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The Top Five Hugo Boss Men's Shoes Available Today


Hugo Boss is a fashion and clothing store that is based just south of Stuttgart Germany in a small town called Metzingen. Hugo Boss has a long, and interesting history compared to many other fashion lines, one that is riddled with drama and unusual events. But despite all the drama and controversial events, it has preserved and even grown over the years, to be the popular name brand it is today, some 92 years later.

Hugo Boss – the beginning

The year was 1924; Hugo Boss started a small clothing company but due to the economic situation at the time, the company had to file bankruptcy; however, Hugo didn’t give up his dream. Hugo worked out a deal with his creditors that allowed him to keep 6 sewing machines and with those 6 machines, he was able to start up again in 1931.

World War II was a turbulent time that effected so many people. Businesses were up and down with production and margins, depending on what type of business they were. For Hugo Boss, he had something that was needed, uniforms. Hugo became a member of the Nazi party and a supporter of Schutzstaffel and by doing so, his financial situation greatly improved because now he was designing and manufacturing the uniforms for the SS.

Because Hugo and many of Hugo’s employees were found to have an intense relationship with the Nazi party, and in 1946, because of this finding for all to be activists, supporters and beneficiaries of National Socialism, Hugo’s rights to vote were taken away as well as his right to operate a business. Hugo died in 1948 but his business did not. After his death, his son-in-law, Eugen Holy took over the business.


Branching out and growing Hugo Boss

1950 marks a turn for Hugo Boss fashion. There was a need for men’s suits which came to Hugo Boss as an order that was filled by increasing the number of employees to 150 by the end of that year. By the year 1960, Hugo Boss was manufacturing ready-made suits which greatly improved things for the company as well as for men in general. It made buying a suit quick and easy because it eliminated the wait of having it tailored made. Nine years later in 1969, Eugen retired and his two sons took over the business.

1970 marks the year Hugo Boss became a registered trade name and began producing suits under their brand as well as it began their long running association with sports, sponsoring athletes in such sports as motorsports, golf and tennis.

Other major milestones were, in 1984, Hugo Boss developed its own fragrance which put Hugo Boss on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. In 1987, Hugo Boss’ own brand of sunglasses hit the market and in 1995, a whole line of Hugo Boss footwear was developed.

Hugo Boss Men’s Shoes

No matter how put together your suit or casual wear is, if you aren’t wearing the right shoes, it can break the whole look. Your footwear is as important as anything else you wear, and for many people, their shoes are the most important part of their ensemble.

Hugo Boss has designed an entire line of men’s shoes that are not only stylish but they are made with the finest materials. All leather shoes that bear the name Hugo Boss are skillfully handcrafted using traditional tools and techniques.

You can find footwear for any occasion, from the classic Oxford to polished brogues and pared-back leather sneakers for your casual attire. The top five Hugo Boss men's shoes on the market today include:



Boss created bold colored sneakers for men using soft leather and smooth suede to give them a dressed up casual look so you can wear them with a variety of different looks. For a more traditional sneaker, Boss makes those as well.

Timeless Tenn Mx / Calfskin Sneakers

Timeless Tenn Mx / Calfskin Off-duty Sneakers – Priced at $345, this is a traditional sneaker with a trimmed-down look, designed with a low top and laces. This sneaker is made of 100% calfskin for upper material and lining. The soles are 100% rubber. You can find these sneakers in bold-colors and are designed for wearing with casual or a suited-up ensemble, or in traditional white for a more casual look.

Stillnes Hicu Itpl / Calfskin Mid Top Sneakers

Priced at $245, these cool mid-top sneakers have a rock star look and feel that are sleek in design and comfortable from toe to top. Outer material is made of 100% calfskin while the lining is 100% Polyurethane and 100% Polyester. The soles are 100% rubber.

Loafers and Lace-ups


Dressy or casual, loafers and certain lace-ups can make any outfit come together. Loafers are a classic, traditional shoe designed to go with anything; dress-up your look for a more dapper look, or wear with a pair of jeans and sweater for a casual dinner. Lace-ups can add some flare to your suit or dress pants and button-down shirt ensemble.

Mono Derb Bols / Calfskin Leather Derby Shoes

Boss’ Derby shoe is a new take on the Derby shoe with a sleek look and round-toe. The shoe is made of 100% cow leather with a thick sole and sells for $385.

Dress shoes


Dress shoes speak for themselves. Weddings, the office, church or anywhere that calls for suit and coat, or suit pants and dress shirt, dress shoes are what you’ll need and Hugo Boss has a wide selection to fit your style, taste and budget.

Prindo / Italian Leather Dress Shoes

These are a sleek looking, lace-up shoe, crafted of fine calfskin leather with a printed finish, these shoes are a must-have for your wardrobe. These dress shoes are engraved on the back of the shoe with the Boss logo, just under the ankle. Comfortable and stylish, these shoes sell for $415.



Another popular style of men’s shoes are boots. There's something about boots that makes a guy look and feel rugged. Whether they need to wear them for work or just want to add a touch of ruggedness to their look.

Icon Halb It / Italian Calfskin Leather Fur-lined Work Boot

At $525, this work boot is comfortable, rugged and warm. It is a sleek, attractive boot with the functionality of a tough work boot for tough, work related jobs. Your feet will stay warm and comfortable in frigid temperatures while protecting your feet in even the toughest construction jobs. The outer boot is constructed of 100% calfskin leather and 100% goat leather. The inside of the boot is lined with 100% lambskin and 100% calfskin while the sole is 70% Polyurethane and 30% rubber.

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