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Why ClimaCell Could be a Game Changer in Weather Forecasting


ClimaCell shows great promise for being a game changer when it comes to delivery of weather forecasts. The American tech business offers several innovations which provide multiple benefits though their approach to predicting the weather that has the potential to disrupt several industries including transportation, sports and city government. They've only been around for a couple of years but ClimaCell is already starting to cause a major stir. If you're hearing about them for the first time then you're in the right place to learn how they may well have a profound impact upon the world in the very near future.

What is ClimaCell?

ClimaCell is a company that specializes in weather prediction, but they do so in a very unique manner. They use old wireless communication networks and turn these networks into weather sensors. It's actually an ingenious plan that re-uses old networks and makes them useful once again. In the spring of 2017, they launched their new product that is called the HyperCast dashboard. The company is moving ahead with advanced weather forecasting. The founder of ClimaCell is Shimon Elkabetz, a 30 year old former member of the Israeli air force. He encountered weather experiences when flying that were nearly fatal. He relocated to the United States and entered the Harvard Business School and began work on ClimaCell in an attempt to develop an advanced weather forecasting system that would deliver more accurate predictions. With ClimaCell, weather can be better tracked through meteorological signals sent through wireless as well as communications networks which work in conjunction with the current radar and satellites. By detecting weather anomalies within multiple layers, this new technology can predict intense occurrences and give the public alerts that let them know when an event is going to take place with precision accuracy, according to Elkabetz in an interview he granted to Forbes.

What ClimaCell can deliver

According to their website, through their massive network of sensors, ClimaCell will change the way that weather is delivered with hyper accuracy to show past data of weather events from any given minute from the past, on any street, with high resolution as well as current weather through local observations that are more accurate and faster than radar platforms. ClimaCell shows weather by the minute and it also has the capability of predicting future weather forecasts in a range from zero to 360 minutes in advance. High performance computing generates new weather data by the millions in a continuous system that keeps on top of what has already happened, what is occurring now, and what is coming, down to granular incidences that take the guess work out of what the local weather is going to do.

How ClimaCell is different and the implications

ClimaCell has patented one of their technologies and has 4 registered trademarks in the scientific and technological services category. The company currently uses 23 tech products including Google Apps for Work, Google Analytics, Word Press and others along with 47 technologies for its website, among them, iPHone/mobile compatibility, Viewport Meta and several others. It's going to be available for use on a variety of devices.

In essence, ClimaCell is pioneering weather technology in the field of virtual sensing through wireless signals powering media communications and cell phones and through detection of atmospheric changes which are converted into signals through their world wide network of sensors, along with street cameras, using the technology of machine learning to analyze images an infer weather conditions, using drones and airplanes to detect atmospheric conditions and generating data that was not previously available to weather prediction services. ClimaCell truly takes a different view of weather and it uses everything around us to sense weather and return the data to the massive infrastructure and it's leaving no stone unturned.

ClimaCell can detect weather events that other weather prediction systems such as satellites and radar cannot. It has the potential for predicting when a tornado is going to drop on the ground in a particular place, when there is going to be a cloudburst of rain, where down drafts are going to occur, and other ground level weather events. This has tremendous implications for the world around us and for many big money industries. For example, those who are participating in and attending sporting events held in outdoor venues will be able to know when a serious weather event is going to take place so they can take shelter or other measures necessary to ensure that everyone is safe at the event. Those in the deep sea fishing industry can see weather events coming at them to take evasive measures, and more. Commercial airline pilots, military pilots and control tower personnel will have access to greater detailed weather alerts that could end up averting weather related catastrophes as well as saving lives.


ClimaCell has developed technology that uses wireless networking to get a handle on current weather events in a way that has never been done before. The accuracy and timeliness of virtual weather prediction has evolved to a real time method versus the old systems of satellite and radar predictions. Instead of viewing the aftermath of severe weather after it has already happened, there will be a more reliable method to warn the public of nuisance as well as deadly weather phenomenon more quickly and the technology is going to be made available for subscription. This new advanced weather technology is definitely going to be a game changer for weather prediction on a global level. While ClimaCell is still in its infancy and there is still a lot of work to be done, they've made tremendous strides in reaching initial goals for the implementation of this new global weather prediction and event predicting system. It serves as yet another example of how the world is changing around us through technology, for the better.

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