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The 10 Best Online Hat Stores


Hats are amazing fashion accessories that can change the look of an outfit and add mystique, or novelty. They're not only attractive features to an ensemble, but they're also practical. Hats protect from the sun and they've been used by cowboys, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and construction workers for hundreds of years.

Hats come in many different styles and sizes to fit everyone. If you're a hat enthusiast and you're looking for new resources to add to your collection of headwear, here are ten of the best online hat stores you must check out.

10. New Era Cap

New Era Cap ( is the ultimate online hat store for sports enthusiasts. The venue offers cap-style hats that are officially licensed for sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and NBL to provide team logo hats for basketball, football, and baseball fans. You'll find high-quality materials in these durable caps with embroidered emblems of your favorite teams.

New Era Cap is known for its collections of sports-themed hats, bags, backpacks, tools, and soaps for fast and effective cleaning of the hats. They offer free shipping on all orders and customer service gets a high rating.

9. New York Hat Co.

New York Hat Co. specializes in providing the highest quality hats in a variety of choices. The focus is on New York fashion trends. The online store offers camp and military hats, knit styles, classic leather hats, knit caps, and hats for women.

The store has a large selection of vintage styles including leather and suede spitfires, thugs, fedoras, stingy, and more. New York Hat Co. offers moderate prices with a history of fine hatmaking that goes back over 40 years.

8. Hats by the Hundred

Hats by the Hundred has the largest selection of Australian hat styles we've seen. They offer a massive inventory of hats from over 55 brands with thousands of styles to peruse in all styles and colors.

The Hats by Hundred shop is on Australia's Gold Coast in Queensland. They ship hats all over the world. The company offers hats for all occasions and occupations. If you can't find the hat you're looking for here, it might not exist.

7. Jacomo

Jacomo is an online hat store that offers a variety of hats of all types. It's a menswear store that offers hats in classic and trendy styles, clothing, and other accessories for finding the perfect outfits with complimentary hats.

We love this store because it operates under the ethical trading initiative. None of the products come from companies participating in inhumane, child labor, or non-hygienic working conditions.

6. Revolve

Revolve addresses the issue of hats matching boots by selling both. The online store offers a massive selection of casual and fashionable hats. The store also sells athletic styles, clothing, and footwear.

We love the hats in their collection as they are both stylish, available in a massive range of styles and colors, and the prices are affordable.

5. Cotton On

Cotton On is an online store from the United Kingdom that originated in Australia. The retailer provides an Australian-style assortment of hats in classic and trendy style choices. The brand is known for its durability. The manufacturer uses lightweight material in well-made hats that are stylish and functional.

4. Harricana

Harricana is based in Montreal, Canada. The online store ships to customers across the globe. The store offers hats that are made under ethical conditions. Most products are made using recycled materials in factories that maintain high eco-friendly standards. Here you will find every style of hat imaginable.

For example, they offer aviator hats made of upcycled fur, hats made of paper straw materials, and much more ranging from classic to novel.

3. Samuels Hats

Samuels Hats is an online hat store that offers one of the largest collections of Kentucky Derby hats we've seen. If you're looking for a hat for any occasion, you're likely to find it here.

They offer a filter that allows you to search for the perfect hat by occasion. The store offers high-fashion hats but they charge affordable prices. It's one of the best online stores to find reasonably priced formal to casual hat styles.

2. Hats Unlimited

Hats Unlimited is an online hat store that offers a massive inventory of thousands of hat styles to choose from. It's a family-owned and operated company based in California, USA. They've made it easier to find what you're looking for by offering a filter for shopping by gender (men, women, kids), or style.

They've broken the search bar into dozens of different categories to help refine your search to make it fast and easy. Customer service at hats Unlimited is top-rated. They do everything they can to help customers achieve satisfaction with their purchases. They also offer tips on hat care to help buyers know the proper care for hats. The store also offers a selection of accessories.

1. The Village Hat Shop

The Village Hat Shopis a San Diego-based hat shop that offers a massive selection of hats in its online store. What we love the most about this store is that they maintain hat experts that are standing by to help answer your questions before and after you buy.

The store offers filters to help you hone in on the specific hat you're looking for by gender, age, style, and brand. They offer affordable quality products by brands including Stetson, Jaxon, Torrey, Baskerville, Scala, Bailey, and more, to consider. If they don't have the style and color of hat you're looking for at the Village Hat Shop, it might not exist. It's one of the largest online retailers in the world today.

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