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The History of and Story Behind the Game of Thrones Logo

Game of Thrones

The long-running HBO series Game of Thrones came to an end in early 2019. It left us with memories of an addictive show that kept us in suspense as it came to a final climactic end. The logo created for the Game of Thrones is one of the most iconic of this generation.

he elements of the logo all work together to send a message to the audience that it followed up in the series. To fully appreciate this highly ornate logo, we must understand the history of Game of Thrones and the rich symbolism captured in the various aspects of the logo itself.

History of the Game of Thrones

99 Designs summarizes the history of the franchise very well. The complicated stories of the seven houses lead us in a series of individual stories that combine to create an epic era in a fictional fantasy musing of the medieval age.

Game of Thrones is the inspired work of the novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire." Noble families occupying the Great House rule each of the seven kingdoms in the fictional continent of Westeros along with its lesser houses holding lands within the various kingdoms.

The Game of Thrones primary logo

The primary logo for the Game of Thrones is a visual identification of the gist of the series. According to 1,000 Logos, the elements of this representation is rich in imagery. The logo elements include a wordmark and an ornate emblem with intense detailing.

Upon first glance, The wordmark is the most commonly used representation for the logo, sometimes appearing with other elements and other times on its own. The colors used are either black or silver.

The nameplate features a Romanesque typeface called classic Trajan Pro. The name Game of Thrones appears in a bold font that infuses an element of elegance and balance. The most notable feature of the inscription is the unique styling of the letter O.

Within the interior of the "O," there are three thin verticle lines with elongation of the horizontal line in the letter T that extends slightly past the last character in the nameplate. The nameplate features all capital letters with enlargement of the G and T letters with the of appearing in a smaller size. The technique draws attention to the words Game and Thrones for emphasis that tells us what the symbol truly represents in its essential core.

The Game of Thrones emblem

The emblem that serves as the background for the nameplate is an elegant and ornate circle-shaped badge sitting on a horizontal rectangle. Four animal heads coming out of the circle represent four of the legendary houses. We note that each of the heads point in a different direction.

The symbolism is worth considering as it tells us a bit about the drama that unfolds throughout the story of the houses. The houses represented are House Stark by a wolf, House Lannister by a lion, House Targaryen by a dragon, and House Baratheon by a Deer.

The meanings of the symbols in the Game of Thrones logo

Free Logo Services analyzed the meanings of the sigils for each of the major houses in Game of Thrones. Understanding each of the four sigils represented in the logo gives us a better idea of the symbolism intended in the creation of the Game of Thrones logo.

House of Stark (Wolf)

The wolf for the House of Stark is the sigil for the family. This is a dire wolf that is one of the most iconic creatures in the North. The wolf embodies the traits that each member of the Stark family shows to one another. These include family-orientation and loyalty. The Starks value honor and family above all else, and they are willing to defend them by any means necessary. They're fierce when it comes to defending their family.

The House of Lannister (Lion)

The motto of the house is "Hear Me Roar." This is ideally represented with the sigil of a lion standing upright and roaring on a background of crimson. The logo for the House of Lannister uses gold and crimson. Gold represents prosperity, glamor, and royalty, and crimson stands for strength, passion, and nobility.

The Lannisters are strong and carry themselves royally with a noble air. They're strong in the art of manipulation and they're passionate about achieving the goals of the family. The lion represents both genders of the house through territorialism and fierceness.

House of Targaryen (Dragon)

The color of the logo for the House of Targaryen and Red and Black with a three-headed dragon as the sigil. The House motto is" Fire And Blood."The House Targaryen logo features the most iconic symbol in the dragon. The members of this family are apt at handling dragons.

They possess power and authority and this is symbolized through the colors red and black. House Targaryen members are regal, authoritative, aggressive, and powerful. The three-headed dragon symbol describes the family perfectly because they are greedy, ferocious, fiery, yet they are heroic characters.

The House of Baratheon (Deer)

The House of Baratheon's motto is "Our Is The Fury." The crowned black stag is their sigil, standing against a golden field. The colors of the logo for the House of Baratheon are gold and black. The logo is a symbol of wealth, power, prosperity, and conquest.

This characterizes Robert Baratheon's personality well as he loved to live in luxury and his obsessions were power and wealth. The stag with the black crown is a symbol of aggression, authority, and royalty, but to also represents death, which are all applicable to Robert Baratheon.

It's also important to note that the stag stands as the king of the forest with strength, cunning, and masculinity. He is commissioned to protect others and the older stag with the large rack of antlers has gained wisdom in his old age. Robert Baratheon was briefly ruler of the seven kingdoms.

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