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The 10 Most Expensive Gucci Items Money Can Buy

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Gucci is probably the most popular luxury fashion company in the world, and fashion-conscious people know the degree of respect the double G logo holds. The brand instantly elicits a sense of prestige, class, and desirability. Of course, such a noble brand is not available for everyone because high-end products are expensive. Here are the ten most expensive Gucci items money can buy.

10. Gucci's YA114217 watch ($7,900)

The YA114217 is a limited edition of men's watches created by Gucci in collaboration with British musician Skepta and the Grammy Museum in 2013. This designer watch is one of the most expensive Gucci items, boasting of a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen, an interactive alarm clock, and a calendar on the dial. It also features a stainless-steel case. The classy timepiece is not just for wearing; it may be taken to high-class events to show off or used as an accessory. You can buy this watch from Gucci stores at a price of $7,900.

9. Gucci Sequin Dress ( $12,900)

The Gucci Sequin Dress is made from 80% silk and 20% wool and features fine Silk Georgette has an utterly impeccable design. Sequins with different colors are also added to give this dress a glistening effect, making it perfect for any special event. Beyonce purchased it and wore it once, but it forever shines in the memory of those who saw it. If you are looking for a dress with a stunning display of glamor and class, you can get the Gucci Sequin dress, valued at $12,900.

8. Gucci Biker Jacket ($18,650)

Alessandro Michele designed the unique black Gucci Biker Jacket with a fur-lined collar and can either be folded down or worn up. It is made of Italian calfskin leather and adorned with elegant metal studs, chains, and zippers. The jacket's design was inspired by individuals like Joe Strummer from "The Clash" and Sid Vicious from "Sex Pistols. According to Web Spy, Gucci Biker Jacket was created as an homage to 1980s bikers. It is popular with rockers and punkers and goes for $18,650.

7. Gucci 1921 Collection medium shoulder bag ($ 28,990)

The design of the Gucci 1921 Collection medium shoulder bag inspired the famous Gucci 1920s collection. It is made of crocodile skin, has light hardware, and comes in various colors like black, brown, green, navy blue, and red. The 1921 collection bag has one zipper pocket and six card slots. In addition, its exterior features two leather handles, a detachable shoulder strap, and gold-plated hardware. The vintage bag is popular with many individuals with a taste for truly fashionable items and is valued at $28,999.

6. Gucci Soft Stirrup crocodile shoulder bag ($30,000)

A leather shoulder bag is an essential item in a woman's closet. If you love luxury items and can afford high-end products, you need to check out the Soft Stirrup crocodile shoulder bag. It is one of the most iconic Gucci products made of black crocodile skin with shiny, soft leather. According to Luxatic, the masterful stitches done by artisans in Florence and its pure gold buckle make it more desirable and popular among regular customers. The Gucci Soft Stirrup crocodile shoulder bag is valued at $30,000.

5. Gucci Crocodile tote, featuring a bamboo handle ($32,000)

The Gucci Crocodile tote bag is an elegant accessory for the high-society lady, designed in one of the most iconic handbag styles. It is made of brown crocodile leather, contains a unique bamboo handle, and has a unique design that is hard to imitate and is available for $32,000.

4. Gucci Sylvie crocodile bag ($34,000)

The Gucci Sylvie bag is one of the most expensive Gucci items. The top handle-shaped ladies' bag contains a nylon web encapsulated under the crocodile and features a gold chain and buckle. It is made using soft crocodile skin and has a distinct shine. This Sylvie bag has a price tag of $34,000.

3. Gucci Zumi crocodile shoulder bag ($35,000)

The Gucci Zumi crocodile shoulder bag is one of the most recognizable Gucci accessories due to its unique shape and legendary quality. It is made of high-quality crocodile leather, shiny gold, and contains silver-toned hardware. In addition, this bag features three interior gussets, a protective metal foot at the bottom, and a center zippered compartment. According to Expensive World, the Zumi line is named after Zumi Rosow and was introduced in the evocative setting of the Théâtre Le Palace in Paris, where the artist walked Spring Summer 2019 runway carrying this bag. The amazingly sophisticated and unique Gucci Zumi crocodile bag has a price tag of $35,000.

2. Gucci Jackie crocodile shoulder bag ($ 37,400)

Gucci Jackie Crocodile Shoulder bag is the second most expensive item on this list, and the highest-priced handbag in the company, valued at $37,400. The luxurious and classy bag is made of premium-quality crocodile leather and gold hardware and contains interior smartphone pockets, among other features. The crocodile skin makes this shoulder bag a huge fashion statement, elegant, and confers the wearer with a high-class and exceptional taste for fashion.

1. Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt ($250,000)

Did you ever imagine that the most expensive Gucci item would be a belt? Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt is not just a high-quality leather belt with a double G logo. Gucci, Goldstriker International, and Stuart Hughes jointly created this belt for an anonymous client of Republica Fashion, and it is the most expensive Gucci item with a value of $250,000. The belt contains a more extravagant platinum buckle with 30 carats of flawless diamonds placed along the upright G. This is a perfect gift for your billion-dollar friend.

Wrap Up

Gucci is a renowned luxury brand famous for its high-end products. Their items are already on the high end compared to many other brands. Sometimes people desire unique products customized to suit their needs and preferences, and these come with a hefty price tag. Our list of most expensive Gucci items includes different products that stand out due to their style, quality, and materials. Each item is made of top-quality materials, hand-crafted by a specialist, and features an exceptional design.

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