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Five Plant-Based Technologies You Didn't Know Existed

Plant Based Technologies

Advancements in technology take many different forms in the present. We've come a long way in finding alternatives to the old traditional ways of doing things. In recent decades the focus has been on manufacturing products in a manner that is sustainable, green, and in the better interest of the environment. Many of the major high-end brands are coming around and using new sustainable technologies. New ways of using plants to achieve this end have resulted in useful technologies that enhance our way of life and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Here are five plant-based technologies that you didn't even know existed.

1. Plant-based leather substitute

According to Tech Crunch, vegans have something new to celebrate. The shoe-making company Allbirds is enhancing its supply chain with an investment of $2 million in Natural Fiber Welding, a company that has developed a vegan leather replacement. The new fabric is set to be delivered sometime in late 2021. The new sustainable leather material made by Natural Fiber Welding is a plant-based leather that is sustainable, made of tough cotton fiber through a new processing technology that converts the cotton into a material that is much like leather in appearance and feel. It is rumored that the materials will b used to create a variety of clothing items as well as accessories that were once made of leather. This is just one startup that is moving toward the development of new plant-based fabrics of all types. Natural Fiber Welding asserts that the reduction in its carbon footprint is 40 percent over traditional man-made fabrics with 17 times less carbon created in the manufacturing process vs synthetic leather made out of plastic materials.

2. Plant-based milk

Oatley is a company that is credited with the development of milk for human consumption that is made of oats. The company was founded in 1985 by Rickard Oste with its headquarters in Sweden. The international plant-based milk producer is expecting an IPO to take the company from private to publicly traded. Plant-based milk technology is a healthy alternative that provides sustainable milk production without the byproducts and methane gasses generated by Dairy cattle. This is a good example of how advances in food sciences are creating a healthier nutritional source that is produced by more environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods

3. Plant-based seafood

Hooked is a new tech startup in the seafood industry that was established by Emil Wastson and Tom Johansson in Stockholm, Sweden. The company specializes in seafood products that are plant-based and contain no meat. The first to come off the line were shredded vegan salmon and tuna, high in Omega-3 fatty acids and protein. The products were introduced to the market in the latter part of 2020. This is a technology that relies on plants to create alternative seafood substitutes with no meat and is approved for those who observe a vegan diet and lifestyle. It's a sustainable practice that leaves a small carbon footprint.

4. Alternative meat substitutes

Meet Jack is a startup that was founded by Marjolein Pleune and Kaline Van Halder with its headquarters in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The new technology that Meet Jack uses for their production of alternative Dutch meatballs, burgers, croquettes and more comes from the use of young jackfruit. The fruit is used in the production of a variety of vegan whole-food meat alternative products. Minimal processing of the products is necessary. This is a highly sustainable means of producing meat substitutes with similar texture and superior nutritional value. The company has secured partnerships with restaurant caterers. Meet Jack is a company to keep your eye on. It's off to a healthy start and we expect it to continue to expand and improve the current technology used in the plant-based meat industry.

5. Plant-based sugar-free desserts

Zveetz is a smart food company that specializes in the development of sugar-free desserts that are created from plant-based technology. The startup was founded in 2018 by Christain Krause and Vishal Kawatra with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Zveetz is changing the food industry with its use of plant-based processing that enhances the health and nutrition of dessert products by eliminating sugar and employing a range of different more healthy ingredients. Their specialty is producing vegan mousse desserts that are made of stevia for sweetening, coconut peanuts, vanilla, and cold brew.

Final thoughts

Plant-based technology is changing the available options that we have for food and clothing in ways that are more environmentally responsible, and better for our health all the way around. Plants are now being used to make imitation leather fabrics out of a tough strain of cotton. This cuts down our reliance on cattle and other animals, which also reduces the canon footprint we leave behind by moving away from traditional manufacturing methods. It's also more sustainable. There are also plant-based technologies that are used in the creation of milk products. This is good news for those who have allergies to dairy products or who prefer to live a vegan lifestyle. Plant-based technology is also used in the creation of meat products such as beef replacement, chicken substitutes, and more. Zveetz offers an all-natural vegan-friendly line of plant-based mousse desserts. This is just the beginning of this new niche in the tech sector that has started a new revolution in clothing and textiles including shoes and other accessories. In the food industry, plant-based technology is being used to develop new sustainable food sources that offer alternatives to the use of animals for the production of healthy and nutritious consumables including foods, beverages, and some dessert items. The technology is still in its infancy and we have a lot to learn about the possibilities for plant-based technology. We're entering a new and exciting era where the world around us is drastically changing. This new technology is one that investors are keeping an eye on as the likelihood of growth in the sector is positive.

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