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The 20 Best Hoodie Brands for Men


Guys like to wear hoodies because they're comfortable and offer just the right amount of protection from the elements. They're made of soft materials that block the wind without providing the stiff insulation that you experience with some coats and jackets. They're versatile accessories for casual clothing and streetwear that come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Even the cheap hoodie brands are comfortable. I've never worn a bad hoodie, but some hold up longer than others, depending on the quality of materials and workmanship of the garment. If you're looking for a comfortable, versatile, and quality hoodie, here are the twenty best hoodie brands for men for 2022.

20. Reigning Champ Price: $143

GQ recommends the Reigning Champ hoodie brand. The company is owned by the CYC Design Corporation. Reigning Champ is an athletic wear company that specializes in cozy and comfortable sports and athletic wear including sweats and other streetwear accessories. The company's men's hoodies are made of heavy and dense fleece with ribbed panels of industrial strength. There is plenty of stretchiness at the hems to keep them from splitting apart at the seams if you gain a few pounds.

19. Champion Price: $50

The Champion brand is among the most unique with its patented weaving technology. None of their competitors can touch the process that produces a reverse weave method. It's what weaves the fibers into durable materials that hold up for years. If you're looking for an affordable hoodie brand that will cost around $50 or less, Champion is an old brand that offers some of the most comfortable and longest-lasting hoodies on the market today. They're resistant to shrinking and you can find a lot of matching sweats and sweatshirts in the same styling from the brand.

18. Carhartt Paxton hooded heavyweight sweatshirt Price: $50

Carhartt is a brand that has gained a solid reputation in the men's clothing category. They make heavy-duty work clothing and casual wear. Pricing for Carhartt hoodies is reasonable at about $50. If you're looking for a hoodie that is soft and comfortable it might be worth considering. Carhartt products are top quality, although not considered luxurious. They offer water-repellent hoodies that are exceptional for rainy areas and chilly mornings and evenings, but we've got to warn you that they're a little heavier than most standard hoodies.

17. Everlane Track Hoodie Price: $76

Everlane is a brand that is known for its premium organic materials. Its track hoodie comes with a hood, a front kangaroo pocket to keep your treasures, and raglan sleeves. It offers a minimalist approach to streetwear with its organic French terry material that is offered at a modest price point. Everlane offers products that are certified to be organic by the GOTS scale. The dyes used for the fabrics are also organic, along with the woven fibers for the materials. If you prefer all organic clothing, Everlane is a men's brand that is worth considering.

16. Mr. Porter Les Tien Garment-dyed cotton jersey Hoodie Price: $272

Mr. Porter's Les Tein is a one hundred percent cotton jersey hoodie for men who have discriminating tastes and will settle for nothing but the best. It's among the most expensive men's hoodie brands around, but the quality is hard to beat. Mr. Porter's hoodies are slightly oversized with lace looks instead of a drawstring, a slightly vintage aesthetic, and soft fleece-backed cotton jersey material. The hoodies come with a spacious kangaroo pocket in the front and they're offered in various spring colors. A three-stage dying process helps to prevent fading for years to maintain a new look.

15. Russell Athletic Dri-Power pullover fleece hoodie Price: $21

If you're looking for a comfortable hoodie at an affordable price, then Russell Athletic is a brand that provides moderate quality at low prices. The price points range from $21 to $25 for your choice of dozens of colors. Its men's hoodies are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They're machine washable and maintain their color and shape well. These hoodies are made with a special Dri-Power moisture-wicking technology that pulls moisture away from the body to keep you dry. The hoodie is made of medium-weight fleece that is soft and comfortable against the body to help hold heat in to keep you warm in chilly weather. They also come with a muff pocket in front for storing small items.

14. 3Sixteen Men's Hoodies Price: $175

3Sixteen is a men's fashion brand that offers premium hoodies made of heavyweight material. They're not the most expensive, but the price is high, placing them in the high-end fashion segment of the streetwear industry. The brand offers a thick-cut hoodie with hidden side seam pockets and a hood constructed of three pieces. The heavyweight fleece material is preshrunk so it won't shrink when you wash it. It's 90% cotton and 10% polyester. 3Sixteen hoodies are made in the country of Canada.

13. Palace Oval Hoodie Price: $158

One 37 PM recommends Palace's Oval Hood as one of the best skate brands of hoodies for men. The brand creatures ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and at the torso for a nostalgic aesthetic. Palace is an expensive brand that is hard to find in stock, so it's wise to keep your eyes open and spring when you find them in stock. They're that popular. Palace is a well-known and trendy brand that could make you the envy of your block. The hoodies are comfortable and spacious but they're also highly fashionable because of the brand name, plus they look good.

12. Reebok Men's Hoodies Price: $70

Reebok is a moderately popular brand in the sportswear industry. They offer a variety of choices in style and color of men's hoodies for an approximate cost of $70. The hoodies are mostly minimalist in styling and can be found in pullovers or zip-up styles. Reebok hoodies are comfortable and of high quality. The material is 100 percent organic cotton for the classic non-dye hoodie if you're into natural clothing. It's an affordable option that doesn't scrimp on the quality.

11. Moojimooji Men's Hoodies Price: $52

Moojimooji is a brand that specializes in producing unique designs in its sportswear line. Its men's hoodies provide an oversize fit with a dyeing process that gives the materials of each hoodie a signature Moojimooji aesthetic. The hoodies are each different for a signature look because of the patterns on the material, but they're made in plain styling with a unisex platform. They're made of heavyweight 10-ounce fleece material with spandex in the ribbing at the cuff. Quality is supreme for the $50 price point with double-needle sticking to ensure longevity. The hoodies also sport a large pouch pocket in a vintage aged wash dye.

10. Converse Men's Hoodie Price: $90

Convers is an old and trusted brand that has been in the athletic clothing and sneakers business for decades. They offer a choice of styles that range from pullovers to zipped hoodies. The kangaroo pocket features a zipped pocket on the inside to keep your valuables safe while hiking or jogging. It's a moderately priced choice with a comfortable lining that keeps the chill off in cold weather. Converse offers multiple collections of streetwear and athletic wear options to choose from with matching styles and colors with sneakers to match.

9. Total Luxury Spa men's Hoodie Price: $115

Total Luxury Spa is a luxury brand that offers men's hoodies in a minimalist design, but it does have the name of the brand on the front of the hoodie. It's a popular brand for men with discriminating tastes. The brand was launched by Mama Nene who runs youth and elders drum classes. She also uses local models for marketing. She works to preserve the historical legacy of art and music in the neighborhood. The brand supports many good causes and makes contributions back to its local community. If you have a heightened sense of social responsibility, these stylish and comfortable hoodies fulfill multiple purposes. They're soft, warm, comfortable, and made of high-quality materials and workmanship. Purchasing them helps to keep the essential work of Mama Nene's community projects in full swing.

8. J. Crew Price: $89.50

J. Crew is another fashion brand that offers exceptional values in men's athletic wear. The moderate price point of just under $90 is affordable and it's aligned with the quality of the materials, design, and reputation of the brand. One of the best hoodies is its garment-dyed French Terry Hoodie. It's designed in a classic styling but the unique garment dying process creates multiple fascinating styles. You'll not imperfections in the colors when it's new, but over time, the color fades. the intention behind the process is to create the Japanese wabi-sabi effect that shows that imperfections are a part of life and so is their deterioration over time. It's a cool inspiration from a trusted brand that likes to infuse added value into each garment. We like the philosophy behind the dyeing process. They're upfront about the fact that the colors will fade over time.

7. Braindead Lovebond Hoodie for Men Price: $140

Braindead is a streetwear brand that is making a big impact on the fashion industry. The company designs and manufactures hoodies that are in high demand. Inspirations for their men's hoodies come from designers and artists from around the globe. You'll have plenty of hoodie styles and colors to choose from. Some styles are bold and eye-catching and others are more muted. All of them come with the embroidered logo of the company. It's a quality brand that uses premium materials in unique styles, but it also charges a premium price.

6. Flint and Tinder Men's Hoodies Price: $98

Men's Health recommends the Flint and Tinder Hoodie as one of the most durable hoodies for men. These hoodies claim a minimum ten-year livelihood and they're built to hold up under heavy use. The Flint and Tinder feature waffle texture and dining. The material is heavyweight with a comfortable soft lining.

5. Mack Weldon Ace Men's Hoodies Price: $98

The Mack Weldon Ace Men's Hoodies are rated as one of the best quality zip-up style hoodies on the market today. They're made of high-quality micro-brushed French terry material. They're comfortable and warm. Mack Weldon is a well-known popular fashion brand for men.

4. Bleusalt Unisex Skater Hoodie Price: $145

Bleusalt is a premium luxury brand that offers high-quality skater hoodies. They're expensive but you get a lot in return for the cash. They're comfortable accessories made of Tencel fabric with a for and silky feel against the skin. The hoodies feature a slim profile which makes them easy to wear under a jacket or blazer. They're exceptional choices when layering for chilly weather.

3. Alternative Apparel Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip Hoodie Price: $23

If you're looking for an affordable men's hoodie that comes in up to fifteen different colors, Alternative Apparel is a brand that has a lot to choose from. Alternative Apparel makes exceptionally soft and attractive hoodies at a price point that makes you want to buy them all. They're warm and cozy and help to throw off the chill of early spring or late fall.

2. Banana Republic Men's Hoodie Price: $89

The Gap offers its Banana Republic fashion brand of men's hoodies. If you're familiar with the trendy brand, Banana Republic maintains high quality for its fashion clothing. Their hoodies are heavyweight fleece material that is comfortable and warm. The styling tapers for an elevated level of stylishness. It's a trusted brand that offers a decent choice of colors and styles.

1. Outdoor Voices men's Hoodie Price: $88

Outdoor Voices is a brand that offers men's hoodies at a moderate price point. They're neither cheap nor overly expensive, but it's soft and comfortable. It's an all-day hoodie because of its rating as the most comfortable on the market today. The brand uses a material that stretches in four directions to give you complete freedom of movement while keeping you warm in cool weather.

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