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What Differentiates the Hermes Picotin from Other Bags

Fans of the Hermes luxury brand tend to gravitate to Picotin as one of the most popular and best-selling bags in the extensive Hermes collection. What makes this bag special and what differentiates it from other bags? If you're not familiar with the Hermes line of bags, you may not see anything particularly special about the bag, other than its unique shape and size. Knowledge of the ascribed status of the brand name along with the high quality and associated prestige makes this a very special and practical bag for the fashion-conscious. Here are the things that set the Hermes Picotin bag apart from the rest.

Unique styling

According to Ba My Bag, The Herme Picotin bag is one of the most popular models and you can find it in nearly every Hermes boutique. It's readily available because it has become a staple fashion accessory for most women. It is a practical buckle and tote bag that is large enough to hold all of the necessities you will need and more. The design is unique and not commonly seen in other designer handbags. The uniqueness of the styling is one of the reasons why the Picotin bag is different than the rest. The Picotin bag has an aesthetic that makes it look like a bucket bag that is carried on the shoulder. It is a tote bag that is made of premium materials that have a smooth and soft feel against the skin. It measures 7 inches x 7.5 inches x 5.5 inches which makes it spacious. It's a tall bag which makes it nice for carrying larger items. It will even provide shelter to a small dog or cat when necessity strikes.

Versatile for all casual wardrobes

The Hermes Picotin bag also comes in a variety of colors. It is casual and fits in well with most casual and streetwear styles and even some of the dressier fashions. The Picotin is available in a choice o black, blue, light brown, or dark brown colors. The silver palladium hardware is a nice touch that offers a gentle sophistication without a lot of bling. Some ladies choose to purchase one of each for matching their favorite outfits. This versatile bag is also useful as a shopping bag or as a beach bag for carrying all your necessities.

Quality in design and materials

The Picotin, like all Hermes bags, is made in a specific manner with a design that helps the bag to hold its original shape through years of enjoyment. It's a strong and durable bag that is handcrafted by skilled artisans without flaw and made to last forever. The bulk of this bag is made with a special premium material called tarillon Clemence leather which is smooth grained and exceptionally strong and durable. It is a secure bag for keeping your valuables safely organized with a lock placed at the top of the bag. The lock also happens to feature the Hermes iconic staying that leaves no doubt about the brand.

Choice of different sizes

The Hermes Picotin bag comes in a range of four different sizes for your convenience. According to Goxip, it comes in TGM, GM, MM, and PM sizing. This makes it far easier to find the perfect bag to suit your practical and fashion needs a there are times when a smaller bag is in order. If you are going on a day-long excursion, the larger size may come in handier. This is one o the reasons why people tend to love the Picotin bag so much. It's not only in vogue and highly stylish, but it is also practical and quite useful for a variety of different social and personal situations. According to the Purse Blog Forum, the Picotin is available in two different styles including the standard Picotin in a choice of four sizes and the Picotin Lock. The only difference between the two is that one comes with a lock and the other does not. It is also worth noting that the older versions of the Picotin bag did not come with a lock. Hermes designed the newer more modern bags with this safety feature for keeping your valuables safe and secure.

The Hermes Picotin bag retains its value

According to Real Style, the Picotin is a bag that when well cared for, tends to retain a great deal of its original value. The average resale of the Hermes Picotin bag averages sales that represent approximately 72 percent of their brand new price value. The Picotin bag was first released for sale in 2002, in the spirit of the equestrian heritage of the Hermes brand. They were designed with horse troughs and feed bags in mind with an elegant yet casual bucket bag silhouette. Purchasing a Hermes Picotin bag is considered to be an investment rather than an expense.

Final thoughts

The Hermes Picotin bag is a best-selling model for many reasons. It's different in many aspects including shape, appearance, and high functionality. It's a versatile bag that has several different practical uses. The iconic Hermes signature styling is easy for Hermes enthusiasts to pick out, while those who are not familiar with the brand may not catch the nuance Still, there is something about the look and the feel of this bag that lets you know it is made of premium materials that were designed to stand the test of time. The unique styling of the Picotin bag sets it apart from other Hermes bags. It's available in a range of sizes and more sophisticated and calm color that makes it a fashion essential for any woman's usual wardrobe. There is also the status that goes with the ownership of any Hermes fashion accessory. The Picotin ha has been around for nearly two decades and it is just a popular today as the date of its first issue.

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