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Why Is the Prada Bucket Hat So Expensive?

Prada Bucket Hat

Over the years, Prada has been associated with wealth and luxury. This was recently evidenced by the Prada Bucket Challenge on TikTok. In its efforts to market the brand’s most well-known item, Prada initiated the Prada Bucket Challenge, which encourages users to make a video “showing their Prada” whenever they wear it.

However, many Prada fans have complained of being left out of the experience since the Prada Bucket Hat is really expensive. In this post, we will help you determine why.

The Prada Bucket Challenge

Some TikTok trends take off, causing an online frenzy, while others sizzle out the moment they are launched. Generally, this includes trends that require an excessive amount to complete, or that could lead to potential injury.

There are also some trends that require you to have a certain level of income, such as the Prada Bucket Challenge. In addition to being sponsored by Prada, the Prada Bucket Challenge has enlisted assistance from some of the biggest TikTok users out there.

This has influenced numerous high-profile names such as Bella Poarch, Lil Huddy, Just Maiko, and Brent Rivera to take part in the challenge. Unlike most other TikTok trends, however, the Prada challenge is very difficult to participate in as the price of the new Prada Bucket hat is very high. This has even caused backlash from some TikTok users that find the challenge non-inclusive.

How Much Does the Prada Hat Cost?

On the brand’s page promoting the Prada Bucket Challenge, Prada tries to encourage TikTok users to “show us your Prada side,” asking, “what can wearing the bucket hat do to your mood?”

The mood does not seem to be light on the platform considering the new Prada Bucket Hat is selling at an average price of $600. This means that you need to be ready to dent your wallet to get yourself one. The primary explanation behind the high price of the Prada hat is that most of the brand’s hats are highly fashionable in the modern-day world; hence many people are eager to get them.

Additionally, Prada has been one of those luxury brands that have dominated the global market for several decades. Thus, wearing the Prada Bucket Hat has been marketed as a means of showing off how pricey your clothing is.

Why Are Bucket Hats Popular?

If you have been taking note of this year’s fashion trends, you are aware that the bucket hat is beginning to make its comeback into the world of fashion. Currently, the bucket hat is very popular, particularly during the summer, where it’s hard to miss them at the pool, at the mall, and even on TV shows. The following are some of the many factors that make the bucket hats very popular this summer and why you need to get one for yourself as well:


One of the factors that have largely contributed to the massive popularization of the bucket hat is them being worn by well-known musicians and high-profile names. Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid have been recently spotted wearing the bucket hat.

Moreover, the famous K-Pop star music group BTS has participated in the global popularization of the bucket hat. The recent and sudden rise of the bucket hat began when American singer Rihanna was spotted in New York during summer, rocking Prada’s nylon bucket hat in a chic seafoam green colorway. She added to his downright cool look with a printed top and jeans.


This summer, the sale of bucket hats has been rapidly on the rise due to their functionality. Bucket hats feature wider brims that offer the needed protection to your shoulders and face from the harmful rays of the sun. This makes them ideal for hot summer days at the pool or beach. Moreover, bucket hats are essential during bike rides and mountain hikes.


Their nostalgic factor may also have contributed to the comeback of the bucket hats. Back in the 1980s to the 1990s, bucket hats were a very popular street fashion among fashion lovers and celebrities. Today’s fashion industry is trying to revive the previous dressing styles from back in the days at least every few years, as evidenced by bucket hats becoming the most recent nostalgia-factor target.

Prada’s Re-Nylon Initiative

The recent popularization of the bucket hat is a great example of Prada showcasing their specialty when it comes to understanding the younger generation’s fashion trends. Just recently, Prada decided to launch a new initiative known as “Re-Nylon,” which mainly focuses on creating circular production.

The brand went on to form a partnership with a firm called Aquafil, which came up with the product ECONYL, which is nylon obtained from nylon waste. This impressive partnership with Aquafil has proven to be very successful and a great example of taking business risks to pay off handsomely later. Prada’s Re-Nylon initiative strives to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and make a move toward sustainability at a reasonable pace.

ECONYL Products

Prada, one of the most successful European luxury companies, recently showed a move towards global sustainability at a fast pace with the launch of its Re-Nylon campaign.

In 2019, the brand began by producing 6 ECONYL bags but later expanded its production in 2020 to include ready-to-wear belts, footwear, hats, and many other accessories. Prada announced it would stop using fur and start using recycled nylon on all of its products.

In conjunction with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Prada is enrolling students from 10 cities worldwide into a program known as “Sea Beyond.”

This program is aimed at teaching the students about sustainability. The use of such a unique material in the Prada Bucket Hat could also explain why it is retailing at such a high price. Prada is an industry leader, and there is no reason its products shouldn’t be as well.


Since gaining popularity in the 1990s, the bucket hat has been a key fashion piece. It recently made a comeback into today’s fashion trends, with young adults, teens, and all other ages rocking it around the city. Bucket hats come in several colors and distinctive styles, making them blend perfectly with almost any outfit.

Moreover, the iconic Prada bucket hat collection is made of regenerated nylon yarn (ECONYL), which is obtained from recycled and purified plastic garbage. This, coupled with the brand’s luxurious reputation, could explain why the Prada Bucket Hat is so expensive.

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