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The Five Best Pairs of Cartier Sunglasses

Panthere Pilot Sunglasses

Of all the brands in the world, few inspire quite so much devotion as Cartier. Known and loved for their expert craftsmanship and their flawless commitment to quality, they're the go-to brand for anyone in need of an extra special watch, ring, necklace, or bracelet. But Cartier's remit goes way beyond jewelry and timepieces. Over the past couple of decades, they've become as well known for their eyewear collection as they are for anything else. And why not? Cartier's glasses and shades exhibit the same faultless standards as the rest of their products. By utilizing only the very best materials and working with the very best designers, they've created a line of classic, timeless sunglasses that leave the competition in the shade. In fairness, they aren't the cheapest sunglasses on the market. But, as our mothers never tire of telling us, you get what you pay for. If you can stretch the budget to accommodate the price tag, you'll find few other glasses on the market so worthy of your investment. If you've got the cash to splash (or are maybe just dreaming of the day you will), a pair of Cartier sunglasses are just what the doctor ordered. As to where to start... well, your options are nothing if not varied. Whether you prefer aviators or wraparounds, chunky frames or rimless styles, you'll find a pair of Cartier sunglasses to match. To help you narrow down the options, we've rounded up the five best pairs of Cartier sunglasses on the market.

Cartier C Décor Sunglasses

1. Cartier C Décor Sunglasses

C Décor sunglasses (or buffs, as they're sometimes referred to) have a huge reputation. A reputation that made the news recently when organizers in Detroit started a GoFundMe campaign to get Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer her very own pair. Buffs have reached legendary status in Detroit (although whether Cartier is quite so keen on the number of thefts that go on in their name is something of a touchy subject). What better way to honor Whitmer, then, than by getting her a pair of her own? As reports, the campaign raised the necessary $2,950 within just a few weeks. “Big Gretch has earned her Buffs from the city of Detroit,” one of the organizers, Detroit rapper Gmac Cash, posted on the GoFundMe campaign. “Thanks to everyone that donated,” he added. “We’re getting her those buffs.” While Whitmer has so far declined to comment on her gift, the campaign spells out just how important buffs have become in pop culture. Simple and elegant, the glasses are crafted from the very finest wood, horn, metal and composite materials. As light as a feather and with a look that's just the right side of exotic, these are sunglasses that beg to be born. The craftsmanship, as you'd expect from Cartier, is impeccable. The smooth golden finish, the distinctive rectangular shape, and the horned rims, meanwhile, combine to create a strikingly unique design that's as unmistakably Cartier as that jaw-dropping price tag. If Big Gretch decides she doesn't want her buffs, we doubt she'll struggle to find someone willing to take them off her hands.

Cartier Paris 18k Gold Sunglasses

2. Cartier Paris 18k Gold Sunglasses

According to, the Cartier Paris 18k Gold Sunglasses rank as one of the most expensive pairs of sunglasses in the world. Priced at $25,000, they're almost half as much as the average US household earns in a year. But if you can stretch to the exorbitant price tag, you won't be disappointed. Flaunting 188 collet diamonds that add up to 7.5 carats in total, these are rare, exquisite sunglasses that are as much jewelry as they are eyewear. The black frames have a retro appeal that's just a little bit 1980s Hollywood. The refined elegance and chic style, on the other hand, are nothing if not contemporary. Of course, style isn't everything: if you care as much about protecting your eyes as you do about making them look good, you'll be pleased to know the sunglasses offer broad-spectrum protection against UV rays. If you've got a big enough credit limit to play with, you'll find few other pairs of sunglasses on the market so worthy of your money.

Cartier Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

3. Cartier Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

The Cartier Santos de Cartier Sunglasses are one of the best pairs of sunglasses on the market with an all-year-round appeal. Created in tribute to legendary aviator Santos-Dumont, the glasses feature a brushed champagne gold finish, genuine buffalo horn-rims, and green lenses for that classic look. Completing the design to perfection is a set of screws adorning the temple: if they look familiar, it's because they've been borrowed directly from the iconic Santos watch. Functionality is added by way of excellent UV protection. If you want to look slick, stylish, and all kinds of wonderful, these are the sunglasses for you. Just don't be too upset when you see the price tag - at $1045 per pair, they're not exactly budget-friendly.

Must De Cartier Sunglasses

4. Must De Cartier Sunglasses

The Must De Cartier collection has been around for almost 40 years. Launched in the 1980s in Port El Kantaoui, Tunisia in a blaze of glory, the collection grew to legendary status almost overnight. And if the Must De Cartier Sunglasses are anything to go by, it's little wonder. Whether you're drawn to the iconic aviator shape of the shades, the three Cartier gadroons that embellish the frames, or their supremely lightweight feel, there's a little something here to appeal to everyone. Made to the exacting standards you'd expect from Cartier and utilizing only the most premium materials in their construction, these are the kind of sunglasses that will take you from the ski slope to the beach with aplomb.

Panthere Pilot Sunglasses

5. Panthere Pilot Sunglasses

Few collections in the world can compete with the legend that surrounds Cartier's Panthere collection. With a history that stretches back to the early 20th century, it's achieved iconic status in fashion circles. Proof of why can be found in the Panthere Pilot Sunglasses. With their classic aviator shape, their ultra-light frames, their gradient lenses and their iconic panther embellishments, they're designed with far more than simple sun protection in mind. Strap a pair of these beauties to your face, and your style credentials will instantly sky-rocket. Available with a huge selection of colored lenses, offered in a choice of gold or platinum finished temples, and featuring a pink, yellow or white golden mirror effect on the lenses (a nice little homage to Cartier's jewelry heritage), these are worth every cent of their asking price.

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