The Five Most Expensive Hermes Sandals Money Can Buy

Hermes Audace 60 Sandal

Hermes is a Parisian brand that is revered along with the top-rated high-end luxury designer companies in the world. It’s a leader in the luxury fashion industry and one of the most desirable names on the planet. Hermes is known for its use of premium materials and unique handcrafted fashions. It takes time to make products by hand, and money to pay professional artisans to deliver flawless work. These are just a few of the things that makes Hermes such a desirable brand. They specialize in the production of a variety of fashion accessories. With spring coming many turn their thoughts to warm-weather footwear. If you’re so inclined and you demand the best, here are the five most expensive Hermes sandals money can buy for 2021.

5. Hermes Oran Sandal Price: $1,425

Hermes Oran Sandal

The Hermes Oran Sandal is one of the most iconic sandals in the brand’s current lineup for 2021. This exquisite ladies sandal features a silhouette that has become a wardrobe essential. The upper is hand-fashioned by expert artisans in premium ostrich leather material. A series of dots that occur naturally within the leather gives the uppers a textured and stylish aesthetic. The style of the upper is in the classic Hermes H cutout that is easily recognizable as a Hermes hallmark at a glance. The ultra-plush and comfortable insole and lining of the shoes are made of goatskin that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. The heel is made of red leather and the sole ni natural leather. These shoes are made in the country of Italy for Hermes of Paris and exported throughout the world.

4. Hermes Oasis Sandal Price: $1,575

Hermes Oasis Sandal

The Hermes Oasis Sandal is a wardrobe essential and one of the best-selling models for the brand. The upper of this exquisite and stylish shoe is made of premium ostrich leather with the Hermes H cutout styling. The Heel of the Oasis is 2 inches in height and made of natural leather material. The heel is also made of natural leather for attractive stylishness and durability. The insole and lining of the sandals are made of soft and comfortable goatskin material that has a plush feel against the skin. The Hermes Oasis is available in a broad range of more than 30 color options to complement any clothing choice.

3. Hermes Santorini Sandal Price: $1,575

Hermes Santorini Sandal

The Hermes Santorini sandal is a truly unique example of the fine craftsmanship and stylish design of the luxury brand. The upper of this sandal is made of a combination of shiny lizard leather and genuine premium calfskin leather with the signature H cutout detail that is a hallmark of the Hermes brand. The thin ankle strap adds a note of femininity with a delicate aesthetic. This is a chic and casual sandal that can be worn with a variety of casual outfits. It’s available in a choice of more than 23 different colors. The insole and lining are made of indigo blue goatskin, distinguishing the Santonrini styling. The material is both soft and comfortable against the skin for all-day wear in casual settings. The sole of the Santorini sandal is made of natural leather materials. The shoe features a permabrass plated buckle for secure fastening to the feet. The Santorini is handcrafted in the country of Italy and exported for sale throughout the world. When only the best will do, the Santorini is an excellent choice for casual everyday wear.

2. Hermes Audace 60 Sandal Price: $2,100

Hermes Audace 60 Sandal

The Audace 60 is one of the more expensive options for the Hermes of Paris 2021 lineup of sandals. The uppers of this highly stylish sandal are made of premium moire canvas in a Noir black color. The heels of the Audace 60 are adorned with rhinestone links inspired by the “Chaine d’Ancre” motif. The ultra-luxe heels measure 2.4 inches in height. The sole of the Audace 60 is crafted of premium black leather material. The heel features Ruthenium plating and delicate sparkling crystals that catch the eye immediately as one of the sandal’s main focal points. The shoes are fastened firmly to the feet via a palladium-plated buckle. The insole and the lining of the Audace 60 sandals are made of black goatskin for ultra-soft comfort against the skin of the feet. The Audace 60 is only offered in its signature Noir black color which stands as a representation of its stylishness and its sophistication. The Audace 60 is a versatile ladies’ sandal that is suitable for wear with a variety of outfits ranging from casual dressy to formal wear.

1. Hermes Audace 90 Sandal Price: $2,225

Hermes Audace 90 Sandal

The most expensive Hermes sandals for 2021 is the Audace 90 model. This is one of the dressiest and most versatile sandals in the entire modern collection. It is fashioned after the Audace 60 with a few stylistic upgrades that put it in a different category of stylishness. The heel is raised to a measurement of 3.5 inches in height. Like the Audace 60, it features the Chaine d’Ancre motif rhinestone links which add sparkly bling, yet in sophisticated styling. The upper is made of moire canvas material in Noir black. The sole is made of premium black leather. The heel of the Audace 90 features ruthenium plating and crystal stones. The lining and insole are made of black goatskin material for a plush softness against the feet. The Audace 90 is the most expensive sandal currently offered in the Hermes collection. It is also one of the most spectacular dressy sandals with the versatility to work well with a variety of different outfits. It is available in your choice of a Noir black heel with rhinestones or an equally attractive gold metallic with black for the heel, highlighting the bling of the rhinestones for more fun and festive party appeal.

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