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The 10 Most Expensive Quarters in U.S. History


You can hold any U.S. Quarters coins in your hands and travel back in time. A silver coin can take you back to times of civil war. When you have the peace dollar, you will reminisce about the glitz and glamor that people enjoyed in their twenties.

Genuine coins used in U.S. history showcase a path that America's history has gone through and tell the nation's story that other available artifacts cannot. In modern days, the quarter dollar coin has become the workhorse of the current United States economy for making changes.

If you give people a nickel or penny as a change after shopping, they may decide to leave them at the cashier register. On the other hand, nobody will leave Quarters behind; they will empty them into their pockets or wallets. This article is a guide on the most expensive Quarters in U.S history.

10. 1838 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter without Drapery - $381,875

When Christian Gobrecht first designed these quarters in 1838, they did not have an ornamental drapery that extended under the left arm of Lady Liberty.

But halfway through 1840, drapery was included under Lady Liberty's arm. Therefore, you will find two variations of these Liberty Seated quarter coins. The number of these coins was made according to orders placed by collectors. Therefore, different varieties exist from year to year. This unique, rare coin goes for higher prices when made available for auction.

9. 1823/2 Proof Capped Bust Quarter - $396,562.50

These are unique coins that existed in the early 1800s. The 1823 version has an over-the-date or pre-punched date. Owning these coins will require a significant expenditure at the auction block.

8. 1805 Draped Bust Quarter - $402,500

1805 was the third year in history that the United States Mint created quarters. According to Bankrate, other years were 1796 and 1804, where roughly 6,000 pieces of quarters were made each of those years. In 1805, the mint company developed over 120,000 pieces of these precious coins. If you are an intermediate quarter collector, you can get the lower grades of these coins. However, the original specimens are deep, rich, costly, and rare. Their pristine condition has driven their values to half a million dollars.

7. 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter - $460,000

In 1850, collectors had a special request for more quarters to be made. The United States Mint Company honored that request with these rare coins of the 1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter. The mint firm made about three proof quarters that year, including the Proof Liberty Seated quarter.

These rare coins are desirable and flawless, judging by their PR-68 grade. Collectors worldwide hunt for it, making it popular as many specialists want to add them to their collection. It was sold in January 2008 by Heritage Auctions, Orlando, and FUN Signature Coin Auction for $460,000.

6. 1873 CC Liberty Seated Quarter without Arrows - $470,000

In 1873, the United States mint about over a million CC Liberty Seated Quarters, which had two arrowheads on the side. According to Littleton Coin Company, only five of them were prepared without the arrowhead.The coin design included the arrows to stand for a change that weighs a coin from 6.22 to 6.25 grams. The romance of possessing these coins from Carson City, which you combine with how limited they are, drives their values to new heights.

5. 1839 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter without Drapery - $517,000

The design of these rare quarters is missing ornamental drapery under the left arm of Lady Liberty. The beauty about this coin is the mirror-like fields and the steel-blue toning used, making it appealing to the eyes. Advance quarter collectors to get hold of these quarters will have to pay almost half a million dollars when these coins are put for auction if they want to have them in their collection bag.

4. 1901 S Barber Quarter - $550,000   

The 1901 quarter is a rare collection and very expensive in any grade. When these coins were sold in 1990 by Superior Galleries, they had not become as popular today. When the coins are certified, they can fetch a lot, considering how these beautiful and flawless coins were sold, and set a new record of $550,000 between 19 and 22 November 2020.

3. 1807 Draped Bust Quarter - $630,000

By 1807, the mint firm was impending 250,000 productions of various quarters by the time these coins were produced. The high grade used to create it makes it the most pleasing piece of Draped Bust quarter to come out of the pipeline.

2. 1827/3/2 Proof Capped Bust Quarter -$705,000

The 1827 Proof Capped Bust Quarter was minted with an over-date. The mint firm producing these coins in Philadelphia made the 1823 quarters using the original die, which was used to make the 1822 quarter. The die was modified to make 1827 by replacing the numerical 3 with 7. The outstanding mirrored field and the entire frosted cameo devices on these coins' surfaces make them look flashy with an excellent appeal. This has pushed their values to over three-quarters million dollars.

1. 1796 Draped Bust Quarter - $1,740,000

The Draped Bust Quarter was designed following guidelines of the Mint Act of 1792. According to Spruce Craft, the production of five silver denominations that included half dimes, quarters, dimes, a half dollar, and silver dollar began in 1796. Experts believe that only about 700 of the trial quarters that were mint exist today.

This figure makes the 1796 Draped Bust Quarter a rare commodity. This coin has been preserved and well protected for more than 200 years. It was made with high-quality materials that have made it the most valuable quarter in the United States quarters.

Bottom line

While these ten rare quarters may be worth so much and are among the most valuable United States quarters in history. The available ones are scarce, and it may take years for collectors to have a whole collection set. The search for them can be thrilling, and finding them may be rewarding.

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