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The Five Nicest Chopard Handbags on the Market

Chopard Happy Clutch Red Carpet Limited Edition Metallic Leather Clutch

Handbags are a fashion accessory that simply cannot be overlooked. There is a handbag made for every style of attire and all types of events from casual to dressy or formal. With all the designer brands out there, one stands above the rest. Chopard is a Swiss brand that has been in existence for well over a century. The company earned its solid reputation in high-end fashion circles by producing some of the most exquisite jewelry and watches the world has seen. Chopard expanded its line to include fashion bags that live up to the hype of expectation based on its previous track record for satisfying an adoring troupe of loyal. Here are the five nicest Chopard handbags on the market today.

Chopard Happy Lady Leather Handbag

5. Chopard Happy Lady Leather Handbag

The Chopard Happy Lady Leather handbag makes a fashion statement just by handing from your shoulder. This ultra-stylish bag is larger sized for everyday use to provide you with ample room to carry your necessities in style and sophistication. The bag is made of 100 percent premium leather material without flaw. The measurements of the bag are 25 cm in height, 31 cm in length, and 10 cm in width. This versatile handbag converts into two distinct styles thanks to the top handle for easy carrying and the detachable leather shoulder strap that can be removed. The strap is fully adjustable to achieve the perfect length when carrying across the shoulder. The bag is comprised of a large single compartment for storing larger personal items. It features one internal zipped pocket for storing smaller valuable items that you want to keep separate for faster and easier access. The strong zipper helps to provide security for the contents of the smaller compartment. This aesthetically pleasing handbag features malachite cabochons at the fasteners with gold-toned hardware that gives it a sophisticated and rich aesthetic. A Twist lock fastener keeps the contents of the bag secure.

Chopard Happy Hearts Cross Body Bag

4. Chopard Happy Hearts Cross Body Bag

The Chopard Happy Hearts Cross Body Bag is a luxurious handbag that is delicately crafted of refined grained calf leather material. It is a compact bag for special occasions that measures 13cm in height, 20 cm in width, and 7 cm in depth. It's ideal for carrying a few essentials while maintaining the ultimate in high-fashion and stylishness. A zipped interior pocket provides extra security for smaller items that you want to hold securely zipped out of sight. The bag may be worn across your body with the adjustable strap to achieve the ideal length for your size and body type. A clasp fastener holds all contents of the bag securely inside to prevent accidental spills if you drop the bag. The accordion design expands as necessary. A heart-shaped C monogram matches the gold-tone chain strap inspired by the jewelry collection it is named for. The Happy Hearts Cross Body Bag is made in the country of Italy and imported for sale into the United States.

Chopard Madrid Black Calfskin Leather Handbag

3. Chopard Madrid Black Calfskin Leather Handbag

The Madrid Black Calfskin Leather Bag is a glamorous bag designed for everyday wear with casual attire. The bag is crafted of the finest Italian calfskin leather. It provides a spacious main compartment that measures 17 inches in length, 5 inches in width, and 10 inches in height. It comes in black color with adjustable shoulder straps to achieve the ideal length to complement to size and shape of your body. The earthy styling has a vintage appeal that is attractive and highly stylish for casual events. A magnetic lock helps to keep your personal items secured in the inside compartment of the bag. The inside lining features a lovely patterned cloth to protect delicate items placed inside. Each new Chopard handbag comes with a convenient dust bag to protect this fashion accessory from dust contamination when it's not in use.

Chopard BLACK quilted lambskin Imperial handbag

2. Chopard BLACK quilted lambskin Imperial handbag

Chopard's black quilted lambskin Imperial handbag features a lovely black lambskin construction in a quilted design. The texture is the focal point that is first noticed. To complement the style, bronze hardware is applied in the adjustable and removable chain strap and the fastening clasp. This versatile bag may be worn across the shoulder or as a cross-body bag. Measurements are 12 inches in width, 4 inches in height, and 6 inches in length. The doubled chain is 28 inches and is fully adjustable.

Chopard Happy Clutch Red Carpet Limited Edition Metallic Leather Clutch

1. Chopard Happy Clutch Red Carpet Limited Edition Metallic Leather Clutch

Chopard's Happy Clutch Red Carpet Metallic Leather Clutch is an exquisite women's handbag produced in a strictly limited production run of just 71 pieces. This rare accessory is easily one of the nicest and most unique handbags ever produced by the Swiss fashion brand. The difference is apparent at first glance. This stylish formal clutch is intended for use at dressy to ultra-formal events with its head-turning aesthetics. It is truly a very special edition, featuring Chopard's signature metallic leather material made of pure and flawless lambskin for the majority of the bag construction. The secure fastener of the clasp that keeps the contents securely in place is made of a finish set with diamonds in a base of 18 k rose gold cabochons. Five moving white diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.50 dance happily around inside the sapphire crystals that secure them on either side. The clutch may be secured by a removable chain strap that matches the hardware for additional versatility in style. An interior flat pocket is included to store small essential items. The height of the bag is 11 cm with a length of 27 cm and a width of 6 cm.

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