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Check Out the $500,000 Maverick GT Jet Rib and Energy Platform

500,000 Maverick GT Jet Rib and Energy Platform

As the world becomes more aware of the carbon footprint that fossil fuels leave behind, technological advancements are being made towards more eco-friendly products. The Maverick GT Jet Rib and Energy Platform is the latest innovation set to debut during the Art Basel in Miami Beach; the event will run from December 2 to December 4, 2021. As you eagerly wait for its unveiling, you can learn more about this watercraft from the details below.

Designed to Be More Eco-Friendly

Mavericks surf competition has been running since 1999. However, the 2019-20 season became the fourth season in a row to cancel the event. Between 2016 and 1999, the competition had only been held ten times, with the cancellation being blamed on the lack of huge swells, right weather, and light winds needed. Titan of Mavericks is a big wave surfing event held at Half Moon Bay; it is usually a one-day and invitation-only competition, and because of it, the Maverick GT Jet RIB and Energy Platform will exist. Axel Halvorssen and Nick Sell came up with the idea to make the Maverick GT Jet Rib and Energy Platform two years ago during a contest at Mavericks. The two business partners sat with other big wave surfers to discuss developing an eco-friendly electric jet ski. As the article further enlightens us, through the brainstorming session, they all discovered that the electric ski was not only what they needed and desired, but it was also possible to achieve it. All that remained was bringing the concept into reality. Besides not leaving a carbon footprint and running so silently not to disturb marine life, Sell also wanted a jet ski that could not be eaten. According to Yahoo, Sell explained that she aspired for the Mavericks GT to be among the Seven Wonders of the World for surfers. The entrepreneur added that since big wave surfers rely on jet skis to tow them to big waves and be rescued whenever things go wrong, Sell was interested in developing a personal watercraft that would serve as a tow-in vehicle for big surf spots.

Details of the Maverick GT Jet Rib and Energy Platform

Only the best designer would transform Sell’s idea into a reality hence J. David Weiss was hired. He prides himself on being the Designer of Things, Thoughts + Yachts on his LinkedIn profile, where he is already teasing the arrival of the jet ski on December 3, 2021. The superyacht designer made the jet ski’s body from carbon fiber. He said that he made it longer and with a more deeper-V than your average jet ski to cut through the waves than other vessels available in the market. Furthermore, the length gives the jet ski a larger swim platform for surfers and provides adequate space to accommodate a 100-kWh modular battery. The batteries can be swapped in and out to facilitate the use of the jet ski for longer. They are almost the same size as what you will find in Tesla model 3 and can recharge up to 80% in 45 minutes. It will have a digital display, fly-by-wire steering, and cinema mode to record surfing or fishing sessions. The watercraft will come in three versions: the fishing version, the tow-in version for hauling surfers, and the party version with eight seats. It will slide in a RIB section being designed by T3MP3ST to transform the jet ski into a stylish boat. The Maverick GT will also have two seats. It can navigate waves as high as 100 feet and go at a top speed of 70+ mph over a range of 50 to 100 miles. It has twin 25-hp motors and a 350-hp 3D-printed electric engine. Sell refers to it as the smallest yacht in the world. She built it to solve personal problems, but you can snatch it for yourself. The jet ski goes for $150,000, and if you want the full RIB package, you will have to part with $500,000. You do not even have to be a surfer to go for the watercraft; you might be interested in the batteries, which Sell says can be used off-water for emergencies running cars, homes, or even trailers. The Jet RIB can power a home for a week of typical use. When used only in emergencies, it can last for a month and when combined with solar panels, it can last forever.

Sell’s Passion for Surfing May Have Fueled the Innovation

Sell is one of the first professional female snowboarders, therefore, relates to the plights encountered in surfing and snowboarding. She became the person behind pushing women interested in big wave surfing to showcase their talents. As per the article, Wickr, Sell’s company, was the first to look at big-wave women surfers. She did it in “Mission Impossible” style by sending female big wave surfers a self-destructive message. Sell used a mini iPad to upload a message in which she wore dark sunglasses ̶ her signature look to avoid a digital footprint. She told the recipients she wanted them on the first wave of big waves surfing competition for women. The recipients had two days to accept the mission, after which the message would self-destruct. Fifteen women accepted the challenge, becoming the first to surf at Mavericks. The women posted videos of their best surfing sessions, daily lives, and training regimes on GoPro cameras that Wickr provided. Some women won awards, but they all shared the $55,000 prize money, which Sell bragged was $5,000 more than the 2014 Maverick invitational event and the largest ever for a women’s event. The entrepreneur said it meant a lot to her that it was the first time in history for women to be paid more than men in a sporting event. It is, therefore, no surprise that when conceptualizing the Maverick GT Jet RIB and energy Platform, Sell had to include big wave surfers. She listened to their input to make the ideal personal watercraft.

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