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How Much Does A Hydroplane Boat Cost?

Hydroplane boat

Hydroplane boat races were events that drew large crowds of spectators to view the competitions. These high-powered ultra-fast racing boats are custom made to achieve the highest speeds while maintaining an adequate amount of stability to prevent them from breaking apart from the force. There are a lot of us who have dreamed of owning or at least piloting one of these lightning speed watercraft. For many, they will become a fantasy, but if you're among the very wealthy class, it might not be so far-fetched. Whether you're in the market for a hydroplane boat or just curious about the cost, here are a few examples of the price you can expect to pay from the lowest to the more expensive options.

Building a custom hydroplane boat

According to NBC Right Now, hydroplane racing is an expensive sport. When you begin to itemize the components of a hydroplane, you understand why it's cost-prohibitive to build one. Just the running gear, gearbox, rudder, and steering cost an average of $100,000. The engines add another $150,000 if you use two (and you may need them both). The hull is an extra $100,000. It's around $30,000 just to paint the boat. You can get another $100,000 into the additional parts you're likely to need to replace worn components if you race. Racing teams have depended upon sponsors to help cover the cost. Private owners who only take the boat out for an occasional drive will need to foot the entire bill. You might remember watching the Miss Budweiser race in the past. This hydroplane is now a vintage model. It came up for sale in 2014. The owner dropped the price to $50,000 after excitement for unlimited hydroplane racing had begun to wane. The sport no longer draws the crowds that it did a few decades ago.

The Madison Courier gives us a sobering look at the cost of racing grade hydroplanes for intense competition. The average cost for unlimited hydroplane racing equipment including the hull and other components that need frequent replacement is upwards of $763,000. This price includes the $100,000 annual tab for maintenance if you're a part of an unlimited racing team.

Can you buy a pre-made hydroplane boat?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. You can buy a hydroplane even if you're not interested in racing. According to The Arsenale, Alpha Centauri offers a luxury hydroplane for sale. The boat features a racing design that delivers the speeds attained by race boat pilots, and it's available for sale to the public. How much does it cost? This depends on the level of customization you request. The starting price for an Alpha Centauri hydroplane is $184,875.00. When you consider the cost and price of some of the more iconic hydroplane boats, this is a bargain. Boats that were once created exclusively for racing are now available to the general public.

The Alpha Centauri hydroplane is made of premium materials with a matte black exterior and a bright red cabin, loaded with luxury amenities. This boat is powered by a 750 horsepower engine with a twin stage sprint jet system. It can cruise at speeds up to 60 knots and this is the beginner. You have the option of choosing an engine configuration between 550 to 2000 horsepower.

The used hydroplane market

If you're still interested in a hydroplane but you don't have the cash to lay out a few hundred thousand dollars, there are other options. Port Carlington Boats offers a few advertisements from private sellers for used hydroplane boats. We were in awe when we saw an ad for the Miss Vernors hydroplane. It's listed for sale by the owner. This boat was priced at $90,000 when it was brand new. The vintage model has been fully restored and updated in 2008. It features a 2,850 horsepower engine. It's available for a sale price of $55,000.

Rees custom hydroplane 2006

We also found an 11.5 ft. Rees custom hydroplane offered for the low price of $3,900. It's an older racing boat that is in working condition. If you're looking for a basic hydroplane that will move fast on the water without luxury amenities, it's something to consider. This boat is more of an entry-level hydroplane that should not be confused with the attractive lightning speed competition hydroplanes. We included it to highlight the fact that hydroplanes come at all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Where can you find a used hydroplane for sale?

The best place to find used hydroplanes is through an internet search. Several dealerships and private sellers come up with a basic keyword search. Some of the older boats are available for a few thousand. It's wise to check the condition of the craft before you agree to purchase. Hydroplane boats feature a performance design for high speeds. They also need frequent maintenance and repairs due to the effects of speed and friction from hitting the water hard. High speed increases the wear and tear on a boat.


When it comes to hydroplane boats, there is a wide range of sizes and prices. If you're thrilled with the notion of speed and you also require luxurious accommodations, the starting price for a brand new hydroplane boat is around $184,000. If you want to customize the craft, the price goes up significantly. Anyone who wants to own a hydroplane can find several of these boats for sale by private sellers. If you're a fan of hydroplane racing and your goal is to find yourself behind the wheel of an ultra-fast racer, you can expect to pay a minimum of $50,000 for a used boat in good condition.

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