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20 Different Types of Chino Shorts


What makes chino shorts what they are is the twilled fabric made exclusively from cotton. Aside from shorts, chino cloth is also used to make trousers, which also goes by the name of chinos. This was first designed as a fabric for the military belonging to the British and the French before it made its impression upon the civilian population. Its North American popularity is owed when the soldiers who fought in the Spanish-American War in the Philippines returned home. The cloth itself is of Chinese origin, designed as a comfortable, durable, and simple product for the soldiers to wear. The natural earth-tone colors also made it the perfect camouflage, especially the color known as khaki, which is a light brown shade. Since then, chinos and chino shorts have broadened in style and color spectrums as it caters to the civilian market who find this clothing item a must-have as part of their own wardrobe collection. There are now several different types of chino shorts, illustrating how far this fabric has gone since the mid-nineteenth century. Chino shorts, just like the chino trousers, are considered timeless and is perhaps one of the best additions to a person's wardrobe there is. Usually, quality chino shorts do not come cheap, and for good reason. The comfort, durability, and multi-functionality allow such shorts to be worn for any occasion. Among the conservative members of the population, chino shorts are a classy way to bring forth their sense of style as they see fit. As for the more flamboyant members of society, the over-the-edge push of innovative designs allows the great opportunity to bring some flash to what is otherwise a neutrally colored style.

Chinos vs. Khakis

Chino shorts and khaki shorts are often confused with each other as the same clothing product. According to Orvis News, there are three key differences that separate these two types of shorts from each other. This doesn't just apply to shorts, but to full-length trousers as well. Chinos are made with lightweight cotton or a tightly woven cotton blend while khakis used a heavyweight twilled fabric. Chinos are usually cut slimmer than khakis, making them the more desirable between the two as a dressier item while the khakis are better known for their comfort and versatility. Both fabrics, however, make up the chinos shorts product line, at least as far as the consumer market is concerned.

1. Commission Classic Fit Chino Shorts

Engineered for movement, the commission chino shorts feature a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastane, at least with the lineup offered by Lululemon. The trademarked No-Stink Zinc technology adds to the lifeline of one of the most comfortable, durable, and dressiest types of chino shorts there is. This is a classic design, which has been part of the original type of chino shorts since the beginning.

2. Curved Hem Chino Shorts

Designed with ladies in mind, the curved hem chino shorts feature a flare-out that gives an unconventional look to a design that once upon a time came as a simple style designed to be a comfortable and durable product for the average consumer. Since then, fashion designers have become more adventurous as they look to revolutionize chino shorts as we know them.

3. Flat-Front Stretch Chino Shorts

The flat-front stretch chino shorts offered by Amazon's Goodthreads have already earned a name for themselves as producers of quality products with decent pricetags. The added stretch featured in this particular style of shorts is a welcome sight for wearers who have a thicker set of legs than the populous norm. When it comes to washing this set of shorts, doing so on the gentle cycle in the machine would be your best bet as some shoppers have uttered complaints they're not the easiest set of shorts to wash.

4. Fort Chino Shorts

Designed with the military in mind, the fort chino shorts style focuses heavily on comfort and durability as the heavy-duty option as a type of chino short. The organic cotton used to make these shorts are garment-dyed, which means over time the visual appeal of these shorts will improve. While most dyes on fabrics tend to fade after a series of washes, the fort chino shorts face the possibility of experiencing the opposite. Unlike most chino short types, however, there is no stretchability in the crotch area. This means whoever wants this style of shorts should find one that actually fits properly.

5. Gadget Chino Shorts

Designed with some fun in mind, this comfortable pair of chino shorts serve as a gadget type, thanks to the construction of patched cotton that is cut to fit loosely on the body. For athletes, this is great as they can engage in exercise activities when the weather is warm enough to sport the shorts. The fabric is incredibly light and incredibly soft, which makes it the ideal summer wear in the great outdoors.

6. Italian Stretch Chino Shorts

Bonobos, a clothing brand that has made a niche out of chinos, features the Italian Stretch chino shorts as part of its original lineup of men's summer clothing as its most tailored and polished summer-specialty product. The company features a variety of different casual and chino short designs through their shop's website, along with a number of different colors and patterns.

7. New Way Chino Shorts

What sets the new way chino shorts type apart from the rest of the lineup is they can double as a pair of swimming trunks. The fit also has more in common with a dressier style of shorts, making them more streamlined than other slim-fit type shorts. Although dressier by appearance, it is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion.

8. Pleated Chino Shorts

Pleated shorts and skirts have been a fan favorite among the fashionably conscious for as long as the fashion industry itself has catered to the whims and demands of the population. Designed as eye candy more than anything, the pleated chino shorts offer a dressier style that still maintains its breezy feel on the wearer, especially during the spring season.

9. Raw Edge Chino Shorts

The raw edge chino shorts are a Heron Preston hallmark, thanks to the raw-cut fringe along the hem that is the standout feature of this particular clothing item. The construction of these chino shorts offers a slim-fit long silhouette that pushes the boundaries of typical chino shorts in a manner that makes this item seem like it is a breed of all its own.

10. Relaxed-Fit Chino Shorts

Ralph Lauren is a legend in the fashion industry, especially with their polos. As for the chino shorts, the relaxed fit lineup by the brand has also made its mark on the consumer market which recognizes Ralph Lauren as one of the leaders in delivering quality products with innovative designs that keep them one of the best in the business. The name of this style of chino shorts says it all for the relaxed fit that looks like it was already broken in as it loosely hangs from the waist down as an incredibly comfortable style of summerwear.

11. Short Short Chino Shorts

Shorter than the average pair of chino shorts, this is a type designed as a distinctive flair for fashionistas that perhaps want to show off more leg. Originally, chinos and chino shorts were designed with men in mind as the idea was to first cater to the needs of the military. However, over time, the world of chino fashion has broadened its reach to become more versatile. Designed more as a style to cater to the ladies, these short-short chino shorts have become a niche that brands like JW Anderson have capitalized on.

12. Skinny-Fit Chino Shorts

What is the difference between skinny-fit shorts and slim-fit shorts? Skinny-fit chino shorts are designed to be considerably more snug than the slim-fit versions. Does this make this style of chino shorts less comfortable to wear compared to the slim fit? This varies from person to person but skinny-fit shorts are usually tighter and more elasticky than slim-fit shorts.

13. Slim-Fit Chino Shorts

For chino shorts fans wishing for the stretchy fabric to have a slimmer look, the style of slim-fit chino shorts does the trick with its stretchy fabric that only appears to be snug. Designed with comfort and style in mind, companies like River Island have made this shorts design with the fashionably conscious in mind that want the best of both worlds without compromise. Should you visit River Island's site, you will also see its skinny-fit lineup so you can see the difference between these two different styles of chino shorts for yourself.

14. Stretch Chino Shorts

The staying power of quality stretch chino shorts are consistently among the best-selling products of their kind on the market. Between the flattering cut, as well as the comfort, durability, and stretchiness of its design, the stretch chino shorts never go out of style as it remains just as trendy today as they did even as far back as a decade ago.

15. Stretch Lightweight Chino Shorts

Stretch lightweight chino shorts are designed as among the most breathable chinos on the market. It is highly favored for the ability to keep the person wearing it cool, as well as maintain its slender fit and stretchability.

16. Stretch Washed Chino Shorts 2.0

The second version of the stretch-washed chinos by Bonobos serves as an update to a classic style that has been a longtime part of the brand's fashionable lineup. The second version of these stretch-washed chino shorts is cut wider than the original version but still maintains the comfort and stretch the original version was best known for.

17. Straight-Leg Chino Shorts

For chino shorts with a simple, straight-leg design, when there are no unique prints featured on the shorts that JW Anderson is best known for, this is a simple enough style that doesn't flare out as some of the other types but still has the comfort and durability chinos are typically known for.

18. Stuart Chino Shorts

Companies like Scotch & Soda offer a type of chino shorts that takes a step out of the norm. Putting some fun print into some of their short designs, the niche this brand has established for itself is the look of the long and lean slim silhouette in their Stuart chino shorts that have made a solid impression on the fashion industry.

19. Vintage Chino Shorts

During the 1990s, chinos were all the rage in the fashion industry. Regardless if you were a man or a woman at that time, the desire to own a pair of chinos at the time was immense. Gap made this particular product line a company niche, even going as far as promoting their lineup with their infamous "Jum, Jive, An' Wail" commercials. Even thirty years after the introduction of this particular style, it remains every bit as popular now as it did then, but now in the form of shorts.

20. Women's Chino Shorts

Originally, chinos were designed for the military during the mid-1800s. At the time, women were not factored into the equation. It wasn't until after chinos were made available as civilian wear did this become a consideration. Since then, chinos have expanded from a full pantleg article of clothing to shorts. Along the way, the inclusion of women to sport the chinos has elevated the overall design of chinos, such as shorts and trousers. This alone makes this type of chino shorts stand out all on its own as it caters specifically to the female population of the human race. Ever since broadening the chino shorts to accommodate all body types, sexes, and even age groups, the fashion industry has gone to great lengths to make the most out of what started out as a Chinese introduction of a fabric that proved to have so much more going for it than originally conceived. When visiting a site like Lands' End, you can see the see a lineup of chino-labeled shorts that have the female sex in mind with its designs.

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