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The 10 Best Ford Ranchero Models of All Time

Best Ford Ranchero Models

The Ford Ranchero is an iconic classic that was manufactured for seven generations. There were multiple variants of the Ranchero including the Ford Falcon Ranchero, The Ford Fairlane ranchero, and the Meteor Ranchero produced from 1957 through 1979. It was a coupe utility that offered the functions of a pickup truck with an open bed and the interior of an automobile. The unique design featured a range of submodels from sull sized to compact with a total of 508,355 units produced over its lifespan. Here are the 10 best Ford Ranchero models of all time for your consideration and enjoyment.

10. 1957 Ford Ranchero

1957 Ford Ranchero

The 1957 Ford Ranchero was released for sale to the public in December of 1956. This was the first in a line that would continue for a 22-year production run. It was marketed under the slogan "More than a Car, More than a Truck!" because of its dual-purpose design. The 1957 Ranchero was powered with a 223 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine or a choice of upgrades to a 272 or a 292 cubic inch OHV V8. It was also available in the Fairlane trim which featured two-tone paint.

9. 1959 Ford Ranchero

1959 Ford Ranchero

The 1959 model was the third model year with a new front fascia a larger bed and windshield and higher quality for the cabin materials. It also received the addition of a spare tire moved to the rear of the passenger seat. It was a small utility vehicle, however, the last sibling in the first generation of the Ranchero offered a larger cargo capacity than the half-ton Ford F-series model pickup truck. It became so popular that the Chevrolet competitor decided to release the El Camino for the sake of competition.

8. 1963 Ford Ranchero

1963 Ford Ranchero

Ford was faced with a boom in compact cars in light of the early '60s era recession. They responded in kind by shrinking the size of the 1963 Ford Falcon Ranchero and making it smaller and more economical. It was available in a 164/260 V8 engine for the model year with a choice of two and three-speed automatic transmissions and one three-speed manual. The smaller size was appreciated by buyers for this model year but the vehicle would grow in size after this production year, making it a significant model in the history of Ford that offers a reflection of the times and their economic impacts on the decision-making processes for vehicle design standards.

7. 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero

1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero

The 1967 Ford Fairlane Ranchero shared the same chassis as the 1966 Falcon and Fairlaine. This model was available in a 500 and XL variant with a few muscle options added. It came with a standard 1 70 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine that cranked 101 horsepower. A more powerful 200/289 range of engine options in a V8 along with a 315/390 mated with either a 30speed automatic or 3-speed manual transmission with dual circuit brakes.

6. 1969 Ford Ranchero GT 428 Cobra Jet

1969 Ford Ranchero GT 428 Cobra Jet

The GT 428 Cobra Jet Ranchero for 1969 is now considered to be a rare and collectible vehicle in the Ranchero line. Only 1,658 of these vehicles were ever built for the 1969 model year with a range of engine options. The 428 Cobra Jet ram air was a special engine that was mated with a four-speed transmission. It also came with a SportsRoof or a hardtop option. Only 80 of this specific submodel was made in 1969, with others lacking the sunroof and the 428 engine. This special edition offered the addition of air conditioning, power front disc brakes, rally wheels, a vinyl top, hood scoop, and bucket seats.

5. 1970 Ford Ranchero GT

1970 Ford Ranchero GT

The 1970 Ford Ranchero GT was offered with a curved grille and a 150 horsepower 250 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine. It offered a range of engine upgrades to a V8 including the 220/302, 250/351, 290/351, 265/390, 335/428, or the 360/428 Cobra Jet V8. This year 2 new engines became available as the 429 Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet Ram-air in a 360 or 375 horsepower output. They came with shaker hood scoops. The Ranchero GT was also offered in a choice of a Squire model with woodgrain sides and hideaway headlights if you didn't mind paying extra.

4. 1972 Ford Ranchero

1972 Ford Ranchero

1972 was a year of change for the Ranchero. It received a major update in the styling with a new oval-shaped grille and a more sculptured design. The standard Ranchero model became the 500, with options for upgrades to the Squire or the GT variants. Although the engines were not as powerful as their predecessors, the Cobra Jet GT satisfied those who required additional power.

3. 1976 Ford Ranchero

1976 Ford Ranchero

The 1976 edition of the Ford Ranchero was the last production year that the vehicle was based upon the Torino. This gives the 1976 model a special place in the history of the model line. This was the year that Ford Discontinued the Torino. The new Ranchero received an LTD II frame with a 220-inch wheelbase with an extra 3-foot front overhand. The headlights were stacked for this year with an emphasis on luxury over performance unless you wanted to go for the GT model with higher performance. It was offered with a choice of engines including a 302-V8, a 150/351 V8, or a 173/400 V8.

2. 1977 Ford Ranchero GT Brougham

1977 Ford Ranchero GT Brougham

The GT Brougham version of the 1977 Ford Ranchero is a rare vehicle if you can find one in good condition these days. This was the beginning of the last generation of the Ranchero. The GT Brougham was the top of the line when it came to luxury for the model. It was available in a choice of engine sizes ranging from 135 horsepower to 173 horsepower in various V8 configurations.

1. 1979 Ford Ranchero

1979 Ford Ranchero

The 1979 Ford Ranchero was the last of the seventh generation that enjoyed a long and prosperous 22-year production run. Ford ended the model with a good year. The 1979 final edition was powered with a 5.8-liter cast-iron block and head engine that generated 151 horsepower with 270 ft-lbs of torque, paired with a 4-speed manual or automatic transmission. A total of 1,835,937 Rancheros were produced for 1979.

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