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How Do You Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Product?

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a luxury designer brand that has been in business since the 1800s. It started in the 1850s era as a high-quality luggage company, offering high-end products for royalty and wealthy patrons. Since that time the brand has expanded to include handbags and other fashion accessories. LV is an expensive brand that is associated with prestige, wealth, and status. As such, counterfeiters produce items that are similar, but fake, lacking the original value of a Louis Vuitton product. Some counterfeiters have become so good at imitating specific items that it can be hard for the untrained eye to tell them apart. How do you spot a fake Louis Vuitton product? Here are 10 ways to avoid becoming the victim of a scam.

1. Check the specifics of the individual Louis Vuitton item

Codogirl points out that Louis Vuitton has manufactured hundreds of different types of handbags in its rich and storied history. It's best to look up the individual item, particularly if it is advertised as a vintage bag to get the specifications and view a picture of an authentic bag for visual cues to authenticity and the authentication number.

2. Carefully examine the posture, shape, and proportions of the item

Louis Vuitton luxury bags are of the finest quality. A fake bag or other items usually has a few telltale signs. The shape of the bag may be off with reading or odd proportions, or any imperfections that can be visually inspected. These are red flags that you're dealing with a knockoff.

3. Even stitching

When you compare authentic Louis Vuitton bags and luggage with a knockoff it's usually easy to see the differences. There may be a different length in between the stitching on a handbag. The colors of the thread or other materials may be slightly different in tone or in color. There are almost always physical giveaways that you will be able to see in fake LV items.

4. Watch for a slouch in the bag

Louis Vuitton bags are made with perfect proportions. When you see any indication of a slouch in a bag, it's a dead giveaway that you're looking at a fake. This also goes for used bags. Slouching happens when an item is not properly cut in the right proportions and it also happens when different materials are used in its construction. Louis Vuitton bags are made to be slouch resistant and to hold their original shape through the years.

5. Watch for the angle of the stitch

It's also useful to note that Louis Vuitton bags are hand-stitched. This creates the slightest angle for each stitch. When you look at a knockoff, the odds are that they are machine-stitched and there will not be any angles to the stitches. If they are perfectly straight then you are eating with a counterfeit for certain.

6. Look for the quality of the materials

Love to Know states there are certain characteristics to look for in the materials used in the creation of the bags. They are premium top-grade materials including premium leather, crocodile camel skin, lambskin, and treated canvas. Phony items are made from cheaper materials that may include vinyl, pleather, or other synthetics that may have a stiff or a rough feel to them Louis Vuitton products are made of materials have a soft and smooth feel. The trim used in Louis Vuitton bags is made of Vachetta leather that develops a tanned patina as the product ages. If you see a light tan trim or a trim that does not change as it ages, the bag is a fake.

7. Placement of the monogram

The monogram for all Louis Vuitton items is careful and consistently placed on all of them. It will be perfectly positioned and will never be crooked on the bag. Every bag has the monogram placed in the same spot without fail. Also, you will never see a seam that runs down the middle of the item.

8. No tags on the bag

Louis Vuitton never attaches a tag to a bag. If you see a tag on a Louis Vuitton bag it is a phony with no exceptions. Although tags are included, you will only find them inside of the bag or in the dust bag. Louis Vuitton does not attach tags with pins or plastic.

9. Hardware inspection

Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the hardware. Louis Vuitton only uses brass or gold metal hardware. It is never made of plastic that is painted gold. Also, the hardware will have an imprint of the LV logo trademark. A dust bag is included with all Louis Vuitton bags sold. The dust bag is soft with a tan color. It will have the logo for Louis Vuitton placed evenly in the center of the dust bag. There are two types of dust bags. They are made in envelope and drawstring styling.

10. Check the lettering on the bag

The lettering that is used on the bag can be a dead giveaway in spotting a fake. There are differences from one model to another. There are also some consistencies in the authentic Louis Vuitton lettering that can be different in fake bags. All authentic Louis Vuitton bags feature a round O hat that is never oval-shaped. The letter L is positioned close to the O. It will not tend fully on the bottom. Genuine bags feature a short horizontal line in the letter L. When the name Louis Vuitton is spelled out, in most cases, all capital letters are used. In the rare instances when it is not, it will be done in a distinctive script that is hard to replicate. You can usually detect a fake by comparing the lettering with an authentic model and looking for differences. This is just one more way that Louis Vuitton has attempted to make their authentic products more counterfeit-proof. You must be aware of the details of Louis Vuitton products to know how to spot a fake.

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