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What is a Bee Line Timberland Boot?

Bee Line Timberland Boot

Timberland has a range of boots you can select from and you might get lost in deciding which style or type you should purchase. Timberland brand and Bee Line, a Billionaire Boys Club, have released another must-have collection. But this time, Timberland’s workwear influences feature a mix of BBC’s penchant for playful color schemes and designs. You can’t miss considering getting the newly released Bee Line X Timberland Boot. Both brands are celebrating the cultural impact of the classic 6-inch premium boot. Here is an exclusive review of the Bee Line Timberland Boot.

Bee Line Timberland Boot Overview

Courtesy of the BBC’s Bee Line, the Bee Line X Timberland Boot is a colorful update of Timberland’s classic 6-inch boot. Taking a modern design to the rough footwear custom and Bee Line’s unique style on color, the Bee Line X Timberland Boot comes with a typical pale yellow nubuck leather confidently modernized with rubber toe covers and overlaps for extra functionality. The toe caps are delivered in five bold colors; orange, olive, yellow, green, and navy. Joseph Au, Creative Designer and Director of Billionaire Boys Club, reports that the Bee Line X Timberland Six-inch Boot has been inspired by the workforce and people who wear Timberland boots day by day. This classic 6-inch boot is given hiking-inspired lacing and a colorful rubber toe cap. This boot provides a renewed style on the Quality six-inch Rubber Toe Boot. With this new launch, both brands are thrilled to extend the boot collection to women’s footwear sizes and men’s footwear sizes. The tremendous cultural impact of Timberland’s six-inch boot characteristic over the years is reinterpreted and highlighted through this boot.

From the collaboration, the Bee Line X Timberland Boot has reimagined the city’s resilience. The boot has been inspired by the inherent sense of resilience that underlies big urban cities. The footwear, accessories, and apparel in the collection have been inspired by the work of Timberland and the outdoor heritage, highlighting workwear and utilitarian silhouettes in an earth-like brown color palette that becomes lively with vintage-inspired patterns and audacious color explosions. While providing an iconic style, the Bee Line X Timberland Premium 6-inch Rubber Toe Waterproof Boot features durable uppers made of Better Leather, rated Silver by the Leather Working Group for the signature TimberDryTM waterproof membrane and best environmental practices. According to, this classic rubber toe provides ultimate protection to take on the elements and features three colorways that complement the deep olive leather including; tonal green, electric orange, and ink black.

Bee Line X Timberland Boot Features

Every pair of the 6-inch Bee Line X Timberland Boot Premium waterproof boots comes with definitive pale yellow nubuck leather tops and brazenly restructured rubber toe tops in unique colors to represent the wearers’ personality. The boot’s rugged rubber toe design displays Timberland’s definitive expression of durability, work, and utility. Maintaining each brand’s ultimate dedication to responsibly acquired materials and a sustainable design, the Bee Line X Timberland Boots feature TimberDry eco-friendly watertight casings and Timberland’s ReBOTL fabric linings, all made with about 50% plastic bottles. The boots feature an exclusive anti-fatigue technology incorporated in the midsole. The boot has been made with geometric cone support to offer excellent standing comfort, energy return, and shock absorption. Generally, the features of Bee Line Timberland Boot include;

  • Insulated lining to maintain warm toes
  • Nubuck leather upper featuring a show-stopping rubber bumper
  • Rustproof hardware for enhanced longevity
  • Anti-fatigue technology featuring shock absorption and energy, and cone support
  • Padded leather collar for great ankle comfort
  • Lugged outsole rubber for enhanced traction against all types of terrain
  • An imported Bee Line x Timberland 6-inch premium Rubber toe

Made using a deep olive-colored sustainable Better Leather from Silver-Rated Tannery Leatherworking Group, this is one of the most protective Timberlands on the market. Featuring a TimberDry waterproof membrane, the Bee Line X Timberland Boot is a beast in wet weather. According to Highsnobiety, add this to the colored rubber extending across the sole and toe box, and wet patches won’t stand a chance.

Wear It With

The elegant cues flow from the footwear into the accessories and apparel within the collection. These classic fashion wear include the high-pile Fleece Jacket made of entirely recycled wool and featuring a vintage symmetrical blanket design made famous in the 1990s. Partnership clips such as the Timberland x Bee Line long-sleeved graphic t-shirts and Logo Hoodie are revamped in new colorways. The whole collection is available in sizes XXS to XXXL for all gender appeal. Additionally, an olive suede elegant packet tie and knit balaclava complement this typical outdoor capsule for a trendy look.

Marketing Campaign

The new 6-inch Bee Line X Timberland Boot and other apparel collections also feature a marketing campaign. The campaign is starred by Jadakiss, a music artist based in New York who has also previously fashioned a boot line for Timberland together with Aurora Anthony, a multidisciplinary New York artist. The campaign aims at nodding to the affinity of city dwellers who fell for this Bee Line X Timberland iconic boot. For most people, the boot represents the persistence required to succeed in large cities. In the advertising video, a classic New York pizzeria acts as the right setting to appreciate various characters you might encounter in a city, all keen to get the Bee Line x Timberland Special. The product is a symbol of true New Yorkers who know everything the city offers. Aurora Anthony and Jadakiss are also seen in a meaningful conversation, both wearing the Bee Line x Timberland collection basics.

Bottom Line

Timberland has taken its city-inspired outdoor gear to an entirely new level with this boot. These must-have boots feature the same specs you love and know from the classic pair of Wheat and an improved and new look featuring a pop of colors on the rubber toe bumper wrapping the whole bottom half of the boot. The Bee Line X Timberland 6-Inch Premium waterproof boots are currently available at $220 at Timberland’s official website.

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