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Why are Kanye's Red Wing Boots So Expensive?

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People who are in the public eye have a unique position in that they can often influence other individuals based on something as simple as their own personal fashion choices. Oddly enough, things that people normally wouldn't be caught dead in suddenly become very appealing when the right person is wearing it. Recently, all eyes have been on controversial performer Kanye West, as he's been seen wearing a pair of Red Wing work boots practically everywhere he goes. It's worth saying that if your neighbor across the street decided to do this for no practical purpose, you might wonder a bit about that particular individual’s mental well-being. When West does it, the whole thing starts to catch on, even to the point of making it virtually impossible for the company to keep up with the demand for sales. It's worth noting that at this present time, the particular pair of boots that he wears aren't available for sale because the company can't manufacture them as quickly as they get orders for them. If you're curious to know more, you can find out more about the boots, West himself, and how much those boots are actually worth in the next few paragraphs.

Why Are These Boots So Special?

Again, it's worth noting that it's not necessarily the boots themselves that are so special, but the fact that Kanye West seems to endorse them in a very big way. In fact, he seems to love them so much that he wears them practically everywhere he goes, whether he's performing at a concert or going to an upscale restaurant that normally requires a jacket and tie. For most individuals, wearing work boots into an area where a jacket and tie are required would be enough to get them thrown out before they even manage to take a seat. In West’s case, all of that is overlooked. If you're wondering what makes the boots themselves so special, there really isn’t anything about them that makes them stand out other than the fact that they are your traditional high quality safety boots that are designed for work environments. The particular boots in question are manufactured to a very high standard with a special sole that's designed to help you adjust your gait so that you walk straighter. In doing so, you tend to have not only less foot pain, but also less pain in your legs, back and neck. In addition, the boots are extremely rugged. They're designed with an exterior that's completely waterproof and they have steel toes to protect against heavy objects that might be dropped. They're even designed specifically not to allow the conduction of electricity, making them more akin to a car tire than footwear. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they're also 17 inches tall. If you have to go wading, these are definitely the boots to do it in. That said, they're not exactly the most fashion-forward thing on the market, so it seems a bit surprising when West ends up showing up to a five-star New York City restaurant wearing them.

West’s Fashion Style

It shouldn't really come as much of a surprise to anybody who has followed West’s fashion style over the years that he tends to do things his own way. As a matter of fact, he's always made it very clear that he all but despises fancy clothes and the like, all of which basically rubs one's success in the face of those who haven't quite figured it out yet. As such, he seems to prefer athletic clothes that can also double as work clothes for the blue color individual. It's worth noting that this certainly isn't the first time he's made what many would consider to be rather questionable fashion choices. It's not so much the boots that are the problem, but the idea of wearing those boots to any and all occasions, even when something formal is indicated. His insistence in doing so has caused many people to raise their eyebrows at both West and his choice of fashion (or lack thereof). One thing is certain, West himself certainly couldn't care less what anybody thinks of his fashion choices. As a matter of fact, it seems that the more people try to double down on getting him to follow societal norms and dress in what many consider to be an appropriate manner, the more he is determined to do things his own way. That may not always be a bad thing. One thing West definitely doesn't do is follow the wishes of others just because they want him to. He very much makes his own decisions and he's not the least bit afraid to go against the grain when something doesn't make sense to him.

How Much Are They Worth?

Just in case you're curious, you might want to know how much these shoes are actually worth. Things get a little bit complicated here. As previously mentioned, you cannot currently buy this exact style from the company. Therefore, it's all but impossible to gauge exactly how much a pair of these boots would be if they were purchased off the shelf and had no ties whatsoever to West. That being said, a similar pair of shoes that he recently wore sold for an eye-popping $3,000. Most people may not be able to sell their shoes for anything near that price, and it's likely that these particular shoes would never command such a price if it weren't for the fact that some fans will pay any amount of money to get their hands on something that a celebrity has touched. One thing is certain, these boots are worth a lot more now than they were before West started parading them all over the place. Who knows, the value of the company as a whole may be driven up by the very fact that he seems to like their shoes.

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