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The Five Most Expensive Types of Yoga Classes You Can Take

Yoga is a type of exercise that has multiple benefits for your health. Of course, the first is obvious, it's in the toning and conditioning of the body to improve general fitness, stamina, muscle tone and to make your body more limber while strengthening muscles. Secondly, the principles of yoga include a meditation component to help you get more in touch with the self and also to learn better ways to relax and to center the self. According to Erin Motz, yoga has some definite benefits but it's an expensive type of exercise and she believes that it's because of the cost of training that yoga instructors must invest before they're certified to instruct the courses. The training is ongoing and they continue to spend money to keep up with their training and certifications. We looked into the most expensive types of yoga classes and discovered that some classes are offered in package deals for as little as $2 per session through $12 or $16 on average. However, some instructors charge a lot more for yoga classes and here are the top five.

5. Anti-Gravity Yoga $25 for 45 minutes ($25 per class)

Antigravity yoga classes cost $25 for a 45 minute workout session. The workouts require a type of hammock which suspends the body into the air from a sling dangling from the ceiling. Despite the fact that you're suspended in the air in inversion poses, the exercises can be extremely challenging. it is believed that the brain releases chemicals that make you feel good when the body is inverted.

4. Individual virtual yoga sessions ($55 per session)

Kristen Leigh of Sweet Escapes Yoga charges $55 per session for virtual yoga classes. The instructor is certified in classical Hatha Yoga, as well as Anusara Yoga. The courses focus upon mindfulness, balance and concentration with the poses which are also designed to condition the body. The sessions that she offers are 45 minutes each offered once per week. The pricing is the same for Anusara and Hatha Yoga but she does offer a package deal if you purchase monthly sessions, you can get four of them for $200, and save $20.

3. Barre and Power Yoga ($248 per month)

The cost of Barre Yoga and Power Yoga classes in some studios in New York City can run as much as $248 per month and some spin classes are priced a dollar more per month at $249. These are for unlimited visits and if you plan on going three times a week it could represent a decent savings overall, but if you're a once a week kind of person, it's on the expensive side. The same kind of yoga classes for drop ins who are not registered cost as much as $29 per class in some areas of Washington DC with the average drop in price of $23 per class in new Jersey.

2. Therapeutic Yoga - $110 per session

The second most expensive yoga classes that we've seen are therapeutic yoga. The rates for just one session at Good Vibes are $110. If you go with 4 sessions the cost is $420 and if you go with 8, you save ten dollars and pay $800. The facility does offer a monthly installment plan if you set up multi-session appointments though. After applying online, you are required to schedule an intake appointment to complete an evaluation of your individual therapy needs to set up a plan which involves a yoga exercises from a variety of yoga types for the sake of relieving pain and helping to improve specific health related conditions. A certified yoga therapist works with clients to address their concerns on an individual basis for a customized yoga plan.

1. Native Yoga Center - $300 per month

The Native Yoga Center offers the most expensive rates for yoga that we've seen, aside from luxury spas that offer week long programs. The rates for in-studio private appointments are quite expensive with charges of $60 per session for just 30 minutes and if you go with the 60 minute session, the cost is $120 per session. Granted, it's nice to have the personalized attention that you won't get in a class filled with other clients, but it's a lot to pay. The Native Yoga Center does offer some less expensive options if you don't mind taking classes and participating with others. The cost of a single class is $20, or you can save more by going with 5 classes without an expiration date. You can also buy 20 classes for $300 with a 5 month expiration date so you can go as many times as you like until the 20 are used up, but it has to be within the 5 month period.

Final thoughts

Yoga classes can be inexpensive in some areas with reasonable rates. It's not really about the type of yoga for most instructors, it's more about how much they invest in their education and training and about how high the demand is for their services. The prices range in accordance with what the individual instructor charges for their services. Like any other business, Yoga prices fluctuate with the demand and what clients are willing to pay for the services. There are many kinds of yoga, but from what we've seen, one type is not generally any more expensive than another. You are likely to pay more per class in high demand areas such as New York City or other metropolitan areas and the instructors who are certified in multiple types of yoga generally charge more. The bulk of the studios mix the types of yoga in customized exercise plans for private clients. Yoga is good for the body, the mind and the soul and there are some who are willing to pay a high price for this holistic type of workout.

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