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A Closer Look at Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck

Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck

Canoo plans to roll out the Snub-nosed Pickup, an American-built, pod-like electric pickup truck, in 2023 or later. This follows the footsteps of various rivals also getting into the popular segment of the U.S. automotive market. Canoo is a California-based electric automotive startup established in 2017 and was formerly envisioning operating with a car subscription model, later shifting to commercial sales. Let’s take a closer look at Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck and what makes it different.


The Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck definitely does not look like any other model in the market, courtesy of its rounded shape, snub nose design, and a variety of unique features that keep it unique from the increasing population. According to the Canoo Executive Chairman Tony Aquila, this is a special truck like no other you have seen. It is around the size of a Ford Ranger, can take the cargo of a standard pickup, and has a rotating radius of a Prius.

Features of the Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck

  • The Canoo pickup comes with a range of features specifically intended for truck users. These features include;
  • A pull-out bed extension that adds 2 feet to the 6-foot bed.
  • Flip-down side tables with adjacent exportable power sources.
  • A foldaway worktable is integrated into the front end with a large cargo storage area behind it.
  • A sectional bed design with dividers.
  • A hidden side step with extra storage and entree to the truck bed.
  • A modular truck bed that can be elongated from 6 to 8 feet in length by drawing out the extension at the rear, including corresponding space dividers that help you organize things.

The cab has built-in versatility that features two front and rear seats that can be organized for several uses or filled with extra seats. The truck and cabbed also accommodate camper shells; therefore, the Pickup can be well-adapted for mobile housing during recreational trips.

A Truck for People on The Move

The company’s CEO claims that this pickup truck is as robust as the roughest trucks in the market and is precisely designed to be exponentially more industrious. The truck has accessories for people that use the truck on the weekends, jobs, and adventure. According to the Los-Angeles based company, this Canoo feature has been partially enabled by the truck’s engineering that packs the electric technology required to power the vehicle into a significantly tight space. The truck has been engineered based on the Multi-Purpose Platform (MPPI) that the company uses across its automobiles.

Canoo states that it integrates all the electric powertrain mechanisms proficiently and flatly, creating additional room for other purposes. The company says that the traditional EV platforms have shock towers, power units, and mechanical steering columns that extend into the car, taking up a large space. This Canoo truck incorporates space-saving technologies, including; steer-by-wire resulting in a flatbed size full powertrain and motor, a compact car. Other cabin features ideal for people on the move include; a configurable pegboard for cupholders, device and acks connections, and a wide-angle viewing windscreen, device, and racks connections. The Canoo truck will also come with a slide-in camper pod and roof basket with off-road lighting for an escapade. You just won’t expect to tour a lot far into the jungle as the Pickup has an estimated range of 200 miles per charge. However, the company’s CEO expects the driving range will be 300 miles or higher by the time the truck launches the pickup truck.

The Canoo Pickup Truck Specs

The whole pickup truck measures only 184 inches from the tailgate to the nose. The bed is around 21 inches deep and 72 inches long. This vehicle has been constructed on the same podium as the company’s forthcoming line of electric vans and comes with the same length as Toyota Rav4. The maximum power for the wheel drive is planned to be at 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque which will make it one of the most powerful Pickup trucks on the market today. Although Canoo is yet to release a tow rating, they claim it can carry a payload of up to 1800 pounds. This is courtesy of a 30-inch extension that turns the barn door tailgate and bed floor extension into more space for conveying.

Exterior On Canoo Pickup Truck

This Canoo truck EV pickup is particularly fascinating for its modularity and design, even though it is a bit smaller than the F-150 BEV. Therefore, this Pickup is much of a competitor for the mid-size Rivian RIT or as an electric alternative to the Ford Ranger. Other Pickup features include; integrated skid plates, tow hooks, and fog lights on the bumpers. It has no logo on the outside, with the Canoo’s signature taillights and headlights being the identifier of the brand.

Interior On Canoo Pickup Truck

On the interior, the Canoo’s Snub-Nosed Pickup Truck features environmentally friendly material choices with segments of transparency to display the usually hidden engineering components. The floor material is made from recycled rubber and car tires, while the headliner fabric has been manufactured from recycled PET bottles. The seats are furnished in a durable and robust alternative to leather. The pickup interior displayed in the video shows that the Pickup fits two people. However, Aquila says it can be adapted for a three-person setup. The information such as battery and speed levels are displayed on a widescreen below the windshield. The cab-forward design, and its meaty tires and wheels measuring 265 60r18, resemble Robinson’s family space van from Lost of Space. It even has a rectangular steering wheel that is purely scientific.


The company has yet to announce the truck’s pricing, but the correspondingly sized commercial van Canoo plans to sell next year at $33,000. Before the time the Pickup gets into production, it will have a lot of competition from Rivian R1T, Lordstown Endurance, GMC HUMMER EV, electric Ford F-150, and Tesla Cybertruck which have been scheduled to enter the market by 2022.

Final Take Away

This is a unique EV from the Canoo for its sleek design and great space utilization. This is one of the first vehicles that has been designed by Canoo that sets out not just to electrify the classic pickup truck but also enhance the ways the model could assist users in their weekend trips or work. The Canoo truck is available for pre-order starting in the second quarter of 2021, but the production has not been slated to kick off until 2023.

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