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How Does Your Snap Score Work? A Guide


Snapchat may not be as popular right now, but it sets certain trends that other social media sites use today. For instance, it introduced the concept of Snapchat stories. In a nutshell, the Snapchat user uploads a photo or video to their story feed. After 24 hours, the photo or video gets pulled down.

Before it is deleted, you can see people who viewed your video or photo. This feature inspired social media networks like WhatsApp and Facebook to introduce stories.

There is a feature that other social networks haven't adopted from Snapchat. This feature is the Snap score. Snap score is a number awarded to you based on how active you are in Snapchat. It is usually beside your username. This article will show you how the feature works and everything else you should know about it.

Snapchat Snap Score Breakdown

So, what criteria does Snapchat use to calculate your Snap score? First, the app considers your Snapchat activities, such as the number of snaps you receive, the number of snaps you send, and a number of Snapchat stories you post. Then, to increase your score, you have to participate in any of the activities mentioned here actively.

How many points do you think you can get daily by using the identified Snapchat features? In 2018, the highest user would averagely earn 17000-30000 points per day. You must be thinking how difficult it will be to achieve such a snap score. Later on, you will learn easy ways of attaining such scores.

Are There Benefits to Having a High Snap Score?

There are some benefits of having a high snap score. For instance, you will receive charms when you achieve a certain high score. Any score above 50000 should be enough to acquire the charm. The charm shows up as an emoji, and you can locate it by tapping your profile icon.

Having a charm gives you certain bragging rights. Your friends will then be motivated to be active and compete with you. Remember, you can get as many charms as possible. Having many charms gives you some attention on Snapchat. People will begin to treat you like a celebrity.

They will even start chatting with you. It is the same way with a tweep who has thousands of followers. The more followers they have, the more people will follow them. Having a high snap score is beneficial if you want to make new friends on Snapchat. On the flip side, some people may be critical of users with a high snap score.

The critics will assume that you have no life since you spend all your time on the app. After all, being active on the app is the only way to boost the snap score. Other people are indifferent to the feature. They see it as a gimmicky feature. Such people need thorough convincing as to why they should care about the scoring system.

Can You View Your Friends' Snap Scores?

Snapchat users are generally competitive. They are not just interested in viewing their snap scores. Sometimes, they would want to compare their snap scores with their friends. After all, who would not want to boast to their friends about their high snap scores? If you are that competitive, you will be glad to know that you can view your friends' snap scores.

To view your friends' snap scores, tap on your profile icon. Then, scroll downwards until the section labeled "friends." From the friends' list, tap on any of your friend's icons. You will find the snap score next to their avatar.

Increasing Your Snapchat Score

Let's face it; there are days you will not feel like posting any snap. Also, you may have exhausted your creative juices. But, remember, it is not enough to post a video. The video either has to be entertaining or informative. Yet posting videos or photos increases your Snapchat score.

So, are there ways to increase your Snapchat score without posting any snaps? Certainly. You could begin by adding celebrities to your friends' list. Remember, celebrities' snaps tend to be more entertaining than your friends'. Stars understand that to maintain the buzz they have gotten over the years, they have to do anything to stay relevant.

What better way than posting snaps? So, you will have a chance to be entertained by them. Ensure the celebrity you add is active on the platform. Next, you can begin sending some of your snaps to celebrities. By doing so, you will get some snap scores. Some people send snaps to celebrities, hoping that they will respond. Remember, the aim is to get snap scores, not necessarily to engage with the celebrity.

Be aware you won't get a response

Keep in mind that most celebrities are not in a position to respond to your snaps. They have millions of fans using Snapchat, so it will be difficult for them to respond to all those fans. You will only score a point by sending snaps to celebrities. If this is fine with you, then, by all means, do it.

However, posting your snaps or stories remains the better alternative if you intend to get more snap scores. Some programs hack your account and give you fake followers on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. Perhaps, you are hoping there is a similar program like that to boost your snap score.

But unfortunately, it is not possible to hack Snapchat's algorithm. Furthermore, the Snapchat team would soon realize you have fake followers and deactivate your account even if you could. Another way to boost your snap score is by adding new friends to your list.

This step is usually complicated for most people. How do you get these friends in the first place? Luckily, Snapchat allows you to synchronize your mobile contacts with their platform. Check for their numbers in the Snapchat app and add them. Snapchat also suggests friends to you to add. Let's face it; some people use the app to add new friends. Lastly, responding to snaps sent to you increases your snap score.

Hate responding to Texts?

If you hate responding to texts, then replying to snaps may be hard for you. However, if you want to desperately increase your snap score, you may need to get used to responding to snaps. When you actively exchange snaps with your friends, there is a chance you will receive a snap streak.

A snap streak is a reward in the app you get after exchanging snaps with your friend for three consecutive days. The snap streak takes the form of a fire emoji.

This emoji will also indicate the number of consecutive days you exchanged snaps. For instance, if you see the number 9 next to the fire emoji, it means you exchanged snaps with your friends for nine consecutive days. To locate the emoji, it is usually next to the person's name.

It is possible to lose your snap streak. You would then be forced to start from scratch. You will receive an hourglass emoji instead of a fire emoji when you are about to lose your snap streak. In that case, you will have to exchange snaps as quickly as possible. So, it means when you exchange your snaps, you have to be watchful of your snap streak and snap score.

What Activities Will Not Boost Your Snap Score?

You may have spent a lot of time using Snapchat, only to discover that your snap score has remained the same. You might even think your Snapchat crashed.

However, before you rush to contact their support team, evaluate whether you have been wasting time partaking in activities that do not boost your snap score. For instance, have you been texting your friends on Snapchat using the regular message feature? If so, you will not receive any points.

Instead, it would be best to exchange snaps between you and your friends to score some points. How do you post a conversation in the form of a video, you may ask? First, record a video of yourself and post it as you would, a voice note. You do not even need to be visible in the video; you only need to be audible.

Also, watching your friends' stories will not do anything for your snap score. Again, though, it is okay to watch their stories if the intention is to entertain yourself. However, if you want to score some points, you will have to post your stories.

Can My Snap Score Decrease?

Inactive Snapchat users typically get worried that they may lose their points. What then happens if they log into the application after several months? Believe it or not, you will instead score a few points. Before you get too excited, this method is a slow way of increasing your snap score. You are better off sending snaps to your friends or posting your videos.

Can I Hide My Snap Score?

We have established that having a high snap score elevates you to a level similar to a celebrity. Suddenly, people will want to associate with you. Next thing you know, you will be receiving hundreds of snaps. Due to the unwanted attention, you begin to wonder whether you can hide your snap score. Unfortunately, you cannot hide your snap score. The only option you have is to change your privacy settings. For example, you can limit the number of people who can send snaps to you in the settings. In addition, you can remove the option of allowing anyone to send you snaps and instead let your friends interact with you.

Disparities in the Snap Score System

Avid Snapchat users find it hard to explain the scoring system to new Snapchat users. Some users try adding up their total sent snaps to understand the app's scoring system. More often than not, their calculations end up wrong. They normally get points lower than the one displayed next to their avatar.

The unclear scoring system has led many users to come up with theories on how they calculate the points. A commonly accepted theory is that users get 12 points for every snap they send to the first three people. Then, you get 20 points for each snap you send.

This theory has widely been accepted. But, strangely enough, Snapchat is yet to reveal how they calculate the points. It is thus up to the users to focus on being active on the platform. Others theorize that you receive a point on each snap you send or receive. So, what happens when you send a snap to multiple people at once? It appears that you will only receive one point despite sending it to various users. Therefore, you are better off sending multiple snaps than sending one to numerous people.

Post Engaging Snaps to Increase Viewership

Some people post snaps just because they can. Sometimes, you open a snap hoping to be intrigued yet end up extremely bored. You could even be the person who posts boring snaps. It may explain why your friends are yet to open your snaps. If they do not open your snap, you will not score a point.

So, how can you post snaps that will make your friends open them? Think of what the audience generally likes. Some ideas you could include in your snaps include cat videos, showing off a skill like drawing, posting rant videos, and so on. It is the same principle with TV shows. No one will watch a TV show they find boring. So, if you want friends to open your snaps, then be as entertaining as you can.


What method are you going to use to increase your snap score? Of course, you could choose one method, but why not try all of them? It is important to maximize getting a snap score by using different methods. Although it may not mean much to some people, a high snap score still gives you an edge when looking for friends. Sometimes, we need to feel good about some things in life, including having a high snap score. The trick is not to be caught up on it. After all, some people get depressed because of a lower snap score. As you try to get a high score, remember to spare time for other important activities.

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