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20 Different Types of Capri Pants

Capri Pants

Do you love capri pants? They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can own. You can wear them to work, to school, or out on a date. They are comfortable and stylish, and there are so many different types of capris to choose from. In this blog post, we will discuss 20 different types of capri pants that you can add to your wardrobe. We will also provide styling tips for each type of Capri.

20. Yoga Capri Pants for Men

These pants come with an adjustable drawing cord and drawstring with buckle closure. They are made of 88% nylon and 12% spandex, and they are machine washable. They have the durability and the qualities needed to be used for yoga, but they can also be worn in other situations. They allow for plenty of freedom for movement and also have a relaxed fit.

19. The Twill Capri

These are extremely versatile pants and can be worn for formal occasions or on casual afternoons. The twill fabric makes the pants stand out from other garments since it is quite different from most of the fabrics used today in the clothing industry. They are made for comfort and are easy to wear considering they are made from a 100% cotton material. They feature back and front pockets as well as a zipper pocket that makes it easy for you to access your belongings.

18. The Pedal Urban Pushers (Woven Stretch Knickers)

These pants come with a stretch woven fabric. They are great for those trips where you need to be comfortable and also easy to store. According to Thread Curve, they are made from a spandex material that makes them breathable and keeps you dry even during the rainy season. They feature four zipper pockets and an extra double pockets that enhance conveniency. Because they stretch quite effectively, they make it easy for someone who loves cycling to have the comfort they need when doing their hobby. The belt loops also make it easy for you to tie your pants up to ensure you are comfortable.

17. Men’s Cargo Capri Pants

This is another great pair of capris that you can have in your wardrobe. They have a vibes-supporting stretch fabric that allows people with ample hips and thigh curves to keep their shape by maintaining their curves without it becoming too tight around the crotch and thighs. They come in different colors, making it easy for anyone to choose the right style and color for them since they will not clash with others in the wardrobe. The combat style comes with many pockets that keep your belongings safe.

16. Columbia Silver Ridge II Capri 19 Inch

These are hiking capri pants with a regular fit. They are made using a breathable nylon material that is also durable and water-resistant, making them great for long walks and hikes during the rainy season. They are a sporty choice that is suitable for both men and women. They come with extra details such as a water-resistant finish and a drawstring waist. You can go mountaineering or hiking with this pair of pants and feel completely safe.

15. The Krux

These pants are ideal for those who love outdoor activities and sports. They are made of a soft, stretchable material that ensures comfort as you sweat during your workouts or as you cycle during the day. They come in different colors, so you can choose the right one that matches well with your style. You can pair them with a t-shirt or a polo shirt and still look classy. According to Sew Guide, they have eight pockets that include two front hand pockets, two back plus cargo pockets, and two front pocket flaps. The fabric used to make these pants is breathable and will move with you as you exercise or do sports. Taking care of these pants is easy because they are machine washable.

14. Easy Twill Capri Pants

These pants are made of a cotton material that makes them easy to move around in as you go about your day. They are easy to wear and pair, making them ideal for those who want to look their best at work. They come with two front pockets that can fit your smartphone, pens, and keys so you do not have to carry a bulky purse or bag when walking to the office or going out for lunch in the afternoon. This pair of pants also feature a drawing waist that is comfortable and does not bind you as you walk or move. They are made of breathable material that allows air to pass through, keeping your body cool and comfortable. These pants do not feel thick or heavy, so you can pair them with other light layers under them when it is cold outside. These are also perfect for going on dates as they are not too tight around the waist and thighs while still being able to keep your shape in them.

13. The Outdoor Multi-Pocket Straight

These Capri shorts are made from a cotton material that makes them cool and comfortable to wear all day long. They come with an adjustable drawstring cuff and a relaxed fit which makes them a great choice when you are on a date or going out to eat at an outdoor café. These Capri cargo pants also come with flap cargo pockets on either side along with two back pockets that allow you to store essentials throughout the day without having to take a heavy purse or bag with you. According to Masterclass, the drawstring closure and the adjustable elastic waistband make it easy for you to wear these pants, even if your body is not in a regular shape. They also come with extra details such as front pockets, an extra zipper pocket, and a reinforced seat that provides you with all the conveniences needed to stay comfortable throughout the day. You can go hiking, traveling, or just walk to the office in these pants and be completely relaxed as they keep you cool and comfortable. These also look perfect paired with a polo shirt or a t-shirt.

12. Men’s 3/4 Joggers

Considered to be ideal for jogging, these capri pants are made from a combination of polyester, elastane and cotton material that is durable and quick-drying making them ideal for exercising. They come with zipper pockets that allow you to store small items such as your keys, wallet, and phone without having to carry a bulky purse or bag with you. The pants feature an adjustable waistband that is comfortable as you move and sweat throughout the day. They can also pair beautifully with other colors so if you are not sure what color would look best on your body, you can select from a variety of colors so that everyone in the family matches. They come with elasticized ankle cuffs for added comfort and coverage.

11. The Casual Loose Linen Yoga Beach Pants

Made from linen and cotton blend, these pants are perfect for going to the beach or swimming in the pool. They are loose and comfortable, making them ideal for wearing around the house or outdoors. They are made from a breathable and lightweight material that provides airflow as you move around, making them a comfortable choice during warm days. They come with an adjustable elastic waistband that is flexible and does not dig into your skin whenever you move around. A simple style of double-sided front pockets and the back patch provide convenience together with a loose fit that will ensure that you are looking stylish and comfortable throughout the day.

10. Lumen Lightweight Capri Pant

This pair of Capri pants are made from a lightweight stretch woven fabric that offers you much freedom of movement without feeling rough or uncomfortable. The material makes it ideal for those who prefer to wear lighter clothes during the day as they are breathable and provide airflow. They come with elastic waistbands that are flexible and do not dig into your skin. It also features side darts for shaping which makes them a perfect fit for your body. This pair of capri pants is also ideal for practicing yoga or going to the park with a friend as they are made from a lightweight material that makes them suitable to wear on a hot day. According to Fashion Gum, they also have sports drawstrings to keep them on your hips and pockets for storing your essentials. You can layer these Capri pants underneath a shirt or t-shirt as they do not add bulk to your body. They come in different colors, making it easy for you to find one that matches well with the rest of your outfit. The fabric used to make these Capri pants is also machine washable so you can easily take care of them after you wear them.

9. Women’s Capri-Style Leggings

Capri-Style Leggings for women are a mix of cotton and spandex material that provides you with great flexibility as you move around. They are lightweight and easy to slip on, making it easy for you to wear them all day long. The material also dries quickly, so you can just throw them in the machine after a workout or when you need to get ready for work in the morning. You can pair these leggings with several other outfits because they are perfect for casual activities that involve dancing and going out to eat. You can get them with a high waist or regular waist depending on your preference. The material is breathable and allows air to flow through your clothes when you are moving around. These leggings are durable and hold up well even after several washes in the machine.

8. Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Comfort Curvy Skinny Jean Capri Length

For those who love going for style and comfort when they wear their clothes, this pair of Capri jeans is a great choice. It is made from a 95% cotton material that makes it comfortable to wear all day long. The material is soft and breathable which makes it ideal for wearing in summer and spring. According to Sixty and Me, they are also easy to put on and take off because they come with elastic waistbands that allow you to slip them on while still being able to keep your shape in them. These pants will pair well with a fashionable top and sandals to get you ready for an evening out on the town or even a day of shopping. They come in different colors so it is easy for you to find one that matches your taste and style. These pants can be paired with casual shirts, jackets, or shorts depending on what style suits your body the most.

7. Hanes Women’s French Terry Capri Pant

Made of polyester and content, this pair of Capri pants are the perfect material for working out. They are breathable and lightweight which makes them comfortable to wear while staying fresh throughout the day. They offer a drawstring closure thus one can adjust the size of the pants easily when they are on the go. These athletic Capri pant also feature a wide ribbed waistband that are designed to offer more comfort and style when you wear them. There are several colors for you to choose from so it is easy for you to look great during your exercise or even around the house.

6. Women’s Mid-Rise Slim Fit Capris

These mid-rise slim fit Capris are made from a 98% cotton and 2% spandex blend that offers you a comfortable fit. The material provides you with flexibility while staying breathable throughout the day. It features side pockets so you can keep your essentials close to your body when you are on the go. You can pair them with a top and a pair of sandals for a casual look. These Capri pants are also easy to wash in the machine as well.

5. Women’s Relaxed-Fit Austyn Knit-Waist Cargo Capri Pant

Made of spandex and cotton, these pants are lightweight and comfortable to wear. This makes it easy for you to move around without feeling the uncomfortable stretch or rub on your skin. The cargo-style pockets make them more convenient for someone who wants to carry around a lot of essentials at the same time. This pair of Capri pants also come with elastic waistbands that are comfortable as well as full-length legs that prevent them from rising when you are moving around.

4. The Capri Wide Leg Comfy Drawstring

Known for their comfort, these Capri pants are made from a cotton/spandex blend material that provides you with flexibility. They feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring closure so you can easily adjust it when you are on the go. These pants also come with side pockets to keep your essentials close to your body. According to Style Clinic, these Capri pants will pair well with various tops and shoes depending on what type of look you prefer. The good thing is that they can be used as pajama pants or be used for yoga classes. They are also ideal for doing hardcore workouts, Pilates, and even running. Assembled in a blend of different colors, you can easily find one that goes well with your tastes and preference.

3. Women’s Yoga Joggers Capri Loose Workout Sweatpants

These High-waisted Capri pants are made from a polyester/spandex material that holds up well after many washes. You do not have to worry about the size of these Capri pants as they are available in different sizes. The skinny legs make them look so stylish and trendy. This pair of pants is made of lightweight material which provides you with flexibility and comfort. The seams are also machine washable, making them easy to clean at times. They are great for everyday use and are also suitable for yoga classes and jogging. You can pair them with comfortable tops and sandals to get great looks when you go out.

2. Roman Originals Women Capri Pants Cropped Trouser Stretch Legging

Specially designed for trendy and stylish women, these capri pants are made from soft cotton and spandex material that is comfortable to wear. The stitching on the sides of these Capri pants also makes them a fashionable choice to wear. The elastic waistband with drawstring closure also allows you to easily adjust the size of the pants to your liking. Thus, you will be able to wear them while running your errands or even when doing outdoor exercises. They can stretch comfortably and allow movements without feeling uncomfortable. You can pair them with boots, heels, tennis shoes, boots, sandals, and minis. Thus, you can look stylish without deviating away from the current trends.

1. Briggs New York Women’s Pull-On Capri L Pocket

This pair of Capri pants are made from stretchy material that is comfortable to wear. They also have an elastic drawstring waistband with a button closure which allows you to adjust the size of the pants easily. They have a higher mid-rise that also accentuates your waist and thighs. The full-length legs also prevent them from rising when you are working out. The cuff-on style offers you more freedom of movement as well. These Capri pants are available in different sizes to ensure that you get a perfect fit for your body type.

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