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The Five Best Cartier Wallets Money Can Buy

Zipped International Wallet Must De Cartier

Buy someone a Cartier necklace and they'll be forever grateful. Buy them a Cartier ring and they'll love you till the end of time. But buy them a Cartier wallet? Will they feel the same? Does Cartier even make wallets? They sure do, and pretty awesome ones at that. We can't promise they'll inspire eternal love and devotion, but they'll give you a very swish place to keep your credit cards in the meantime. If you're in the market for a slick, stylish wallet with an emphasis on luxury materials and expert craftsmanship, Cartier is the brand for you. If you're not sure where to start, just take a look at our round-up of the five best Cartier wallets money can buy. If you can't find something to love in this little lot, you're not trying hard enough.

Cartier Burgundy Leather Card Holder

1. Cartier Burgundy Leather Card Holder

Up first we have the Cartier Leather Card Holder. Praised by for its convenient outside pocket (ideal for business cards) and ability to fit a good clutch of cards, it's one of the most affordable entries on our list with an average retail price of $270. In fairness, this isn't the wallet for you if you like to keep all your money in one place. As per its name, this is a card holder only. But for those people who like to keep their credit cards and cash separate, it's ideal. The slimline, understated style is the anathema of some of the ostentatious, eye-catching designs flooding the market. If you want logos and rainbows, look somewhere else - with this card holder, Cartier is letting the quality and the craftsmanship do all the talking. And why wouldn't they? They both make some extremely good points. Like all Cartier items, the card holder has been crafted in France to the very highest standards. The leather that's gone into its making is exquisitely soft and supple, with none of the stiffness or rigidity you sometimes find with new leather. The design is simple and timeless - other than the two elegantly interlacing C's that confirm the provenance and some outstandingly delicate hand stitching that does the same, there's nothing to detract from the beauty of the materials and the quality of the craftsmanship. We've chosen the burgundy option as our top pick, but if purple's not your thing, you'll also be able to find the wallet in taupe and black.

Gray Alligator Skin Must De Cartier Card Holder

2. Gray Alligator Skin Must De Cartier Card Holder

The Must De Cartier leather goods collection is a vintage classic. Described by as having 'all the flair without the fuss,' it's a line that's been around since 1973 but that's so far, showing no signs of age. Known for its minimalist aesthetic and it's showcasing of several iconic Cartier features (the large, saddle-stitched logo with its tone-on-tone finish being one), it's a collection that's simple but never boring, reliable but never monotonous. Simply put, it's a collection you need to get a piece of, asap. If you're not quite sure where to start, try the Must De Cartier Card Holder. While the card holder is available in a choice of options (including Cartier's signature burgundy), here we've chosen the limited-edition version in grey alligator skin. Framed with gilded corners and crafted from genuine smooth-grain leather, it's a refined, elegant piece that manages to be both understated and superbly luxurious at the same time. Measuring 70 mm high x 110 mm wide and featuring two credit card pockets along with one flat pocket, it's a very fine piece from a very fine collection.

Zipped International Wallet Must De Cartier

3. Zipped International Wallet Must De Cartier

If a simple card holder won't suffice, it's time to bring out the big guns. The Zipped International Wallet Must De Cartier is a full-sized wallet that's big enough to get the job done, but not so big as to look cumbersome or inelegant. Made from a smooth grain leather that highlights Cartier's exquisite craftsmanship, it features twelve credit card pockets, two flats pockets, one inner zipped pocket, and one gusseted pocket. Measuring 95 mm high x 188 mm wide, it's large enough to accommodate all your needs while being slimline enough to be discrete. The signature embossed double C logo is stamped on the outside, while the interior bears the golden Cartier marking. Golden finish metal corners round off the look to perfection.

Guirlande De Cartier Wallet

4. Guirlande De Cartier Wallet

Inspired by Cartier's iconic octagonal red jewelry box, the Guirlande line represents everything we know and love about Cartier. With each piece featuring eight calfskin facets framed by a golden frieze, the Guirlande collection encapsulates the brand's extraordinary commitment to producing only the finest leather goods. The line is relatively recent: as writes, the first Guirlande bag was launched in 2019 with 8 leather goods, ranging from coin purses and card holders, following in March 2020. But despite being so new to the scene, the Guirlande collection has already established itself as a classic. Why? Just take a look at the Guirlande De Cartier Wallet to find out for yourself. Small but perfectly formed, it's a 95 mm high x 120 mm wide celebration of extraordinary craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics. The supple calfskin of the exterior has been dyed a glorious shade of red: the inside, by contrast, is as black as night. A golden garland motif frames the edge, while the signature golden "Cartier" marking can be found stamped inside. With six credit card slots, one zipped pocket, and one banknote compartment, it's not huge by any means... but then again, don't they always say the best things come in small packages?

Happy Birthday International Wallet

5. Happy Birthday International Wallet

With a strong shape, an elegant design, and a glossy, contemporary finish, the Happy Birthday International Wallet is a generously proportioned wallet with enough style and substance to suit even the most discerning buyer. Available in a fabulous array of colors (we particularly like the Midnight Blue option), it's perhaps not the cheapest option around (expect to pay around $660), but it's certainly one of the most glorious. The patina- finish of the calfskin adds a high gloss luster that's perfectly complemented by the embossed Double C logo motifs that decorate the wallet's exterior. Peek inside, and you'll find twelve credit card pockets, one zipped central pocket, two flat pockets, and two gussets- plenty enough for most people's needs, we think you'll agree. A silver-colored Cartier marking stamped on the interior finishes of the look with style.

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