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The Five Most Expensive Hermes Belts Money Can Buy

Hermes Mini Athena belt buckle & Reversible leather strap 13 mm

Hermes is a high-end designer fashion brand that is internationally known for its high-quality luxury handbags and other accessories. The glamorous brand features a variety of styles from fun to sophisticated. Hermes employs expert artisans who handcraft the items with flawless precision work. Although Hermes handbags are the best-selling items, coming in second is the collection of fashionable belts. They're not only attractive and stylish, Hermes belts are expensive to purchase, but they're more of an investment versus a splurge. Most Hermes items retain their value well in the used designer accessory market. Premium quality leather is used along with precious metals and meticulous styling. Some Hermes belts are customizable and offer the customer the ability to choose between a wide range of color and finish options. This makes shopping at the Hermes Paris official website even more exciting. If you're a fan of the brand, or just interested in knowing more, here are the five most expensive Hermes belts that money can buy.

5. Hermes Cadenas 13 belt Price: $3,425

Hermes Cadenas 13 belt

The Hermes Cadenas 13 belt is a remarkably thin and feminine model with a width of just 0.51 inches. It's only available in black. The belt is crafted of premium Porosus crocodile leather. The buckle is gold plated. The natural pattern of the crocodile leather is visible adding a sense of texture. A padlock is attached to a security ring. Both are also gold plated. They stand out magnificently in contrast to the black leather of the belt. Except for the minimal texturing pattern that occurs naturally, the leather is smooth and lustrous. The Hermes Cadenas 13 is one of the best belts you can buy for the money. When properly cared for this exceptional handcrafted designer belt will hold its value well. It is available online through the official Hermes Paris website.

4. Hermes Pop H 15 Belt Price: $3,450

Hermes Pop H 15 Belt

The Hermes Pop H 15 Belt is another top-seller. This is a unique belt that is crafted of a novel premium material. The main body of the belt is made of Porosus crocodile leather that has been crafted to a smooth surface. This is one of Hermes' most iconic models in a thin and feminine iteration measuring a mere .59 inches in width with a gold plated buckle. It comes in a choice of 11 colors. The Pop H rests on the side of the belt in the same tone as the leather with a gold plated outline that matches the buckle of the belt. This lovely accessory is made in France and exported to other countries throughout the world for resale.

3. Hermes Inside H belt buckle & Leather strap 32 mm Price: $4,070

Hermes Inside H belt buckle & Leather strap 32 mm

The Hermes Inside H belt, buckle, and leather strap is handcrafted at the Hermes workstations in Paris, France. The belt is made of genuine premium Porosus crocodile leather. This is a larger belt with a fashionable width of 1.26 inches. The belt buckle is painstakingly crafted of permabrass plated metal. The Inside H is adorned with two interlinked letters H that give it a highly stylized and unique fashion aesthetic. Hours of work go into each belt buckle. The unique and eye-catching finish is a detail that is achieved by laser sanding and polishing that increases its graphic side and renders a double finish. Hermes is known for paying attention to the smallest details that result in an easily recognizable product that is difficult for counterfeiters to satisfactorily reproduce. The Inside H Belt is a versatile fashion accessory that is offered in a choice of 14 leather colors. Additionally, you may choose from more than 40 H style buckles in a variety of metal types and finishes. This is one of Hermes' most exquisite fashion accessories. When properly cared for, this belt will hold its original value well over time. It is available for purchase through the official Hermes Paris website as a part of the custom belt collection.

2. Hermes H Martelee belt buckle & Leather strap 32 mm Price: $4,125

Hermes H Martelee belt buckle & Leather strap 32 mm

The Hermes H Martelee is a part of the brand's customizable collection of high-quality, hand-crafted fashion belts. This is the second most expensive luxury belts offered by Hermes. The leather strap of the belt is handcrafted of genuine Porosus crocodile leather with a smooth finish. The width measures 1.25 inches. The buckle is handcrafted of hammered gold plate metal. You may choose between a total of 41 assorted Hermes H buckles, each with a different precious material/finish combination. The leather is available in a range of 14 different color choices. Buckles are not sold separately from the strap. Hermes is a stylish brand that stands out in a sea of luxury accessories. The understated aesthetic of this finely crafted item is among the most popular styles among fashionistas. You can find this model for sale through the official Hermes Paris website.

1. Hermes Mini Athena belt buckle & Reversible leather strap 13 mm Price: $19,050

Hermes Mini Athena belt buckle & Reversible leather strap 13 mm

The Hermes Mini Athena belt buck and reversible leather strap is the most expensive belt currently offered by the luxury brand. This is an exquisite accessory that belongs to the Hermes line of customizable belts. You may not purchase a buckle separately, but you can order the leather straps separately. This exciting and popular option may seem expensive, but it's one of the Hermes accessories that becomes either an investment that holds its value or a family heirloom when passed down to future generations. The belt strap measures 13 mm, and it is sold with a Hermes buckle that is crafted of white gold and encrusted with white diamonds. There is a total of 1.5 carats of diamonds in the buckle. The belt is made of Swift and Epsom calfskin leather. It is handcrafted in the country of France.

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