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10 Different Types of Turtlenecks You Can Wear


Turtlenecks are perfect wardrobe outfits for all genders and ages. They are perfect for braving winter months and stylish garments for formal and informal occasions. Some people call them polo neck, mock neck, or skivvy. Because of their stylishness and timelessness, turtlenecks have evolved in fabric, colors, and designs over the years.

What are turtlenecks?

According to Fuistany, turtlenecks are tops with well-fitting collars that cover part or the entire neck area, creating a volume in the neckline. Some have collars you can roll or fold up, depending on the style that makes you comfortable. Here are ten different types of turtlenecks you can wear.

10. Sleeveless turtleneck

If you love to show your well-toned arms, get a sleeveless turtleneck. The trick is to pair it with boyfriend pants or cropped waist tie pants. Get sandals or strapped heels with a stylish bag to look more sophisticated.

9. Pullover turtleneck sweater

Coats, blazers, and jackets may be perfect for winter, but wearing them around the house is impractical. It would help if you had a warm turtleneck sweater that doesn't make you feel like someone is strangling you. Thanks to its loose structure, a pullover turtleneck sweater is an excellent wardrobe addition that offers warmth and doesn't apply too much pressure around the neck. Most are oversized, hence suitable for all body types. Pair it up with skinny jeans for that chic look.

8. Lace turtleneck

Lace turtlenecks can come in the form of tops or dresses. They make you look modest and beautiful. Unlike other turtlenecks that people wear on casual occasions, lace turtlenecks are perfect for fancy events like date nights or even cocktail parties. Donning a lace turtleneck dress makes you look sexier. The turtleneck is also a layering outfit you can wear under a coat, making it an all-weather wardrobe item.

7. Cutout turtlenecks

If you thought turtlenecks were only for winter, you thought wrong. You don't have to wait for winter to come when cutout turtlenecks are on the market. Unlike other neckline rounded turtlenecks, this type has a V-shaped cutout. There's also a peek-a-boo cutout on the shoulders. This design is for women who want to look sexy because it shows some skin, making it an ideal summer outfit. For that sassy look, add a pendant and loop earrings.

6. Denim turtleneck

Unlike other types, the unique selling point of a denim turtleneck is the blue color. The fabric doesn't tear up easily, making it durable. Because they come in different colors, doing your due diligence on the material and designs is crucial. Don't just go for any denim turtleneck you find on Thrift or any other place. Get high-quality denim that will serve you for many years. According to Thread Curve, high-quality denim turtlenecks are thick and strong, making them perfect winter outfits.

5. Printed turtleneck

For a maximalist and fashionable look, a printed turtleneck is the best piece of garment to wear. You want to draw attention to your chest and neck, making a printed turtleneck a worthy asset to achieve your purpose. Most are in animal prints, mimicking zebra or leopard skin. The trick is to ensure your coat and pants don't have colors screaming for attention. For example, if you have a coffee-brown trench coat, get a leopard print instead of a zebra print. The latter goes well with black, gray, or white coats.

4. Cowl neck turtlenecks

A cowl neck turtleneck can come in handy for a laid-back and carefree look. This top has a chunky and droopy neckline, while some have drapes you can fold below your collarbone. Making a fashion statement in this garment is easy because its neckline mimics a scarf. A cowl neck will add volume to your chest if you're petite after making the right adjustments. Another way of wearing this garment is by adding a belt to flatter your waist. Pairing this outfit with pendants or necklaces robs your attention from your neckline, making you look overdressed. Go for fashionable earrings instead.

3. Cable knit turtleneck

Braving cold temperatures doesn't mean it's time to don boring outfits. You can still wear a stylish outfit and keep warm, and that's where a cable knit turtleneck comes in handy. They're turtleneck versions of cable knit sweaters, making them thicker than classic knit and mock turtlenecks. Unlike other turtlenecks, cable-knit turtlenecks are less formal. Though they have thicker fabric, you can still wear them as undershirts with a trench coat or jacket. The trick is to ensure you coordinate the colors of your outfits well.

2. Classic knit turtleneck

If you're looking for an outfit summing up as an undershirt that you can pair with your jacket, blazer, or coat, go for a classic knit turtleneck. Its fabric is thin wool or cotton, with a fold that can cover your neck to the top. That makes it a good layering outfit on cold days or nights. This top grew into people when Audrey Hepburn, a Hollywood star, wore a chic black turtleneck with skinny jeans in a movie. You can still wear them with tights or skirts. They also come in many colors, but you're safer going for a neutral color if your coat or blazer is conspicuously colored.

1. Mock turtleneck

A mock turtleneck has a shorter neckline than the traditional type, which rolls over your neck. Instead, the turtleneck ends halfway up your neck or lower. You might prefer the mock turtleneck on warmer days when fully rolled up turtlenecks don't seem practical. According to The BRDWLK, mock turtlenecks come in many styles that can be worn as an undershirt. The regular knit and cable knit mock turtlenecks pair well with denim jeans, khaki pants, or even a pair of shorts. They are perfect choices for men with athletic or well-toned bodies.


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