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How to Fix an iPhone That Won't Charge


An iPhone that won't charge is a serious problem. After all, even the best batteries can't last for very long in the grand scheme of things, which isn't even mentioning how most people find out that their phone won't charge when it is low on power. As a result, when someone encounters such a situation, they need to find a solution as soon as possible. Otherwise, well, suffice to say that a powerless iPhone isn't very useful.

Confirm That the iPhone Isn't Charging

For starters, make sure that the iPhone isn't charging. If it is charging, its battery icon in the top right corner should have a lightning bolt either on it or beside it. Once the battery icon has been inspected, the next step depends on whether the iPhone still has any power remaining. If it does, people should proceed to searching for a solution. However, if it does not, people should leave it charging on its own for a couple of hours to see if that will change anything. Their iPhone is already out of power, so there is no need for them to rush to find a solution before it runs out of power.

Check to See If the Charger Can Charge Other Devices

It is a good idea to check to see if the charger can charge other devices. If it can, chances are good that there is something wrong with the iPhone; if it can't, chances are good that something is wrong with the iPhone's charger. This is useful for figuring out where people should be focusing their efforts. It is possible for both the iPhone and the iPhone's charger to develop issues at around the same time. Fortunately, that kind of thing is very rare.

Restart the iPhone

It isn't exactly the most sophisticated of methods. However, there is a reason why restarting is one of the most common responses to a malfunctioning iPhone. Of course, this won't be possible if the iPhone is already at either 5 percent power or less. As a result, someone in that situation will need to look for some other solution.

Check For Software Updates

Electronic devices are dependent on both software and hardware. Sometimes, the issue with a iPhone that won't charge isn't the hardware. Instead, it is software. As such, people should check to see if there is some kind of software update that might be causing the problem.

Check to See If the iPhone Can Charge Using a Cable

Some iPhones can be charged wirelessly. If that isn't working, people should check to see if they can still be charged using a cable. Should that prove to be helpful, they will know that their iPhone's wireless charging capabilities is at fault, which is something that they will be able to resolve at some later point in time. A similar solution can be used for the reverse scenario as well.

Check the Cable For Signs of Damage

Speaking of which, if people are suspecting that there is something wrong with the cable, they should inspect it to see if there are any clear signs of damage. To name an example, the rubber sheath might have broken because of repeated bending, thus exposing internal wires that have become quite frayed themselves. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect way to figure out whether there are any problems or not. It is very much possible for a cable to have suffered some kind of issue that isn't clear from the outside. For example, its internal wires might have broken while the rubber sheath remains intact. Similarly, the power regulator chip might have failed. As such, this method has its place as one of a number of useful tricks but nothing more than that.

Check Whatever It Is That Is Being Used to Charge the iPhone

On a related note, it is useful to check whatever it is that is being used to charge the iPhone. For example, if the iPhone is being charged using a computer, people should check to see if there is something about the computer that might be causing the issue. Perhaps the computer is either sleeping or hibernating; perhaps the computer's software has experienced some kind of issue; perhaps the USB port on the computer has experienced some kind of issue. Similarly, check other components such as, say, the AC adapter to see if they are the cause of the problem.

Inspect the Lightning Port

Our devices spend a lot of time being crammed into our pockets as well as other places where all sorts of things can get jammed up in them. As a result, it is worthwhile to inspect the iPhone's lightning port to see if there is anything that might be clogging up its intended function. If there is, people should proceed to remove it in a careful manner. This means using a toothpick or something else that is pointed but non-metallic to pick it out without causing any damage to the lightning port itself. Similarly, giving the lightning port a blast of air from a can of compressed air can be very useful as well.

Consider a Factory Reset

Factory resets are a last-ditch solution for various issues with various electronics. They return the device to its default settings but that means that the data will get overwritten as well. On top of that, factory resets might not work because it could be a hardware problem rather than a software problem. As a result, if people have hit this point, they should be giving some serious thought to just seeking out an Apple store.

How Can You Get Your iPhone Fixed?

Apple stores and Apple support are the best places to contact for people who want to get their iPhone fixed. The company has started making parts, tools, and instructions for fixing its products available to interested individuals. However, charging is probably something that should be left to Apple themselves, particularly since the company can get very touchy about third-party repairs.

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