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20 Things You Didn't Know about Uggs

If you like fashion, you have probably yearned for pair of Ugg boots of your very own. Maybe you even have one or several pair of them yourself. That being said, there's probably a lot about this company that you don't know. It actually has a fairly unique history and it's worth saying that just because you own a pair of boots that say Ugg on them, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the original design or that the boots are manufactured by the original company. If you read through this article, you'll understand exactly what is meant by those comments and more.

1. They are highly sought-after

It seems like almost everybody wants a pair of these boots, but for most people, it's even risen to a level that's more like a fad than anything else.

2. People consider them a true fashion statement

It's at least somewhat understandable that they have reached fad status, largely because they are considered to be the epitome of a fashion statement, especially for people that are what you might call fashion-forward.

3. They're popular with teenagers

Obviously, this is something that makes the boots popular with teenagers because they always like to get in on the latest fashions and fads. That makes these boots exceptionally popular with people from the age of 10 all the way up to senior citizen status, but they are probably most popular with teenagers who are just coming into their own and really want to experiment with different things when it comes to fashion.

4. Fashionistas like them, too

That being said, people that consider themselves a fashionista do love their Ugg boots. They like them because they're comfortable, functional and because they look good with almost anything. Finding the right footwear can be hard sometimes. You can spend all day putting together the perfect outfit and then it can all be ruined by having footwear that just doesn't go with everything else. The great thing about these boots is that they go with almost anything and they make everything look better than it looks by itself, so it's a win-win situation.

5. The most popular designs can sell out in minutes

It isn't uncommon for some of the more popular designs made by the company to sell out in minutes, especially around the holidays. If there is a particular pair of boots that you're trying to find for someone close to you, your best bet is to start looking early and when you find them, don't wait. If you do, you're likely to end up losing out altogether.

6.They're made of sheepskin

The true Ugg boots are made from sheepskin. This is what gives them their appearance, yes, but it also makes them durable enough to stand up to quite a bit of punishment, not to mention allowing them to be soft and warm to the touch

7. They originated in New Zealand and Australia

These boots got their start in New Zealand and Australia. As a matter of fact, the actual company that started making the boots are still based in that area and they routinely make new designs for people living in the region.

8. They are considered a unisex boot

One of the things that really makes Uggs stand out from other types of footwear is that almost all of them are considered unisex. They don't make men's and women's boots. Instead, they make a variety of unique designs that can be worn equally well by either men or women. Granted, some of the boots definitely have a more feminine or masculine appearance than others, but from the company's perspective, they don't differentiate between one or the other.

9. The soles are synthetic

Of course, the sole is made of synthetic material. It almost has to be or it wouldn't be able to perform the way it does. In order for the boots to stand up to the elements, they have to be made in a certain fashion and using synthetic material for the soles helps them maintain their shape and protect your feet while you're wearing them. It also helps the footwear last for years to come, something that certainly can't be said about all products made by a certain manufacturers.

10. They have fleece on the inside

In order to keep your feet extra warm, Uggs have fleece on the inside. That's why they feel so soft when you're wearing them but it's also why your feet don't get cold even when the weather outside is frigid. That's why you see so many people wearing these boots in colder climates. They're capable of standing up to the cold, snow and keeping your feet warm at the same time.

11. They will definitely keep your feet warm

If you ever spend very much time outside in cold weather, you know what it feels like when your feet end up feeling like two popsicles. It starts out being uncomfortable and if you're out there long enough, it gets downright painful. When you're wearing the wrong shoes, it's even worse. If snow or any other type of moisture gets into your shoes, you could potentially have a situation that could actually be dangerous because you might be facing frostbite. When you're wearing Uggs, you shouldn't have to worry about any of that unless there's some type of damage to the boot because they keep your feet warm and they keep the weather out.

12. They're comfortable

Nobody likes to walk around in footwear that's miserable all day long. There are few things worse than wearing shoes that pinch your feet, are hard to walk in, or that are just genuinely uncomfortable, especially when you're stuck in them for hours and hours. One of the reasons that Uggs are so popular in the first place is because they're so comfortable that you almost feel like you're walking around in a pair of high-quality slippers, only you can wear them outside the house.

13. They have a tendency to last and last

These shoes do have a tendency to last for several years. Even for people that wear them on an almost daily basis and really put them through their paces, it's not at all uncommon to own a pair of Uggs for years and then pass them down to someone else because they're still in excellent condition.

14. They have an interesting history that involves surfers from the 1960s

Believe it or not, Uggs got their start in a rather unique way. People started wearing them in New Zealand and Australia back during the 1960's and the people that were wearing them were none other than surfers. At the time, it was because they were easy to get on and off and they kept the dirt out of their feet until they were ready to actually get in the water. Most people have no idea that this is how the company got its start, nor do they know that when everything began, it wasn't all about fashion.

15. They are fashionable enough to work with almost any type of outfit

The thing about these boots is that you can wear them to anything. They work well for a night out on the town or for strolling around on a lazy Saturday afternoon. You can wear them to work because they look professional enough to let you get away with that even though they're exceptionally comfortable and you can even wear them to meetings and other types of formal functions. It doesn't really matter if you're going to something that is indeed formal or if you're just having fun, the boots work well either way.

16. Most Ugg boots sold in the United States are not manufactured in New Zealand or Australia

This is something that most people are largely unaware of. When you live in the United States and you buy Ugg boots, they're almost never made in New Zealand or Australia, nor are they made by anyone associated with the original company. In truth, there are dozens of companies that have patented some portion of the Ugg name. It actually allows a company that's based in California to market shoes with this name but the shoes are not made by the original company, nor are they made in New Zealand or Australia. Surprisingly enough, they're not made in the United States, either. As a matter of fact, the shoes that are marketed in the United States are actually made in China.

17. That doesn't change the fact that everyone is clamoring to get their hands on a pair

Most people probably aren't aware of that fact but for the ones that are, it really doesn't seem to make any difference. These shoes are constantly in demand because they're fashionable and they're comfortable and that makes people want them regardless of where they were manufactured or who is responsible for it.

18. They're not all made of actual sheepskin

The original Uggs were indeed made of sheepskin but not all of the ones that are produced today are made of that material, especially the boots that you see in the United States. This is largely because animal rights activists had a problem with making boots out of sheepskin so in response to that, the companies involve started using synthetic materials. As far as appearances go, you can't hardly tell the difference and they are just as durable and comfortable as they ever were.

19. They used to be designed for function

It's true that these boots used to be designed just for function. Back during the early 1960s, nobody really cared whether these particular boots were fashionable or not. Over the years, the image of the company transformed into what it is today. Make no mistake about it, the company has undergone a lot of changes over the years but this is probably the most important one because it involves the very image of the company itself.

20. These days, it’s more about fashion

You might say that these days, it is more about fashion than function. That certainly isn't to say that the boots are not functional because they are. However, their primary function is to make people look good. That is honestly the reason why most people buy them and function is usually a very distant second to the way the shoes look. That doesn't necessarily mean that the shoes aren't just as capable of performing well as they ever were, it just means that the focus has shifted from one reason to buy them to another. That being said, there are still people out there that purchase them because they like the way they perform when they need something that they can wear in cold, wet weather.

There is no doubt that Ugg boots have been around for a long time and they've always been successful for one reason or another. Granted, the image of the company has changed a lot over the several decades that they've been in business and it gets even more confusing when you realize that depending on where you live, you might be wearing a genuine pair of Ugg boots or you might be wearing something that carries the same name but isn't quite as genuine. Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that this is a company that has managed to brand itself over the years without even trying to. Long before branding was ever considered a thing, this company was managing to do exactly that as it became known as one of the most fashion-forward companies in existence for footwear. That reputation is precisely what has made so many people want a pair of these boots to begin with. It's usually only after they purchase them that they start to realize what they've been missing out on all along. The shoes are definitely something special so if you can get your hands on a pair, you would do well for yourself to do exactly that. If you can manage to get your hands on a genuine pair, that's even better. The truth is, most people don't really care and nobody really seems to know the difference one way or the other.

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