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Which Boston Whaler Conquest Model is Right For You?

Boston Whaler Conquest

The Boston Whaler Conquest is a model that is designed to inspire confidence in the pilot. It's been termed an "unsinkable" boat. There are quite a few reasons why the Conquest is so popular. The safety features, quality of construction, and the sleek and deep V-hull are just a few. The Conquest is an award-winning marine design that combines the rugged toughness of a sports fishing craft with the luxury and comfort features that avid cruisers demand, in one amazing boat. Since its release, this family of Boston Whaler boats have been among the most desired boats on the market. Each model within the line has a lot to offer, but there are subtle differences that set them apart. Here are some suggestions that might help you to find the best Boston Whaler Conquest model for your situation and lifestyle.

285 Conquest

The 285 is an excellent choice if you need room for up to 12 people aboard the craft. The boat measures 27 feet and 10 inches in length and the layout maximizes the available space to create a roomy experience for ease in walking from one part of the boat to another without feeling cramped. It's packed with luxury features and amenities for those who enjoy day cruising. You can also take overnight trips with comfortable sleeping accommodations. It's an all-weather craft with an optional sunshade for the aft cockpit and a cabinet with a dinette, a forward V-berth and a double berth at Mid cabin, a private head and a deluxe galley. There's plenty of storage in the overhead rod racks in the cabin. Seating is ample and comfortable above deck with plenty of room to walk around. It comes with a cooler/seat and a live well for fishing excursions. You can choose among three hardtop options for the 285. When it comes to performance, it's rated as being very good. The recommended engine is a 500 horsepower with a maximum weight not over 1,400 pounds.

285 Conquest Pilothouse

A variant of the 285 Conquest is the Pilothouse. This boat offers all of the amenities of the standard version with some impressive upgrades. All of the rails are made of welded high-quality 316L stainless steel with all hardware made of the same material. There is a shower in the cockpit, a telescoping covered swim ladder made of stainless steel and a grab rail, 8 drink holders, 4 gunnel mounted stainless steel rod holders and a heavy-duty rub rail.there are 3 more stainless steel rod holders mounted at the transom, a welded stainless steel bow rail, 4 rod holders at the cockpit, and a deck table at the helm. Other features include a hard top, pilothouse bulkhead, integrated windshield, locking door with a window that opens, fully enclosed windshield system with tempered glass and a vent system. a windshield wash system with wipers, and tons of other luxury features. This is a boat that is recommended for luxurious sports fishing or party cruises.

14-person conquest models (The 325)

If you need a boat that offers luxury accommodations with a rugged design that can hold up well under adverse water conditions, the Conquest is built for safety and dependability. The next step up from the 285 is the 325. The length of this boat is 32 feet and 3 inches with a maximum capacity of 14 adult passengers. The maximum horsepower for the engine is higher than the 285 at 800 hp. This increases the performance capacity of the larger boat. It's suitable for making overnight trips with room to sleep guests in the comfortable luxury stateroom and cabin beds. It's fully equipped with everything you need for meal preparation, showering and changing clothes, and for lounging in comfort on the deck above. The seating is ample and comfortable with plenty of room for walking around deck. A pilothouse version of this boat is also available with several upgrade options for entertainment, fishing packages, and luxury trimmings such as teak wood options.

Conquest 345

The 345 takes another step up in size with a length of 35 feet and 11 inches. This craft like the 325, also accommodates up to 14 adults. There are a few design modifications but in it comes with all of the features of the smaller version with a bump in maximum horsepower to 1,200 for even higher performance on the water. This model is ideal for overnight trips, cruises, parties, and fishing. You can order it with special fishing or teak wood packages and a variety of luxury upgrades including a larger cooler/seat, entertainment systems and more.The 345 is also available in the pilothouse version.

Conquest 405

The 405 is dubbed the "SUV of the Sea." This versatile watercraft is intended for larger groups with a capacity of up to 20 adults. It's the ultimate party craft and perfect for day or overnight cruises. The base model is loaded with special features and amenities, but you can customize it by adding yet more. It's also great for larger groups of sports fishers and can be fully rigged with a special fishing package. The length of this Conquest is 41 feet and 4 inches with the same roomy walk around layout. There is ample seating and places for dining and al fresco snacks. The sleeping accommodations are designed for the ultimate in comfort. This highly functional watercraft is prized for its versatility and safety. It's been referred to as an unsinkable boat that builds pilot confidence. The minimum horsepower for the engine is 1,200 with a higher maximum of 1,881 for excellent performance even when fully loaded.


The Conquest family of Boston Whaler Boats all maintain the DNA of the line, in a variety of different sizes. When ordered new these boats are customizable, but you can also add more after the purchase is complete with readily available upgrade packages. They're expensive, but they hold their value for years to come if properly maintained. There is a conquest boat for most lifestyles, and if budget is a concern, there are still plenty of older Conquests in used but excellent condition up for sale.

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