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The 10 Best Toyota Land Cruiser Models of All-Time

Best Toyota Land Cruiser Models

Cruiser has had millions of sales since its initial release in 1951, and accordingly, it has become Toyota’s oldest series of car models. From the time of its inception, the Land Cruiser has taken many forms and explored different features. Models have offered body options like convertible, cab chassis, hardtop, or even station wagon!

During the Korean War, the United States required military vehicles for its war efforts, and they strongly encouraged occupied Japan to produce those military vehicles, which was strategically advantageous for the United States because Japan was close to Korea. At this time, Japanese manufacturer, Toyota, began making a prototype for what they called “Toyota Jeep BJ.” After the United States went a different route, this idea would evolve into the Land Cruiser that we know and love today after they changed their name for copyright reasons.

Toyota’s Land Cruiser has made history as one of the revolutionary cars on the market because it took a military-oriented model and made it appeal to civilians around the world. This vehicle is not only known for being robust but it is also known for being a reliable vehicle. Land Cruiser owners commonly report loving how long-lasting these vehicles are.

The Land Cruiser can handle all kinds of terrains, and its power makes it good for both everyday journeys and big adventures. To ensure this vehicle can stand up to anything, for decades, the Land Cruiser has been tested in the Australian Outback, which is known for its harsh conditions.

There are so many great and some not-so-great Land Cruiser models out there. Read on to discover the ten best Land Cruisers of all time and why these vehicles stand out as being the best of a long line of excellent vehicles.

How We Compiled This List

When determining the ten best Land Cruiser models of all time, we had to narrow down the list significantly to find the models that were of the highest standards. We opened our search up to all models. We considered both entire series and model releases from specific years. For example, the 40 Series began in 1960 and continued until 1984, so we compared the series as a total as well as individual year releases of that series.

To discover the best Land Cruiser model, we carefully analyzed the vehicle’s histories and explored different elements of each car to shape our judgment. Whenever possible, we used data from reliable sources, such as safety reports, sales, and legal reports.

We used a range of information to get a full picture of each car. Car reviews and consumer reviews were taken into account along with general specs and features that each car had. We also evaluated any major concerns related to certain models. Recalls or notable issues were all noted. Additionally, if there were any relevant legal actions related to the model, we took that into account too. We also looked at safety ratings and reports.

Some areas we focused on when evaluating the different Land Cruiser models include:

  • Overall performance, both in the short-term and long-term
  • Durability, life-span, and versatility
  • Trade-in value
  • Impact on the car industry
  • Uniqueness or stand-out features that set it apart

Because these cars are from different eras and have different focuses, we knew that we couldn’t just compare all their specs and features directly. For instance, a modern infotainment system simply isn’t something that was available in a car from the 1960s, so we tried to look beyond just a list of features and also considered the impacts different models had on the market, the Land Cruiser’s development, and compared to other vehicles on the market at the time. This mindset allowed us to use our data in a meaningful and fair way.

10. Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series

The 40 Series makes the list for being a classic standby for multiple decades. Launched in 1960, the 40 Series dominated the market for a long time and remained until 1984. It brings convenience and comfort features that were not easy to find in 4x4s of those days.

Also known as The Rising Son, this series laid a perfect foundation for Toyota’s success worldwide. Toyota’s first effort to create a powerful vehicle to help the company compete against the US military Jeep. While this wasn’t the first series available, the Land Cruiser Series 40 marked some big changes and Toyota used new steel presses and production processes to create a stronger, better vehicle.

The 40 Series no doubt helped Toyota make a name for itself in the United States car market, and the Land Cruiser was Toyota’s best-selling car from 1961 to 1965. While this vehicle lacks the power and size of some of the later models, its revolutionary nature means that we can’t leave it off this list.

9. Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser 60 Series

The Land Cruiser 60 Series is one of the most remarkable series in all of Land Cruiser history because it took a new perspective on what a Land Cruiser could do and who could benefit from this powerful vehicle.

When the Land Cruiser 60 Series came out in 1980, it promoted additional comfort for drivers and passengers. The new introduction was meant to be a family-friendly addition to Toyota vehicles’ already established industrial-grade toughness. Its interior was better equipped, and it was also more luxurious. To accommodate the comfort inside this car, it was a little boxier than past mdels.

The HJ60 introduced in 1982, which was the defining vehicle of the 60 Series range and features a sunroof, power mirrors, and five-speed transmission. It was meant to be a recreational model, marking the manufacturer’s split between commercial and recreational vehicles. In 1988, the series got additional upgrades to match with more modern trends, such as a striking new interior and square headlight lamps.

8. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series

If you want the comfiest ride in the Land Cruiser family the 70 series probably isn’t the best choice because this series is not meant for taking the easy roads in life. It is designed to have great off-road performance. But don’t worry; when you choose not to go on rough terrain, there’s plenty of room to relax and enjoy the ride.

The 70 series is the perfect proof that a good design will always stick around even after many years. The model was built on a long wheel-base and had coil springs instead of leaf springs. It also had more length behind the seats, which meant more space and comfort. It is also considered to be the model that had one of the best engines.

The 1HD-FTE 4.2 liters six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine was a marvel of those days and unlike any other engine that had been invented. This series includes the 76 4-door wagons: the 79 Cab Chassis and the 78 Troop carrier. The most recent is the 79 Series Double Cab which joined the series in 2012.

7. 2019 URJ200 Land Cruiser

2019 URJ200 Land Cruiser


For those who love a modern classic, the 2020 URJ200 Land Cruiser certainly makes an impression. The vehicle was meant to give drivers confidence and calmness. Most of all, it was meant to repay the loyalty of Toyota customers and give them a car they know they can count on.

The 200 Series boasts a 5.7-liter V8 engine with fuel injection, which provides you with 381 horsepower. The car is very luxurious but also very heavy at more than 580 pounds. The vehicle has a comfortable to use eight-speed transmission, and you will barely notice bumps as you drive over them. It can tackle rough terrains with ease and the best off-road vehicle.

It is a luxury SUV and includes powerful features such as USB ports, heated seats, and a steering wheel. This car is still relatively new and is great for people looking to get a pre-owned Land Cruiser.

6. 2004 UZJ100 Land Cruiser

2004 UZJ100 Land Cruiser

In 2004, the Land Cruiser UZJ100 made a big impression, and this car remains much beloved for its features and characteristic power. The 2004 UZJ100 has a more rounded appearance than some of its more boxier counterparts, but it still looks plenty ready to handle big things.

The 100 series was the first model that came with a V8 engine and an independent front suspension. It has a light steering that also feels connected and is easy to handle. Other features include a five-speed automatic transmission and traction control. You can’t even tell that it is an old SUV owing to its many powerful features.

5. 1977 FJ55 Land Cruiser

1977 FJ55 Land Cruiser

Nicknamed the “Iron Pig,” this is the vehicle for the dirt road. The model also shares the same 135 horsepower engine as the 40 and 60 series. It might not be fast, but it also comes with an accurate steering wheel that will get you anywhere you need. You can’t miss this vehicle’s distinctive appearance,

It is great for off-road driving and will not disappoint. If you love old Land Cruisers, this one will interest you with powerful features and a great look. It is also comfortable and ideal for long treks and adventures outdoors. When going on nature trails, this is a perfect Land Cruiser to take with you.

These vehicles can be hard to get your hands on because many owners hold on to them. While they deal with the same issues as many vehicles as they age, many of the parts can be feasibly replaced as needed to ensure this car can make memories for generations.

4. 1977 FJ40 Land Cruiser

Rugged and retro, there’s something so appealing about the 1977 FJ40 Land Cruiser. While we’ve already talked about the 40 series, but the1977 FJ40 deserves its own place on this list. It is great for off-road driving and will not disappoint because it was designed to be as durable as possible. Toyota focused on even the tiniest details so that the vehicle would smoothly for a long time to come.

If you love old Land Cruisers, this one will interest you with powerful features and a great look. It is also comfortable and ideal for long treks and adventures outdoors. When going on nature trails, this is a perfect Land Cruiser to take with you. It’s no wonder why this vehicle is still in demand among car lovers.

3. 1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser

1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser

If you’re looking for a quintessential 1980s Land Cruiser, look no further than the FJ70. Introducing this vehicle was a huge risk because Toyota was replacing their much-beloved 40 series. The company knew they had to get everything right to keep the momentum they had in the auto industry. Toyota was able to please the people by offering the usual features they loved in the 40 series while adding upgrades that brought the car into the modern world. Gone was the dated 40 series and here was the new generation of Land Cruisers.

The model takes inspiration from the 40 series by using a ladder frame chassis. The body had similarities, but the features were sharper and more purpose-driven. It features power windows, a moon roof, and power amenities. It also comes with sound insulation and complete internal upholstery. It has a 3F engine and 135 horsepower, and a four-speed manual transmission.

The car is a joy to drive and very comfortable on the inside. This model has many new features that were not present in previous models and is the ideal choice for outdoor traveling.

2. 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser

2019 Toyota Land Cruiser

One of the most impressive of the recent Toyota Land Cruiser models is the 2019 Land Cruiser. Toyota worked hard to create a luxury Land Cruiser that used high-quality materials and plenty of tech. the 2019 model makes a place on the list not because it was created to offer the best and to show that the Land Cruiser has always been in a league of its own.

A 5.7-liter V8 engine with 381 horsepower ensures that you are sailing smoothly on all kinds of terrain. The model features an SUV body style and an automatic selection that can also be changed to manual mode when you wish. It is a luxury vehicle that can seat eight people.

While there’s no doubt that this Land Cruiser has a lot to offer, many people don’t love some of its features like the huge price tag or poor fuel economy. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful car that did a great job maintaining the overall legacy of its predecessors.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

The Toyota Land Cruise 80 series has a distinctive look. Not only is it a wide car, but it’s also noticeably long. This model was introduced in March 1990, and it was loaded with new features and more power to enable a better off-roading experience and an overall experience that matched the power and style of other cars of its era.

With a full coil suspension, durability, and strength, the 80 series is the best land cruiser ever. The 1HZ diesel engine and the 1HD-T turbo-diesel engines debuted with this series. It is far more comfortable and sophisticated than any other Land Cruiser before it and managed to retain the toughness of its predecessors.

While the outward appearance of this car may very much look like the 90s era it came from, there’s no doubt that if you have one of these cars even today, you’re lucky to have it because many current models simply can’t compare. Production of this series ended in 1997, but you can still find this car being resoldlan.

The Legacy of Land Cruisers

Toyota has always been bringing out new Land Cruiser models, and each new model boasts of ever-powerful features. Better engine, transmission, and electronic components keep the Land Cruiser in high demand, especially for off-road use. The vehicle continues to add new features and follow the demand of drivers around the world who want to have a great experience no matter what their next adventure is.

The list above shows the best Land Cruisers of all time and what makes them the hallmarks of their time. While the newer models tend to be more powerful, many of the older models have lasted for decades, showing their incredible durability. Each make or model on this list has its own characteristics that make it stand out, but of course, only one could be chosen as the crowned winner.

With its off-roading prowess and 90s style, the 80 series has maintained the top position for its unique features and the fact that many of the vehicles in this series remain to this day. It is proof of timeless designs and engineering for rough terrains.

No matter how each individual car stands up in this list, the Land Cruisers have created a long legacy and millions of drivers around the world have had a chance to drive and love this long-standing vehicle. By the looks of things, the legacy will continue for many years longer.

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