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Is a Boston Whaler Really Unsinkable?

Boston Whaler

Boston Whalers are boats that have a reputation for being unsinkable. It's their motto for advertising, but does this accurately describe them? Is a Boston Whaler really unsinkable? The brand further claims that their boat building team renders superior workmanship that makes them the best choice for safety and dependability. We were intrigued with the claim and really wanted to know so we looked into the claim to learn everything we could to determine if it is really true. Here is what we learned.

Why are Boston Whaler boats claimed to be unsinkable?

The construction of Boston Whaler boats has a lot to do with their claim to be unsinkable. The materials and the design make them extremely buoyant, but there is much more to the legend of their unsinkable character. To fully understand why these boats are called "unsinkable," you must go back in time when Boston Whaler took steps to prove that this claim was true. In the 1960s, Life magazine ran an ad that showed a Boston Whaler in the water. The 13 ft. craft is sewn in half through the hull. A crosscut saw was used to perform the demonstration. The boat remained afloat and the stern portion was used to tow the bow to the shore.

How the construction makes the Boston Whaler unsinkable

Boston Whaler boats are made with a special foam core construction. The foam keeps them afloat even when the boat is sewn in half and takes on water. These boats also remain floating when the completely fill with water and become swamped. When you read the advertisement that claims that Boston Whaler boats are unsinkable, the statement is absolutely true.

Are Boston Whaler boats the only unsinkable kind?

Boston Whalers were the first to make the claim and to prove its legitimacy. That's why they're referred to as being legendary. The brand enjoyed its heyday being the first, but this would not last. Since this technology was developed it became a law in the United States that all boat manufacturers must design their water craft under 20 feet in length with positive flotation. this means that they will still float even if totally swamped.

A closer look at the materials

The material that creates the attribute of positive flotation is a closed cell foam. There are other non-permeable materials but this is the most common. Manufacturers must comply with Coast Guard requirements for legal sale of their boats less than 20 feet, but Boston Whaler took this a step higher. They claim to exceed the requirements of the Coast Guard to maintain a superior status. Although Boston Whaler isn't the only boat builder to use this technology they were the first to prove it is unsinkable.

What sets Boston Whaler boats apart from other brands?

Part of the attraction to the Boston Whaler brand is the company's longstanding reputation. Boston Whaler truly has become a legend within the boat manufacturing industry because of its innovative technology. The brand rises to meet the expectations and the demand of boaters with new and improved models on a continual basis. This has been a legacy and a constant within Boston Whaler boat builders. They're known for providing the safest boats that are easy to own and packed with amazing amenities along with a solid warranty and a solid track record for durability. Boston Whalers are designed for ease of use as well as for passenger comfort with specially crafted hulls and shapes that direct the water spray away from the boat for a dryer cruise down the river.

Boston Whaler is responsive

The company has remained responsive to changing trends and preferences of its consumer base. This is another attribute that makes it such a beloved brand. As the regulations for piloting water craft change and the pool of boaters becomes more diverse, Boston Whaler complies with these needs and requirements with new designs and features. The boats are known for their dependability and all models are customizable with a variety of add on features to tailor the craft to personal needs and desires.

Hand crafted and award winning

Each Boston Whaler boat manufactured is hand crafted and inspected to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements as set forth by the brand. All the passion and care that goes into the making of each boat has earned the company a great deal of recognition and awards.

Here are just a few examples of the awards received:

NMMA Customer Satisfaction Index Awards from 2004 through 2019, for 16 consecutive years, it has won in the Fiberglass Outboard Boats category. Marine Marketers of America Awards for Best Single Page Advertisement, Core Confidence, Best Brand Promotional Video, Best Website, Best Digital Newsletter, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Online Advertising Campaign, Boating Industry's Top 100 Dealers List for 16 spots in 2011 and 12 spots in 2016, Volusia Manufacturer's Association Award in 2015 with the Lou Fifer Manufacturer of the Year Award, Brunswick Chairman's Safety Award in 2014, and Enterprise Florida's Job Creator Award in 2015.


When we conducted our research on Boston Whaler to find out if their claim for being "unsinkable" was true, we got a lot more than we bargained for. In the more than 60 years that the company has been in business it has exceeded the regulations and the expectations with high quality, dependable and unsinkable boats. There is no doubt that the boats are unsinkable, and others have followed after the example. In order to keep an edge on the competition, Boston Whaler continues to reach new heights of innovation in design and special features that makes these boats among the most dependable and highly desired on the water today. The brand truly has become a legend with a legacy of high-quality craftsmanship, award winning habits and products, and a steady vision towards the future.

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