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The Top 20 U.S. Hotels for Spotting Celebrities

Tourists stay at posh hotels and hope to catch a glimpse of a celebrity on their trip. If you're a star spotter, the odds of seeing your favorite celeb go up when you stay at the places that are best known for entertaining the rich and famous. Los Angeles is one of the better places for sightings, but there are many places throughout the United States that have become top picks for famous personalities. California is only one of many states that is home to hotels and resorts that accommodate noteworthy folks. We've put together a listing of the top twenty hotels that you are most likely to see a celebrity, in the U.S. Some of the locations may surprise you. For the best success in spotting a star, we recommend hanging out in the bars, clubs and spas.

The Redbury, (Hollywood, Ca) - Now CLOSED

The Redbury was a favorite of the rich and famous. It features a bohemian and chic reflection of the culture of Hollywood, with 57 rooms. The suites are designed by Matthew Rolston, and made in an apartment style for the feeling of home. They include kitchens as well as record players for a nostalgic aura. Stars who have stayed at the Redbury include Hayden Panettiere, David Beckham, Kanye West and Scarlett Johansson. The hotel staff are not strangers to high profile celebrities, but they'll welcome you as a guest as well.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Hollywood, Ca)

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic and iconic site that originated as a massive 12 story home in 1927 Spanish style. It was renovated in 2005, but has been in existence as a hotel for many years. It has earned a reputation for housing the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, who made this venue her home for some time. Several people have claimed to see her ghost still haunting the halls of the massive structure. The hotel is not only host to the departed, but also celebrities that are still with us on the planet. Famous guests who have stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel include Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Jay Z. The best places at the hotel to catch a glimpse of famous personalities are at the Tropicana Bar, in the lobby, by the pool or in the hotel's nightclub "Teddys."

Sunset Tower Hotel, (Hollywood, Ca)

The Sunset Tower Hotel is another historic property that has quite a history in Hollywood. It was built in 1929, and became the residence of several of the late greats in Hollywood including Frank Sinatra, Liz Taylor and Errol Flynn. Since the days that these famous celebs hung out at the hotel, the Art Deco treasure fell into disrepair. It was dramatically renovated in 2005 to become the modernized version it is today. The Sunset Tower Hotel is now considered to be an A list destination spot, and has become a favorite hangout for stars like Madonna, James Franco and Johnny Depp. For the best chance to see a star, hangout at the Terrace restaurant or the Tower Bar as these are the places that celebs have been known to frequent during their stays.

The Beverly Hilton, (Beverly Hills, Ca)

The Beverly Hills Hilton has earned the distinction of becoming the "official hotel" for the Grammy awards. The first year that the event took place at this venue was in 1959. This is the place to be during the pre-awards preparations, The hotel is home for the Pre-Grammy Gala as well as the luncheon for the Oscar's nominees that takes place for the Golden Globe awards. This is the major hotel that caters to some of the most powerful organizations and personalities in the entertainment industry. If you want to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, this is certainly a top choice. Matt Damon, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Tom Hanks are just a few of the many stars who have been sighted at this hotel.

Amangiri Resort, Utah

Utah? You bet Utah! The Amagiri Resort is set up to accommodate those who demand the very best in luxurious surroundings and amazing service. If you're planning a trip to Utah, you may want to schedule a few nights here. Previous famous guests who frequent the resort are Drew Barrymore, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Kim Kardashian West.

Little Palm Island Resort, (Florida)

Florida is another state that is filled with wonderful resorts and hotels that celebrities love to visit. The Little Palm Island Resort is located in a remote sector of the Florida Keys, and the locale is a part of its attractiveness for the rich and famous. It's an idyllic island retreat and offers a degree of privacy from the rush of the mainland. Several stars have stayed at this resort, and you never know when one is going to pop up. Famous visitors include Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Jana Kramer and Carole Radziwill of "Real Housewives of New York."

Villa Casa Casuarina, (Miami, Florida)

Miami is a city that is frequently visited by celebrities. The Villa Casa Casuarina is a favorite place for A-listers to stay. The property is graced with the decadent mansion that was formerly owed by the late fashion designer Gianni Versace who was killed by Andrew Cunanan in 1997. It was at this mansion that he was shot on the front steps and died. It holds tremendous historical and sentimental value for those who were fans and close friends of Versace. It has since been turned into a hotel that accommodates the likes of Heather Graham, Drake, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner. These are just a few of the famous celebrities who have visited the Villa.

Halekulani, (Oahu, Hawaii)

This is one of the finest beachfront Waikiki Hotel resorts in the state of Hawaii. The Halekulani offers all the luxury accommodations that are possible on the island. The interiors feature multiple different shades of white, with white sand beaches and a tranquil environment. The orchid mosaic swimming pool is made of 1.2 million pieces of glass from South Africa. Celebs enjoy the royal treatment at SpaHalekulani, where they have their choice of a variety of traditional Polynesian treatments. Throw in some of the world's most exotic stone and wood accents in the Halekulani suite, with clear views of the beach at Diamond Head, and top it off with a dedicated butler and access to the vehicle of choice, as long as it's a Lotus, Bentley or Maserati. Stars who cite this as a favorite location include Randy Jackson, Ben Affleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paula Abdul, Cameron Diaz, John Travolta and Halle Berry, just to name a few.

San Ysidro Ranch, (Santa Barbara, California)

The San Ysidro Ranch is a massive 500 acre estate that is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The locale was formerly a citrus ranch, turned into a luxury resort that has become a top pick for celebrities. Many stars have chosen San Ysidro Ranch for their weddings as well as their honeymoons. It's a fairly common occurrence. The Ranch offers seventeen miles of winding biking trails that take cyclists in between lovely flower gardens and orange groves. The private bungalows are low key offering amazing privacy. Part of the appeal of San Ysidro Ranch are the upscale accommodations including the Jackie and John (Kennedy) cottage of carved stone that features Persian rugs, amazing ocean views, an outdoor hot tub and fireplaces. Stars who frequent the ranch include Chris Martin, Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others.

The Little Nell, Aspen, Colorado

Of course there has to be a favorite hangout for celebs in Aspen. The Little Nell is one such place. It's known for its ski-in, ski-out feature, plenty of fresh powder for stars who love to ski, and an amazing location at the foot of Ajax Mountain. The views of the Rockies from the rooms are nothing short of spectacular. The amenities are also top notch. Celebs enjoy wool carpets, Bose sound system, goose down pillows, two fireplaces in stone clad design, a soaking tub to relax after a workout on the slopes and heated marble walls and floors. Don't forget the heated Creme de Marfil. This popular celeb hangout has accommodated Mariah Carey, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Katie Couric, Antonio Banderas, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Seal and Heidi Klum. If you're in Aspen and want to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, this is one of your better prospects.

Chateau Marmont, (Los Angeles, California)

One of your best bets for spotting a celebrity in LA, is at the Chateau Marmont hotel. The historic and iconic site opened its doors for business in 1927 and has since, compiled a rich history for entertaining famous guests. This hotel has been a mainstay for multiple generations of Hollywood's most famous legends. Chateau Marmont offers a range of accommodation choices such as traditional suites and rooms or bungalows. The West Hollywood Hills hotel is an opulent castle and you don't have to book a room to get a chance at spotting a celebrity. You're welcome to pop in at The Bar for a drink, or eat at The Restaurant. The Chateau Marmont is the place where celebrities like to throw their after parties for film premieres. To name a few of the famous faces that have been spotted here, we have Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.

The Carlyle, a Rosewood Hotel, (New York)

If you're in New York, one of the better hotels for spotting a star is the Carlyle Hotel. It's located on the Upper East side of the Big Apple, an is the premiere hotel in the area. The hotel features 188 rooms and is designed for refined elegance and luxury. The amenities are totally massive, and of course, the Sense Spa is a popular area for the rich and famous who just want to take a time out and relax. This is a top choice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they're in town. It's also a favorite of David and Victoria Beckham. Mick Jagger has also been seen enjoying the amenities, which features thee Turkish themed Gallery restaurant. This is one of the best hotels to spot a celebrity in New York.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, (Los Angeles, California)

The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of Los Angeles' premiere locations for the rich and famous. As a part of the Dorchester Collection hotel chain, the ambiance is both dignified and elegant. It sits of 12 acres of breathtaking gardens, which serve two functions. They are beautiful, but they also seclude the bungalows, adding privacy for guests. This hotel has long been a favorite of A-listers for generations. Some of the more prolific guests from yesteryear have been John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. The appeal continued with more recent celebrity sightings of Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp, Vince Vaughn, Nicole Kidman, John Mayor, Nicolas Cage, and the beloved royals, Will and Kate.

The Waldorf Astoria, (New York)

The Waldorf Astoria has earned its reputation as one of the top luxury hotels in midtown Manhattan. The Waldorf remains the Hilton Hotel group's flagship and it stands as one of the finest examples of splendor and luxury. It was declared to be an official landmark of New York City in 1993. The Waldorf Astoria takes up a full city block of the highly valued Park Avenue locale. The most recent renovations to the hotels were assessed at more than $300 million. The hotel is noted for accommodating dignitaries from around the world, and is a popular destination for visiting heads of state. Famous guests spotted at the Waldorf Astoria include the royals, Will and Kate, Douglas MacArthur, Paris and Nicky Hilton (of course), and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who resided in the upper floors of the establishment.

Gramercy Park Hotel, (New York)

The Gramercy Park Hotel is a magnet for the rich and famous. It is a popular venue for throwing star studded parties and celebrity events. The hotel features a rotating collection of artwork from the 20th century which includes some of the better known works of Warhol, Basquiat and Schnabel. This theme is carried on throughout the interior design of the rooms, which also feature handcrafted furnishings which have each been custom designed. The rooms are adorned with linens imported from Italy, velvet draperies adorning the windows and some of the most exquisite artwork gracing the walls. Celebrities prefer the privacy that Gramercy Park offers, as it is the only one of its kind in Manhattan that does not allow unauthorized access. The rooms offer an amazing view of the park. There are 185 guest rooms, as well ass a rooftop terrace. Bill Clinton celebrated his 60th birthday at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Other celebs who have been seen here include Sheryl Crow, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Madonna, Donald Trump and multiple other famous personalities.

St. Regis Princeville (Hawaii)

Thee St. Regis Princeville hotel is another location that you are likely to catch sight of a celebrity. What draws them in droves are the beautiful and pristine beaches, the stunning views, including ocean as well as cliff scenery and the massive amenities. This is the area that many box office hits were filmed. "Raiders of the Lost Ark," South Pacific" and "Jurassic Park" were all filmed here. It features 252 guest rooms, butler service, Jean Georges Vongerichten on site chef, the Kauai Grill and views of volcanic mountains peeking out from thee jungle, and some of the world's most breathtaking sunsets against the Pacific Ocean. A few of the A-listers who have stayed at the St. Regis Princeville are Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Olivia Munn, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas, (Los Angeles, California)

We're back to Los Angeles which is home to many famous people. Although you could possibly spy a celebrity walking on the streets of the city, the odds of seeing one here are a lot higher. This is a frequent hangout for celebrities. The location is within spitting distance of the Sunset Strip. The hotel has a long history and massive list of celebrity guests. This is because it has many of the features and amenities that stars find appealing. The private villas, the restaurant that is operated by chef Guillaume Burlion, Bar 1200 and the Mediterranean style poor location are all highly up to par. Some of the bigger name guests known to frequent this hotel are Mario Batali, Joan Jett, Slash, the Kings of Leon, Green Day and Chris Cornell. We're seeing a musical theme arising here, so if you're a fan of music and the greats who have delivered their masterpieces to the world, the Sunset Marquis Hotel and Villas is a good choice for spotting your favorite living musician.

The Shore Club, (Miami, Florida)

The Shore Club is another great Florida hotel for celebrity sightings. It's located on South Beach. Although most A-list stars don't check into the rooms, they're crazy about the private bungalows as well as the triplex Penthouse that occupies 6,000 square feet of space. It's no small wonder because the property offers them many places in the corners of its breathtaking gardens to hide away from the prying eyes of the public. The Skybar is your best bet for seeing an A-lister because it gives you an excellent viewpoint, plus, even the rich and famous like to go out for a drink now and then. You're most likely to see them when they emerge from their private spaces to go out for a little fun. The treatment spa is highly rated and it's another location on the property where you're the most likely to bump into a celebrity. Stars who have been spotted here include Matthew McConaughey, Ashley and Jessica Simpson and Lance Armstrong, to name a few.

Palms Casino Resort, (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Las Vegas is the town that Frank Sinatra and the famed rat pack of the earlier days, made a haven for celebrities. If they're not entertaining crowds themselves, they are there for some fun themselves. Dubbed as Sin City, it offers a wide variety of entertainment options and the Palms Casino Resort is one of the A-listers hotels of choice. The resort draws celebrities like a magnet because of its 40 Sky Villas and Mega suites that offer amenities that will blow your mind. The basketball half court and locker room are a favorite for athletes of note, and the bowling alley is also popular. In addition, other amenities include an intimate location for performance, great night clubs, a high stakes gaming area and a recording studio that is state of the art for musicians. There are plenty of drawing cards at this resort and it's hard to tell who you might see hanging around this popular attraction. You're likely to see a variety of celebrities from different backgrounds here. Some of the most recent visitors include David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Mariah Carey.

The Mercer, (New York, New York)

New York is a city that features hefty competition when it comes to luxury high end accommodations for special guests. The Mercer just happens to be one of the finest and highly preferred picks for celebrity check-ins. It was at this hotel that Russell Crowe had his infamous meltdown and threw his phone at an employee of the hotel. It made headlines in the gossip columns in 2005. If paparazzi hang out in this area, it's a good sign that you're going to have a few celebrity sightings. When you enter the lobby, you are greeted with an actual red carpet with meticulously elegant decor. The hotel features 75 rooms which are loft style, but the price is crazy high, so unless you're also wealthy, it's tough to afford a stay here. Some of the more prolific celebrities who have been spotted here include Kanye West, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z, and Renee Zellweger. It's a great place to hangout if you're on a mission to spot a celebrity. Who knows, maybe you could even pick up a few tips from a member of the paparazzi while you're there.

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