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Remembering the 1995 Ford F-250 XLT SuperCab

1995 Ford F-250 XLT SuperCab

The 1995 Ford F-250 XLT SuperCab is a pickup recognizable for its two-tone Royal Blue and Light Opal over Opal Gray cloth upholstery. Other notable features of the pickup include an eight-foot bed, dual fuel tanks, towing mirrors, a trailer hitch, power windows and locks, and an aftermarket CD stereo. This pickup was part of the ninth generation of the F-series produced between 1992 and 1998. The generation was the last to use the same chassis for all its pickup trucks and retain the popular square body introduced in 1980. What made this pickup stand out from previous Ford pickups was its 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine. Previous models used indirect-injection engines, but this car’s engine used direct injection to combust fuel. There is a lot more to be said of this classic pickup, and below are some technical details of the model.

7.3-Liter Power Stroke V8 Diesel Engine

This engine was more successful than its predecessors due to its simplicity. Since it is a huge engine, it can work for thousands of miles without encountering any problems. Due to its ability to run for long, it was initially made specifically for medium-duty trucks. When the engine was introduced for this car, Ford only made a few changes to it. A major reason why this engine is durable is the materials used to make it. The engine uses a cast-iron block and a cast-iron cylinder head. According to Auto Truck Service, cast iron can withstand high internal pressures without getting damaged. Besides durability, cast iron delivers more horsepower than aluminum, a popular material for new cars.

Direct Injection

Direct injection is a system of injecting fuel into the engine cylinder without a carburetor. It injects fuel through hydraulic electric unit injectors (HEUI injectors), which comprise a high-pressure oil pump and a low-pressure fuel lift pump. When direct injection was introduced for this car, it was highly advanced for its time. The system is the reason for the engine’s high power. According to Car and Driver, the system enables the engine to deliver 210 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. Compared to the previous models, the system increased horsepower by 40 and torque by 87. Besides generating high power, it is good for fuel economy. According to Natural Resources Canada, the system lowers fuel consumption by 1 to 3%. The reason for the low fuel consumption is due to the precision of the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder and the timing of the injection.

Rear-Wheel Drive System

Rear-wheel drive is a transmission system that powers only the back wheels. The back wheels then propel the car forward. Most people would wonder whether rear-wheel drive is an advantageous drive type, but there are some benefits you should know about it. This system is great in terms of handling. Since the engine does not power the front wheels, they can freely move in any direction you want. So, the front wheels control steering while the back wheels provide power. Another reason for its exemplary handling is the way it balances the drivetrain’s weight over the entire car. Due to the stable balance, the driver can turn in sharp bends without losing control. Another merit of rear-wheel drive is its powerful acceleration. Rapid acceleration occurs when the car’s weight is shifted to the rear section. Due to the extra weight of the rear, more traction is generated within the wheels, which consequently leads to fast accelerations.

Cruise Control

Cruise control allows a driver to maintain a selected constant speed without using the accelerator pedal. The feature is powered through the touch of a button. This technology was specifically designed to curb foot fatigue. Foot fatigue occurs when you continually step on the accelerator pedal and take your foot off it. Since you are driving, you cannot afford to drive when you are tired. This car’s cruise control mechanism uses an actuator to control the throttle. The throttle is what maintains the set speed instead of the driver. Cruise control is connected to the accelerator through a cable to maintain the gas pedal in a certain position to drive at your pre-set speed. Besides reducing fatigue, it significantly lowers fuel consumption. According to Motor Trend, it consumes 20% less fuel if set at 80 kph every 18 seconds. Since it is driving at a certain speed, it will not use fuel to accelerate since acceleration tends to consume a lot of gas. As exciting as the feature is, you must know when to use it. For instance, you cannot use it on wet surfaces. That is because the feature causes the wheels to lose traction by spinning faster. Additionally, it is not an autopilot feature since it cannot steer or brake. So, you cannot activate it and go to sleep.


This model’s wheelbase is 155 inches long. According to The Vehicle Lab, the average wheelbase of a full-sized car is 113-114 inches, making this car’s wheelbase very long. There are certain advantages of cars with long wheelbases. Cars with long wheelbases are more spacious than those with short wheelbases. The spaciousness is due to the long distance between the front and rear axles. As a result, there is more legroom and rear-seat space. This car is therefore ideal for tall people. Additionally, long wheelbases provide smoother and more comfortable rides. This is due to the long time it takes for the front and rear wheels to strike a bump. The length of the time is again due to the long distances between the front and rear axles. That means you can drive over bumps without jumping out of your seat.


It is easy to ignore the 1995 Ford F-250 XLT SuperCab model due to its old age, but it is one of the most powerful vehicles. Its massive power is due to the engine type and method of combusting fuel. The type of engine and engine system the car uses is very popular among many cars today. Besides delivering high power, it is also efficient in terms of fuel economy. We saw this when we discussed its cruise control feature and direct injection.

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