is higher than the supply.

You Can’t Use Bots to Buy Your Bag

Telfar is trying to curb the use of software programming to buy the bags. According to W Magazine, Clemens explained that previously with the shopping bag, they had witnessed bots being used to purchase the bags. The buyers would then resell the products at significantly higher prices. The launch of the bag is a drip, not a drop; hence, the drip will never be announced. Instead, you have to tune in to Telfar TV and wait for the QR code to appear on your screen. You should then scan it within a minute.

The scan also helps prevent bulk ordering, giving everyone a chance to own a Telfar duffle bag. Furthermore, the bags will be dripped depending on the number of people tuned in to Telfar TV such that if 1,000 people are watching, 1,000 Telfar duffle bags will be dripped. The Telfar TV platform can be downloaded through the App Store and is compatible with Google play devices, Roku and Apple TV. During the launch, the medium black duffle bag sold out. A person scanned the QR code and added to cart the medium black duffle bag. Unfortunately, by the time he went to put in his address, the bag was sold out. The occurrence makes you wonder if the claim that the bags dripped will match the number of people watching is true. It could be that their efforts to combat the threat of bots are yet to bear fruits. Regardless, it is most likely that just like the shopping bag that launched on Amazon for the first time in 2020 and sold almost immediately after, the duffle bag will follow suit. Until then, it appears it will be a scramble of how fast you scan the QR code, which makes the price tag worth it.

Its Launching was Phenomenal

If there is something that Clemens knows how to do, it is to have people wanting more and more of what Telfar offers. Therefore, when the duffle bag was unveiled during New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the presentation was partly a fashion show and part-informational seminar. According to Hello Beautiful, Clemens went the unorthodox way when presenting the bag at NYFW 2021. There was a press conference complete with a panel of 12 people, and the unveiling was the height of the presentation.

The guests received invitations from the Telfar team and did not know what they would witness at the show. The stage was all set with black chairs arranged in an arc shape lining the waterfront space. There was also a black table with a Telfar emblem never seen before. Finally, after so much talk, Clemens presented the bag. Fans were so eager to get their hands on one going by their reaction when Clemens asked who was interested in one. Telfar bags are such highly sought after that getting them is like a miracle. The unannounced drops available only on Telfar TV make it even harder to get a duffle bag. Still, there is hope for anyone who doubts his internet connectivity will send the QR code in time. However, you have to be an avid fan of Telfar TV and go as far as submitting content to stand a chance to win a Telfar duffle bag. Anyone who sends content can own one of Telfar’s bags, not necessarily the duffle bag. That being said, the price tag attached to a Telfar bag is worth it. Clemens has never disappointed those who are loyal to the brand, which is why even, at $490, people are willing to sit in front of a TV screen waiting for a code to pop up, all in the hopes of getting a Telfar Duffle bag.

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