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What Types of Shoes Should You Wear For Boating?

Boat Shoes

You might wonder whether you need to wear shoes while you are boating. If so, you should know that the answer is, "Probably." People can do a great deal to toughen up their bare feet, as shown by those who choose to go around bare-footed on a regular basis. However, most of us don't fit that description, meaning that we need some kind of protection for our bare feet. This is particularly important when boating because boats often have surfaces that are unsuitable for bare feet. For instance, fiberglass decks are often coated with non-skid material that offers increased traction. That is great for preventing slips and falls; that is less great for people who want to walk around bare-footed because of where that traction comes from. As such, if you are going boating, it makes sense for you to choose your footwear with care and consideration.

What Types of Shoes Should You Wear While You Are Boating?

There are a number of considerations that are important when you are choosing a pair of shoes for boating purposes. First, they need to offer protection for the feet. Second, they need to have a good grip on the boat deck. Third, they shouldn't leave marks on the boat deck. Other than these, you might be tempted to go for something waterproof. However, that can be a very bad idea if you actually get water inside your shoes because that will cause the water to remain stuck inside. Instead, if you want something along those lines, go for something that is water-resistant but has drainage ports for the water to get out once it has gotten inside. The fasteners on the shoes can also be important depending on what you have in mind. If you are thinking of something peaceful, you don't need to worry much. In contrast, if you have something more adventurous in mind, you are going to want something with either laces or Velcro fasteners so that you can fasten your shoes as securely as you like. Perhaps unsurprisingly, boat shoes are the best option for interested individuals. Fashion means that they see plenty of use in other contexts. However, boat shoes were made for boating, which explains their name. In any case, these tend to be made out of either canvas or leather. Furthermore, they have rubber soles that have had siping patterns cut into them, thus enabling them to get a good grip on boat decks without leaving any unsightly marks. Of course, boat shoes have their downsides as well. For instance, a single pair can cost somewhere between $60 and $150. As a result, if people aren't going to be boating on a regular basis, it doesn't quite make sense for them to get boat shoes just for a single outing.

Moving on, other potential options include both canvas shoes and plastic sneakers. Canvas shoes aren't a great option if you are going to be boating on a regular basis. After all, they wear out faster than a lot of other shoes, particularly if they are exposed to a great deal of sunlight. Still, canvas shoes do dry out quickly, so they do have something going for them. As for plastic sneakers, well, it is important to note that some of them are much better than others. For example, you are going to want a pair with light-colored soles rather than dark-colored soles because the latter is much likelier to leave visible marks. Similarly, you are going to want a pair with thinner plastic rather than thicker plastic since that will affect the rate at which they dry out. On top of this, remember to test whether the sneakers will provide a good grip or not when the boat deck is wet because that isn't guaranteed to be the case. Instead, some of these shoes can be very slippery under said circumstances, meaning that they should be avoided. Unfortunately, interested individuals should know that sneakers will also wear out faster as well, meaning that they also aren't a good choice if you are going to be boating on a regular basis. Besides these, you can also consider water shoes. Failing that, if you are heading out in warm weather, you can go with either a pair of flip-flops or a pair of sandals with rubber soles. They might not be ideal but they can still serve as needed. The only time when you should go boating while bare-foot is when you are expecting slow sailing, predictable winds, and pleasant weather. Even then, you will be better-off with a suitable pair of shoes.

What Else Should You Wear While You Are Boating?

Of course, if you are going boating, you will also need to choose your clothing with care and consideration. Generally speaking, you are going to want clothing that is comfortable as well as easy to clean. Furthermore, it should be good at staying dry as well as keeping its wearer dry. As such, exactly what you should wear can see a fair amount of variation depending on exactly where you are boating. Of course, there are also certain kinds of clothing that you should avoid. For example, you should avoid solid, light-colored clothing because stains are going to show up very clearly on such clothing. Similarly, you should avoid clothing made out of more delicate materials such as silk and cashmere. They might look good. Unfortunately, they are unsuitable for any kind of hard use because of that delicacy. Interested individuals should also keep their sun protection in mind. The UV component of sunlight can cause a great deal of damage to a wide range of materials over time. Unsurprisingly, it can do the same to the human body. In the short run, it can cause sunburns, which will be painful and otherwise unpleasant; in the long run, it can cause skin cancer. Due to this, you should make sure that you are protected from UV radiation whenever you head out. Clothing can play a very important role in this process, particularly since it can be made out of UV-resistant materials.

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