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The 10 Most Expensive Colognes in the World

When you find a cologne that really suits you, it can give you a huge confidence boost whenever you wear it. Whether you have one particular favorite scent, or have a selection to choose from, the price may have a role to play in your decision. People may be happier to pay a higher price if the scent lasts a long time and they feel it is value for money.

People have been wearing fragrances for as far back as anyone can remember. There is some evidence that even the ancient Egyptians created their own perfumes. Wanting to smell nice has been an important part of human life for thousands of years.

If money were no object, then some of the finest colognes in the world would be available to you. But just how much would one of the world's most expensive colognes set you back?

A list of the worlds most expensive colognes in descending order can be found below.

10. Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume - Price per 6.8oz bottle $424

This is a unisex fragrance that has been created by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. The bottle is another on the list which has been designed by Baccarat, and the fact that this bottle has been used will add to the price.

Selfridges website explains that the fragrance was originally launched in 2014, before being re-released two years later. Both releases of the fragrance have been very popular.

The scent was created to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the House of Baccarat, and it’s first release coincided with this celebration. Although it is a simple design, the distinctive red label gives away the fragrance’s connections to Baccarat.

The fragrance has recently risen in popularity because it has been talked about a lot on TikTok. This is something of a surprise to those in the fragrance industry because most videos on the site are focused on saving money on beauty products. The design of the bottle is something that is often talked about in TikTok videos.

9. Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George - Price per 2.5oz bottle $533

There are plenty of things about this cologne that will grab your attention. The name is not one that you will forget in a hurry and the top of the bottle is in the shape of a deer’s head. The bottle itself though has a much more straightforward look than the others on this list.

Alberto Morillas created this fragrance for the brand. Other fragrances that he is known for include CK One, Daisy and Aqua di Gio. He has also worked with Penhaligon’s to create an exclusive line of fragrances that are available to buy from Harrods. He knows which ingredients should be included in an exclusive fragrance such as this one.

The Tragedy of Lord George is the most expensive fragrance that Penhaligon produces. It has been designed to evoke the qualities that someone named Lord George would have. A sense of loyalty and chivalry, but someone who does not take themselves too seriously. It is not something which is widely available due to the cost, and so to own this fragrance is something special.

8. Creed Spice & Wood - Price per 2.5 oz bottle $545

This is the second cologne from Creed to make the top ten. Again, it is something of a rarity, because not many of their fragrances are made available for general release. The prices of the fragrances reflect the fact that they are still considered to be exclusive.

The House of Creed have a history of producing fragrances for the royal families of Britain and France. Spice & Wood is a tribute to some of these fragrances of the past. It shows that they are innovative, but have not forgotten where they have come from.

The aim when creating this fragrance was to come up with something that gives the wearer a sense of energy and strength. It was inspired by the love story of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, and ingredients for the fragrance have been sourced from Europe and the Orient.

7. Bond No. 9 New York Signature Scent - Price per 1.7oz bottle $650

This cologne is sold by Saks Fifth Avenue, so you can expect it to be a luxury item. The bottle is star-shaped and decorated with Swarovski crystals. The bottle is one of the things that makes the fragrance so exclusive. The fragrance is also sometimes referred to as Greenwich Village.

The official site of Bond No. 9 explains that the scent was launched to mark the ten year anniversary of the opening of their boutique headquarters. It has a 30% concentration which puts it into the category of a pure perfume.

This concentration means that a small amount of this fragrance goes a long way. This helps to make it better value for money as you won’t need to use as much as with weaker concentrations. The inspiration for this fragrance is the diverse communities that you find all across New York City.

6. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Forte Eau de Parfum - Price per 8.4oz bottle $860

Neroli Portofino is the most expensive cologne that Tom Ford produces. It is the only fragrance that the brand makes which is on this list. The price that you would pay for this fragrance reflects the care that that has gone into designing and producing it. The fragrance was created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux who studied biology before becoming a perfumer.

The bottle is a simple design which is green in color. However, the gold label on the front of the bottle really catches your attention. It is not only the design of the bottle which is striking, the fragrance itself is also very memorable. If you know the smell of it, then you will recognize it instantly when someone else is wearing it.

The inspiration for this fragrance is the Italian Riviera. Portofino is the name of a small fishing village in Italy. The deep green color of the bottle matches the lush foliage of this part of the world. The fragrance itself makes you think of cool breezes and clear water that sparkles as the sun shines on it.

5. Caron Poivre for Men - Price per 1oz bottle $1,000

Caron Poivre was originally marketed towards women, but over the years it has become recognized as a mens fragrance. The bottle is made from crystal and is encrusted with white gold. You can tell from just looking at the bottle that this is an expensive fragrance.

The fragrance was first released in 1954 and the perfumer is listed on Parfumo as Michel Morsetti. It has a hot and spicy scent, that may not be to everyone’s taste. The ingredients are sourced from all over the world and include sandalwood. This is one of the most expensive woods in the world.

The fact that this fragrance has people willing to pay the high price tag shows how it has stood the test of time. You have to wonder how many fragrances that are released today will still be being sold in 70 years.

4. Roja Parfums Musk Aoud Absolue Précieux - Price per 1oz bottle $1,050

This cologne can be purchased exclusively from Bergdorf Goodman. All the ingredients in the fragrance have been chosen by Roja Dove himself. The work that has gone into this fragrance help to explain the price tag.

The primary ingredient of the fragrance is Oud. The material is extracted from Agarwood which comes from the Aquilaria tree. Oud is considered to be a precious material, which is why it commands a high price. The costs associated with extracting it from the trees are also quite high.

Roja Dove spent three years in the Middle East learning about this ingredient and how it can be used in fragrances. This time allowed him to use the Oud to the very best effect in his Aoud Absolue Précieux fragrance. He may also use this knowledge to create more fragrances in the future.

The bottle itself does not have any of the embellishments of some of the bottles on this list. It is understated but refined, which are also qualities that the fragrance has.

3. Creed Aventus - Price per 16.9 oz bottle $1,055

This scent is a best seller for Creed, despite a price tag of just over $1,000. The fragrance is produced in France and was created by the Sixth Generation Master Perfumer for the company, Olivier Creed and his son, Erwin Creed. According to Fragantica it was inspired by the life of Napoleon. [] Olivier Creed has been known to travel all over the world to source ingredients for his fragrances.

The fragrance was created as part of the 250th anniversary of the founding of the perfume house. Today all fragrances are still produced in the family-run factory near Paris. Creed largely make fragrances for private customers, and only a few of them are released to the general public. This fragrance is on general sale, but you do pay for the privilege of owning this fragrance.

It is marketed towards men who have the determination and strength of spirit to always achieve their goals. It is not a fragrance that is readily available to just anyone, it is a reward for hard work. The price that you pay for this fragrance does mean that it is exclusive.

2. Clive Christian No. 1 - Price per 1oz bottle $2,105

You have much more chance of being able to purchase the second cologne on the list, but it will set you back over $2,000. It has a place in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive fragrance in the world which is commercially available. This is a record which it has held onto since its release.

The bottle for this fragrance is also made by Baccarat and has diamonds encrusted in the glass. Owning a bottle of this fragrance is certainly seen as a status symbol. It would definitely take pride of place in your bathroom. The golden color of the bottle matches the color of the fragrance inside.

The ingredients that are used in the fragrance are expensive and hard to come by. Reviews of the product are complementary about the length of time the fragrance lasts. This means that while it is a lot of money, a little does go a long way.

1. Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty Perfume for Men - Price per 16.9 oz bottle $435,000

The most expensive bottle of cologne in the world would cost more than the average American house. There were only 10 bottles of this fragrance produced, so even if you could afford it, your chances of getting hold of one of these bottles is virtually zero. They were all offered to existing customers of the fragrance house.

One of the reasons so few bottles were produced was the workmanship that was involved in creating the bottles themselves. The bottle was produced by the French company Baccarat and is made from nest polished crystal. The bottle is just as exclusive as the fragrance, and also contributes to the high price tag.

The fragrance comes in its own wooden box which has velvet inside of it for the bottle to rest on. Another feature of this presentation box is that it comes with a lock and key. If you have paid this price for the fragrance, then you are going to want to do all you can to keep it protected.

The Clive Christian website states that he refers to this fragrance as ‘the perfume of his heart. He considers that this is the best perfume he has ever made, which is another reason why he wanted to make it so exclusive. A fragrance that is so close to his heart is always going to go for a higher price.

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