The Top Five Indochino Suits for Sale Right Now


Indochino is a company that has completely changed how many men are ordering suits. What used to be a time consuming and expensive endeavor is now as simple as going online, picking out your favorites, and following a few steps. When men order suits from the Indochino website, they can customize any style they like and receive a suit tailor made to fit their frame just four weeks later.

Not only do the suits look fantastic, they’re available in a variety of styles and colors. Each fits perfectly, and the site’s online measuring tutorials make inputting measurements practically foolproof. Best of all, the prices are reasonable and you can get a well tailored suit without paying an arm and a leg. Here are five of the top Indochino suit styles available right now.

Indochino Birdseye Suit – $799


This Indochino suit is ideal for men who want a solid colored suit with some distinction. It has a textured weave that gives it a refined, understated sophistication. At the same time, the suit doesn’t scream for attention and isn’t so loud that it can’t be worn in any setting. Put this on, and you’ll exude the look of a well dressed man who knows how to work a style to his advantage. Like other Indochino offerings, the Birdseye Suit is made of high quality materials including 100% Merino wool. This type of wool is a natural fiber that wicks away moisture and will allow you to stay comfortable in any weather.

The jacket of the Birdseye Suit includes bullhorn buttons, lightly padded shoulders, a premium quality collar felt, and canvassed lapel. Since it will be tailored to fit your measurements ideally, there won’t be able problems with it looking great. If you appreciate the difference between a well tailored suit and something that’s off the rack and ill fitting, you’ll love the style of this piece. It’s available in a range of handsome colors including Paris Blue, Deep Tan, Slate, and Charcoal Gray. Get one or several — you can’t go wrong with this style.

Indochino Navy Melange Weave Suit – $799


There’s basic suits, and then there’s the Navy Melange Weave Suit. It flaunts an attractive textured weave that gives it plenty of flair. It’s a great option for when you want to be eye catching, but you don’t necessarily want to put on a suit or tie with a bold color. The navy tone of the suit will look great on anyone, and since it will be tailored to fit your frame it will look all the better. The front of the suit is fully fused and half canvassed for optimal shaping and versatility. Plus, this particular suit is from Indochino’s Premium collection, which means it’s made from the brand’s highest quality fabrics.

The 100% Merino wool of the Navy Melange Weave Suit is an all season classic that will work well for any situation, from work to cocktails and weddings to formal functions. If you happen to be a gentleman with discriminating tastes who simply prefers to look sharp everywhere he goes, put this on and it will serve you well. Every component of this suit looks smashing, and what’s nice about it is the fact that you won’t have to pay tons of money to get it.

Indochino Essential Charcoal Gray Suit – $499


Let’s say you don’t have lots of cash on hand to purchase a new suit, but you’ve got to have something that looks amazing and is well tailored. Inodchino’s Essential Charcoal Gray Suit is the perfect pick. It’s part of the company’s Essential collection that’s a bit more affordable than the Premium line, but still custom tailored and ever so handsome. This suit is comprised of 100% wool, integrates Super 120s, and comes in a shade of charcoal that’s flattering on every skin tone.

You can easily pair it with just about any tie without worries of clashing. The drape and soft feel of this suit is excellent, and it strikes an awesome looking profile. It’ll quickly become your go-to for work and business casual gatherings. Consider it the ideal, affordable way to introduce yourself to the Indochino brand.

Indochino Premium Sharkskin Suit – $799


One of the most popular selections from the Indochino Premium collection is the Sharkskin Suit, which is flush with style and looks beyond sleek. The suit is available in a number of fashionable color options including Gray, Indigo, Silver, and Deep Tan. Be warned: once you try one on, you’ll be tempted to head back to the Indochino site and pick up another.

The outstanding thing about this suit’s style is how it’s textured, which makes it look good with a range of tailored shirts from classic white to richly colored and patterned. The genuine wool fabric that this suit is made of is lightweight, breathable, super comfortable, and best of all wrinkle resistant. If you don’t have much time to iron or fuss with your clothing, you’ll appreciate the easy to wear features of this Indochino suit.

Indochino Gray Tonal Houndstooth Suit – $799


Many men are in a predicament: they want to look suave at work and beyond, but they also want to be fashion forward rather than gaudy. Indochino has excellent quality selections that will help you meet your style goals, including the Gray Tonal Houndstooth Suit. If you prefer wearing patterned shirts with your suits, you’ll want to pick up this one. The classic houndstooth is the perfect backdrop to complement any other pattern, and the gray color of this particular suit emphasizes its incredible shape and profile.

The fine details that go into the design are well worth its price tag, and it’s crafted to go the mile. If you’ve been disappointed with other suits that show imperfections in a short amount of time or simply don’t wear well, you’ll find that this offering from Indochino is a refreshing and stylish change of pace.

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