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What Differentiates the Hermes Constance From Other Bags?

Hermes Constance

The Hermes Constance bag is a popular choice because of its unique styling. It's one of three Hermes bags that are widely considered to be the holy trinity of all Hermes bags. There is a good reason as each bag has a unique history behind it that has propelled it to the ultimate in status and stylishness. For now, we concentrate on what differentiates the Hermes Constance from other bags.

Why is the Hermes Constance so highly desired?

According to Bags of Luxury News, the Constance is a bag that was made popular by Jackie Kennedy, the former first lady of the United States of America. As a symbol of the ultimate in stylishness and class, her endorsement of the bag was all that was needed to make it one of the most beloved models in the world. The Constance was associated with class and style gaining that reputation that has endured for decades. There are other reasons why people love the Constance bag. It is a versatile shoulder bag that is also hard to find. This serves to not only make it useful and convenient, but it's also even more desirable because of its exclusivity. The hands-free styling is attractive to those who are busy and on the go. Another factor that makes everyone want a Constance is a threat that Hermes has made to discontinue the model. This would make anyone who owns a Constance, the holder of a rare collectible in time. The Constance is considered to be essential for the wardrobe of any woman, as it is the perfect solution for any and all occasions. It's suitable for use with designer jeans, or can be worn with elegant dresses for both casual and dressy occasions. It's a versatile and all-purpose designer bag that was good enough for the first lady of the United States.

The history of the Constance

According to Rebag, in 1959 Robert Dumas-Hermes, leading the Hermes brand, employed Catherine Chaillet, famed designer of the age to design a bag named after her fifth child, Constance. She designed the bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a flap top with a Hermes signature H buckle closure. The first bag was made in honor of the birth of the designer's 5th child. The bag was marketed as the Hermes Constance, and it achieved immediate success with the public. Jacqueline Kennedy was seen publicly carrying this bag on multiple occasions. It was also a popular choice for other celebrities of the era. This firmly established the Constance bags as a staple.

Description of the Hermes Constance

The first Constance bags were crafted of classic box calf leather or porosus crocodile leather. Each bag was completed with gold hardware. Since Hermes bags are handcrafted by skilled artisans it is approximated that each bag took between 14 to 18 hours to complete from beginning to completion. Since that era, the Constance bag has evolved through the decades without losing its uniqueness and special appeal.

Variations of the Constance bag

The Constance has changed somewhat throughout the years. Multiple sizes and variants have been offered from tiny bags to larger ones. The smallest, the 14 cm micro Constance, the 18 cm Mini Constance, the 23 cm Constance, which has been discontinued, the 24 cm, still in production, the 25 cm, discontinued, the 25 cm Constance Elan, the 29 cm Constance which has been discontinued, and the 29 cm Constance which is still in production.

Features of the Constance

A unique feature of the Constance that is frequently overlooked is the gusset. This is the main feature of the design of the model. Gussets provide a rigid and slim silhouette that is difficult to master, requiring expert craftsmanship. They help the bag to retain its original shape without sagging or bagging over time. Gussets also enhance the longevity of the bag for the long term. For all Constance bags other than the smallest, the Micro has an option for a single or double gusset. These are presented in the form of a single compartment or two compartments that are separated. Clients may choose between single or double gusset to meet personal needs and preferences.

Constance limited editions, special collections, and other variants

Another distinguishing factor of the Hermes Constance is the number of variants that Hermes has offered through the years, with many still in production. The limited-edition versions tend to become higher-value collector's pieces that increase in their worth over time. Many of these pieces are auctioned at some of the finest auction houses in the world for prices that far exceed their original cost. The Marquette Constance is made of two exotic skins for a lovely contrasting design, crafted with the only technique of Marquetry from the 16th century. This example was made of Varanus Niloticus lizard skin, alligator or Tadelakt leathers offered at Heritage Auctions.

Christie's offered Nigel Pake designs in the On a Summer Day, and On a Summer Night Constance bags in the class of limited editions from the spring and summer 2017 collection. The bags are made in various shades of black with mirrors and various other whimsical designs. The Optique Constance came out in the Spring of 2018 with an illusory pattern displayed in colored enamel lacquer in several variations, now collectibles. A limited-edition called the Tattersall Constance was released to celebrate equestrian riding in the Fall and Winter of 2016, in a canvas material. A variety of special order bags were also released, taking into consideration the preferences of the customer in unique variations of the Constance bag. A collection of metallic Constance's was released in gold, silver, and bronze, as well as on representing the country of Brazil. One, in particular, stands out, courtesy of Christie's, called the Diamond Constance. This bag incorporates diamonds into the design of the bag featuring 150 VVS F color diamonds on the pontets set in 18-carat gold metal.

Final thoughts

The Constance is a bag that has endured the test of time. It will go down in the history of the Hermes brand as one of the most unique models in the archives. The rich and storied history of this bag and its longevity set it apart from all other bags.

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