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How Much is a Classic Ford Fairlane Worth?

The Ford Fairlane was built by Ford Motors and sold in North America between 1955 and 1970. The model was offered in a variety of classes throughout its four-generation life. It is now considered to be a classic collectible vehicle. How much is a classic Ford Fairlane worth in today's market?

That depends on a few different factors such as the year, its condition, and the rarity of the vehicle. We've prepared a mini-guide to give you an idea of the value of the Ford Fairline with a few resources for determining the values of this beloved American classic on the collectibles market.

History of the Ford Fairlane

The Ford Fairlane was named after the estate of Henry Ford, which was called Fair Lane not far from Dearborn, Michigan where some of the vehicles were built. According to Wikipedia, the first Fairlanes were offered in a full-size class from 1955 through 1961.

The vehicle design evolved to become a mid-size and more economical version from 1962 through 1970. It was available in a range of body styles which included a 2-door hardtop, a 2-door convertible a 2-door sedan, a 4-door sedan, a 4-door hardtop, and a 4-door station wagon. The car was also offered in Australia as a large car for that market. It appeared in 1955 as the successor of the Ford Crestline.

How much is a Ford Fairlane worth?

According to Hot Cars, some collectible classic Fairlanes are surprisingly affordable. There are first-generation Fairlanes that can be found for a reasonable price in restored and good condition.

A 1962 Ford Fairlane in good condition runs between $8000 to $12,000 in the current market. If you're looking for a Fairlane to restore, quite a few of them pop up in junkyards. The restoration costs are fairly reasonable compared to some other vehicles.

What is the cost of the most valuable Ford Fairlane classics?

A fully restored Ford Fairlane 500 is among the most valuable models because of its rarity. This model has gone for as high as $20,000 to even $25,000, depending on the condition. It's a car that can also be found for much less if you're looking for a classic to restore.

There are still quite a few of them out there in junkyards and as barn finds in a variety of conditions. If you're really ambitious and looking for a high-value Ford Fairlane there are a few hot rod projects and drag racers that fetch the highest prices for this classic car.

You won't find many out there but the Fairlane 500 that has been fully cherried out into a hot rod can go for as much s $50,000 and even more to the right buyer, and depending on what kind of customizations are made under the hood.

Where to find a classic Ford Fairlane

If you're looking for a restoration project, one of the best places to look is in your local junkyard. You can usually pick up an old classic Fairlane that has been parted out for years if you're looking for a ground-up restoration project. If you're not quite that ambitious and want to start with a complete vehicle, a good site to check is Auto Trader.

1959 Ford Fairlane 500 

This model year runs from between $10,500 to $18,975 on the market today when in fully restored and rust-free condition. This was a popular model for use as a police vehicle.

1960 Ford Fairlane 500

A 1960 Ford Fairlane 500 in fully restored condition, used as a police car, complete with the light bar goes for an asking price of $14,975.

1957 Ford Fairlane Convertible

An example of a beautiful fully restored 1957 model is valued at $34,995 with a new engine that has 1 mile registered on the odometer. The top folds down to allow you to enjoy the cool breeze blowing through your hair on a warm summer evening. This vehicle is pristine and has no flaws or defects, to give you an idea of what this model goes for when restored to mint condition with few to no miles driven. A 1955 Fairlane with a little over 93,000 miles is offered for $50,000.

1964 Ford Fairlane - $149,900 

If you're wondering how valuable a Ford Fairlane can be, we found an example that goes for a whopping $149,500. This rare and valuable example was built from the ground up from an Arizona body that was 100 percent free of rust.

It's the result of the collaboration of Thunderbolt experts with every component certified to be correct and not reproduction parts. The restoration was performed with every part that would have been manufactured at the Dearborn Steel Tubing in the year of its production.

It also includes correct Thunderbolt traction bars seats, driveshaft loop, exhaust, battery, and an undercarriage finished in white as the 1964 models were. It's equipped with a 427 ci side oiler with a 40speed transmission, again, all as they would have been made in 1964.

You cannot come any closer to a mint Fairlane in pristine condition than this example, and it has made the car one of the most valuable on the market today.

Final thoughts

The Ford Fairlane is a collectible vehicle that can range in price from $8,000 all the way up o a high of just under $150,000. If you love project cars, it's a lot of fun to scout around for the correct components to complete a full restoration.

They're fun and relatively inexpensive to restore, but when you're finished, you may end up with a vehicle that is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the year and variant that you restore.

The Ford Fairlane has become one of the more affordable project cars for collectors and classic car hobbyists but if you want to buy one in mint condition, you're likely to pay a steep price.

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