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The 10 Best Ford Falcon Models of All-Time

Best Ford Falcon Models

The Ford Falcon is an iconic vehicle, produced by the Ford motor company from 1959 through 1970. It made history by becoming the first compact car manufactured by the company. It was the third major line of cars that Ford produced. The Falcon was a smaller version of Ford's full-sized Galaxie. If you're a fan of the Falcon, here are the 10 best models ever produced.

10. 1960 Ford Falcon

1960 Ford Falcon

The 1960 Ford Falcon was sold near the end of 1959 as a 1960 model year. It became one of Ford's best-selling vehicles because of its small size. The car was also light and it was economical. Sales of the 1960 Falcon soared above those of General Motors and Chrysler's compacts making this one of the most popular compacts of its era. It was available in a choice of body styles including a 2 door sedan, a 2 door hardtop, and a 4 door sedan.

9. 1961 Ford Falcon DeLuxe

1961 Ford Falcon DeLuxe

Now a collector's dream, the 1961 Ford Falcon Deluxe was powered by a 144 cubic inch inline-six engine. The car was about a thousand pounds lighter than the full-sized Fords produced at that time. It was offered with an optional two-speed automatic transmission unless you preferred a manual. The Deluxe was the Falcon dressed up in a special package that came with ashtrays in the armrest of each rear-seat armrest, a limited-slip differential, dual outside mirrors a radio, and extra chrome trim.

8. 1962 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon

1962 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon

The 1962 Ford Falcon Squire Wagon featured a simple design but it did offer families a comfortable ride with plenty of room for its still compact size. On the exterior, it was available in a range of colors with a trim package offering a wood panel for looks. It came with a massive chrome grille, two large headlamps, and a thick chrome bumper. The back bumper was the same design as the front. This wagon was made with a larger glasshouse and came with a convenient tailgate feature along with a luggage rack on the roof for making family trips.

7. 1962 Ford Falcon Futura

1962 Ford Falcon Futura for sale on BaT Auctions - closed on August 4, 2017 (Lot #5,301) | Bring a Trailer

The 1962 Ford Falcon Futura came out with a midyear edition that offered an optional 4-speed transmission as well as the standard 3-speed. The Futura 2-door sedan model was offered from 1961 through 1963. This version was classified as a mid-size/large family car sedan. It w powered with a 144.3 cubic inch 4-stroke engine that generated 85 horsepower.

6. 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

The Falcon Sprint was a mid-year vehicle often referred to as the 1963.5-year model. This was a unique Falcon variant that had a bit of fun built into it. The Sprint package a few features into the Sprint that made it more fun to drive. In 1963, it was available with a V8 engine that gave it more pep and overall better performance. A hardtop that had a sportier look was offered. The 164 horsepower Challenger engine gave it more power, which was a good selling point for the model. The Sprint gave buyers more options and it was a nice addition, although the trim wasn't offered for more than a few years.

5. 1964 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

1964 Ford Falcon Station Wagon

The 1964 Ford Falcon Station wagon was one of the most affordable station wagons on the market 1964. The starting price was just $2,315. One of the drawbacks was the two-door design that made it hard to access the back. It was also offered in a four-door version. A total of 6,034 of them were built. This wasn't a fast vehicle but it was a modernized version of the Falcon which was still a fairly new model at the time.

4. 1965 Ford Falcon Futura

1965 Ford Falcon Futura

The 1965 Ford Falcon Futura was available in a peppy inline 6 cylinder that topped out at 70 mph. It's a cool collectible that is ideal for cruising downtown or as a commuter car. It was also available with a 289 V8 engine and automatic transmission. The convertible model is great for cruising down the road with the top down on warm summer evenings.

3. 1966 Ford Falcon

1966 Ford Falcon

The 1966 Ford Falcon received a redesign. The body was restyled to look more like a Mustang, giving it a sportier aesthetic that was appealing to driers who liked the look of a muscle car. 1966 kicked off the third generation of the Ford Falcon and it brought with it some necessary updates including a heater and defroster that were thrown in as standard options.

2. 1967 Ford Falcon GT

The original Aussie muscle car: 1967 Ford Falcon XR GT — The Motorhood

The GT variant of the Ford Falcon was destined to become a legend in Australia. It was only offered in a 2 door version at first. It came out with a special paint job called the GT Gold, matched with charcoal interiors. It was designed as a sporty version featuring ZA Fairlane bucket seats, new instrumentation, a steering wheel, gear knob, and dash that all matched with wood grain, and more. It was offered with a Mustang 289 V8 engine with a 40speed manual transmission and sports suspension.

1. 1970 Ford Falcon GT

1970 Ford Falcon GT

1970 was the last production year for the Ford Falcon in the North American market. It continued to be manufactured in Australia beyond this time. Today, the 1970 Falcon GT is one of the most highly desired collectible vehicles. In Australia, it was one of the most respected performance cars in the muscle category. It was the first Falcon to be built with a center air scoop that was fully exposed. It was nicknamed the XY Shaker because of this unique design for the air intake. The front and rear spoilers gave it an extra sporty appeal. It was powered by a Cleveland 351 engine and remains one of the most iconic collectibles in the history of the Ford Falcon line.

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