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The 10 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes of All Time

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday that isn't just for kids. People from all age groups get into the spirit of the evening and don the most lavish costumes. The magical day kicks off the official holiday season. It gives grown-ups a reason to connect with their inner child and dress up as their favorite characters.

Some people take it to the limit and spare no expense as they don the outfits that let them live out their childhood fantasies. We found that some have gone over the top in self-expression.

Here are the 10 most expensive Halloween costumes to show you how far we're willing to go.

10. Game of Thrones Dress

Cost: $9,259

Although the series has ended its long and successful run, the characters will remain in our memories forever. This year, you can dress up for Halloween in a replica dress of Margaery Terell that was worn for her wedding. We found the beautiful wedding gown for sale on Etsy by seller FadenDesignStudios.

It's among the most remarkable costumes offered for the 2022 Halloween season, but it will cost you a pretty penny. The dress is extravagantly detailed, with more than "300 handmade roses" on its extensive train that extends for three feet. You'll be the belle of the ball if you have a little over nine thousand to make as an investment. It's the tenth most expensive Halloween costume you can buy for 2022.

9. "Beauty and The Beast" Wedding Dress

Cost: $9,900

If you think the Game of Thrones Dress is expensive, for a few hundred more, you can dress up as Belle from "Beauty and The Beast" this Halloween. The extravagant Halloween costume is offered on Etsy by KMKDesigns. It's among the most opulent costumes on the market today.

If you're questioning the value, you should check into the materials and the work that's been put into the garment. For starters, it's stunningly beautiful with impeccable detailing. The design team took their time in creating this show-stopper. They crafted more than 14 yards of silk taffeta material for the main parts of the garment.

It's covered in more than 100 yards of lace, and many more yards of silk dupioni went into the creation of the roses. The fairy tale dress is encrusted with more than 700 dazzling Swarovski crystals. Although the dress is not the original from the film, the replica is a brilliant example of how close a designer can come to imitating the real thing.

The cost of the material and the man-hours that went into its creation is justification enough for the high price. You can be the next owner of this magnificent piece if you don't mind dropping nearly $10 grand to win the prize for best costume.

8. Rococo Costume

Cost: $15,000

A designer made this unique Rococo Costume as a special order for a customer on Etsy. It's an exquisitely detailed Rococo costume that is mind-bending with its incredible detailing. The craftsmanship is nothing short of insane. The outfit includes everything you need to show up at the next Halloween party in classic 1700s style, from the delicately stitched white stockings to the impeccable knickers and blouson style top.

The 18th-century Victorian outfit goes over and above what you'll find at the average costume shop. It also includes an impeccably stitched and detailed tailcoat and a feathered hat with a one-of-a-kind design in tans, white, and red.

We looked around and found quite a few cheaper alternatives for as low as $99 on, but none of them matched the detail of this one-off design. It goes to show you what some Halloween enthusiasts are willing to do to take center stage at the party. The seller at Etsy still has the listing up for this amazing costume. It includes a men's lace shirt, a waistcoat, breeches, a jabot, stockings, and a triangle hat. The seller has 88 transactions to their credit with good reviews.

7. Mermaid Halloween Costume

Cost: $25,000

Romper confirms that one of the most expensive Halloween costumes you can buy for 2022 is a decadent garment that is hand-sewn with amazing details. It's a Ruth E. Carter original that can be ordered with personalizations to fit the unique body shape of each person for a customized aesthetic. The costume was offered as part of a giveaway, and some lucky winners will sport it this year, but others will have to pay the full price. Many people entered the contest for the chance to win and have a chat with the famous designer.

The costume is a part of a collaborative endeavor by Ruth E. Carter Spiked Seltzer and Black Panther. It's among the hottest designer costumes of the year. If you're into life aquatic, you settle for nothing short of the best, and you don't mind spending the money, the costume could be yours. It's among the most unique and beautiful Halloween costumes we've seen for the 2022 season.

6. Daft Punk Helmet Replica

Cost: $25,000

For a price tag of $25,000, you can wear this otherworldly replica Daft punk Helmet. I think the price is a little steep for a replica, but it's still a cool prop for Halloween. Of all places, the helmet appeared on Etsy, offered by seller Volpin. It features chrome and LED with a brilliant flash and a futuristic design with all the bells and whistles.

Fans of Daft Punk will find this helmet to be the ultimate to represent their favorite band on Halloween. You'll be the star of the party in this attractive headgear.

When we checked it out, we couldn't find any mass-produced editions, and the helmet likely represents hours of hard work. While it's not an original article, it is exceptionally detailed, and it's likely worth the cost for the time it took to build. It's an amazing example of the creativity expressed by some artisans. The piece is still available for sale, and if you're fast, you could wear it at the next party.

5. Bert Lahr's Cowardly Lion Costume

Cost: $3,077,000

The Cowardly Lion costume from the 1939 hit film "The Wizard of Oz" is an iconic Halloween costume that has never gone out of style. Most of us have grown up seeing at least a few Halloweenies dressed in replicas of the costume. If you want to go in the original article, it's unlikely that the owner will let go of the costume.

Barneby's confirms that they paid over $3 million for the iconic lion suit at an auction in 2014. After the filming of "The Wizard of Oz" was completed, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art took possession.

The costume's creator used genuine lion skin and fur to create the iconic piece. Bert Lahr wore the suit when performing the role of the cowardly lion. It sold at the 2014 auction sponsored by Bonhams, and it's now a part of a private collection. It will likely be a long time before the cowardly lion suit becomes available again.

It's a part of American film history that will only increase in value if the owners maintain its preservation in pristine condition. You can find copies of the suit in a price range from $30 to $3,000 from various vendors. You can dress up as the Cowardly Lion without spending millions, but there's something special about owning the genuine article.

4. Diamond Encrusted Morph Suit

Cost: $1.6 million

Digital Newsroom explains that Morphsuit creator Gregor Lawson confirmed that most of the Halloween costumes made by the company are "very reasonably priced." You can find a lovely suit for under $30 in British Pounds, but his company got a brilliant idea to add some flash. They designed a morph suit encrusted with brilliant diamonds. They attached the stones to the grey spandex suit by hand. It was a labor of love and required hours of painstaking work.

The suit displays a hefty 70K of high-quality diamonds covering the whole body. If you're adventurous, have a few million to throw around, and want to swim in diamonds, it's an option, and the cost is for ownership. It's called the "Morph-a-million" version of the suit. The company sells it alongside their far cheaper versions. It's possibly the most luxurious and flashy Halloween costume ever made.

The question is, what will you do with it after Halloween has passed? It's among the most expensive, but it's not the most you can pay to make a statement on Halloween. Costume enthusiasts have a few more options available. Wait until you see the price some people are willing to pay to dress up for a fantastic night in other costumes.

3. Audrey Hepburn's Ascot dress from "My Fair Lady."

Cost: $4,551,000

How would you like to go to a Halloween party dressed in the Ascot dress from "the 1964 hit film "My Fair Lady?" The iconic dress was a part of the Debbie Reynolds collection she amassed in the early 1970s. It's a part of Hollywood memorabilia sold at an auction in 2011. Reynolds' collection included costumes worn by the famous Marilyn Monroe, the iconic Ascot dress worn by Audrey Hepburn, and many other pieces she collected over 50 years.

This particular dress went up on the auction block and sold in 2017 for more than $4.5 million to the lucky bidder who won the fight for the dress in 2017. Can you imagine the response you'd get sporting this magnificent piece of American film history? It's doubtful that the garment will become available anytime soon. It's unknown if the owner plans to wear it to the next Halloween party, but it's one of the ten most expensive costumes ever sold at auction.

2. Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Dress

Cost: $4.6 million

If you choose to go Hollywood for your Halloween costume, the second most expensive is Marilyn Monroe's famous dress worn in the upward blow photo. The dress is a genuine article from the film "The Seven Year Itch," from 1955. It was formerly a part of the late Debbie Reynolds' collection. She purchased the dress from 20th Century Fox early in the 1970s. The William Travilla design hit the auction block in 2011, surpassing its estimated value between $1 to 2 million.

Bidders in a heated competition for ownership drove the final selling price up to $4.6 million. That makes it the second most expensive Halloween costume in the world today. If you think this is a lavish way to celebrate the holiday, there's one costume option available that is even more expensive. You won't believe how much people are willing to pay for an evening dressed up as a lifelong dream fulfilled.

1. NASA Astronaut Suit

Cost: $9 million

Albawaba explains that the most expensive option for Halloween is a NASA astronaut suit. It's the real deal, but it comes at a hefty price. Adults who once dreamed of becoming an astronaut can have the opportunity to dress in the full experience with a genuine space suit created with the technology of NASA.

It's an option for the very wealthy. The cost of building the suit ranges between $15 to $22 million each. You could opt for a replica from another vendor, however. The cost is significantly lower at $250 to $300 per week from some vendors to $3,500, depending on the model. You can also find less expensive astronaut suits, but some adults will not settle for anything but the best.

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