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How MeUndies is Changing Underwear Retail Through Snapchat


MeUndies is a relatively new business that launched in 2011. Jonathan Shokrian founded the e-commerce company in the Los Angeles area with the goal of creating the world's most comfortable underwear. A variety of styles, sizes and colors would be needed to satisfy the preferences of men and women and the company has not failed in their quest. The marketing concept is brilliant as it offers the products for sale online and features discounts for subscribers who sign up for their new pair each month special. He sought to develop a product that would revolutionize the underwear industry by making them ultra comfortable, reasonably priced and easy to purchase. One of the goals of MeUndies was to make it easy to find the perfect pair of underwear.

MeUndies has delivered high on comfort

MeUndies has addressed a few of the problems that are associated with underwear shopping. The first is finding a stylish pair that is comfortable. Only the most comfortable materials are used to ensure that each pair provides an amazing feel. They are made with care so there won't be discomfort because of poorly stitched seams or flaws in the basic design. Most of us know how irritating it can be to wear a pair of undies that have rough seams or cut into the skin. This won't be the case with MeUndies products because the undies are designed for comfort first, yet they deliver high with a variety of options.

Changing the game of underwear retail

The tremendous marketing success of MeUndies can be attributed to Shokrian's use of popular media. When it comes to advertising, it's important to find the right media source that gets the information out to the intended audience, which in the case of quality and comfortable underwear is practically everyone. The first advertising campaign began on the adult site PaintBottle and it was quite a success.

Digital media advertising gets the message out to everyone and the intuitive advertising strategies that are employed by the various social media sites are perfect to promote the product to people who have recently been looking for similar products. MeUndies marketing staff are picking and choosing their advertising campaign formats to maximize branding and get the name out there is ways that are memorable and so far, it's working pretty well.

Snapchat success

MeUndies uses Snapchat to promote their products through a unique series of video shorts that show success for increasing sales and sealing the brand. Their "Lounge Off" series use MeUndies staff to model the attire and give viewers a good look at the product modeled in situations that would otherwise be uncomfortable. The 10 to 12% conversion rate to sales shows that this is an effective form of advertising for the company.

The MeUndies difference

It didn't take long for satisfied customers to start talking about the MeUndies brand. What really sets them apart is their no fail comfort. They're available in several different styles, colors and designs. Having a great assortment to choose from is a definite plus. The designers have made sure that there will be something that will appeal to virtually everyone both male and female. The website is laid out very well and is easy to navigate. This ends the need to look through multiple sites in search of the perfect pair that is aesthetically pleasing as well as the desired style and patterns. The prices are not cheap, but they're not expensive either.

They're moderate and considered to be a bargain for what you get out of the deal. To summarize the difference, MeUndies has revolutionized underwear shopping by offering by far the most comfortable underwear in a format that makes it easy to shop and easy to acquire. They offer convenience for customers who demand fast and high quality service. It may eliminate the need to make a trip to a local department store to shop for underwear.

MeUndies for men

There are quite a few styles available for men including boxer brief; trunk; boxer and brief. You can also find lounge pants or tops which come in crew tees, V-necks or French terry T shirts. You can save by buying them in 3 packs, 6 packs 10 packs or the 365 pack which offers a fresh change of underwear for every day of the year. The sizes range from small to 2XL. The fabrics are soft MicroModal and elastane blends which are far softer than cotton. Flatlock stitching ensures that the seams won't cause irritation. The waistband is also soft and flexible for a superior fit.

MeUndies for women

The women's line is just as impressive as the men's featuring theMeUndies line of cheeky brief; bikini; boyshort; modal thong and the women's lacie for a sexier style. They also offer lounge pants along with women's V-neck and crew neck tops. The same offers are included for women as for men with choices for purchasing 3 packs, 6 packs, 10 packs or the 365 pack. Each undergarment is made from materials that will provide the highest level of comfort for the style. For example, the lacie style is constructed with mostly Modal and a small percentage of spandex for a softer than cotton feeling. All materials are natural sustainably sourced fiber which means that MeUndies is doing its part to help preserve the planet.


After making the first purchase, customers have the option of saving 33% off of the regular price through subscription. Subscribers receive a new pair every month for $16.00 which is a fairly good deal when it comes to quality underwear. Comparison with some of the major brands lands MeUndies on top of the pack.

Final thoughts

It's plain to see that MeUndies is making a positive impact in the underwear industry. They may well have unearthed a gold mine with their high quality products that are also stylish and in vogue. The days of searching for the right pair of underwear could be behind us. It's rare to find a brand that consistently delivers on comfort with a guarantee to back it up. Convenience and comfort are two of the public's most stringent demands on manufacturers today.

They want something that is easy to find, reasonably priced and reliable in performance. From what we can see, MeUndies has hit the mark on all of these requirements. They're well on their way to establishing the brand and once it becomes a household name, the future looks bright for the MeUndies team.

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