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What Does Heidi Klum Do For Charity?

Heidi Klum

When you think of one of the first household names for supermodels, you probably gravitate toward Heidi Klum. Over the years, she has generated a net worth of nearly $160 million, but she is now known for much more than her time on the runway.

Growing up with modest beginnings, she elevated herself to be one of the best-paid models in modern times thanks to being a Victoria's Secret Angel, developing her own clothing line, and then generating a career as a host in the Hollywood industry.

She has donated a significant amount of her money and time giving back to charity over the last two decades.


Being able to promote information about AIDS and generate funds to support those who have been diagnosed with the disease is at the heart of the AIDS LIFE foundation.

Each year, this charity comes together with a large ball for celebrities, politicians, and others in the industry to donate funds to the mission. Heidi Klum charity has been known to donate at least $100,000 annually to this charity while also being in attendance.

Red Cross

As a promoter for the Red Cross, Heidi Klum has been an advocate for this organization over the years. Being able to have the resources to save lives in the event of an emergency is the mission of this organization and one that Heidi Klum has been passionate about.

She has made personal contributions to their organization to the tune of $50,000 at a time. She has also donated her time, working to help bring in donors and advocating on their behalf.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Children who are suffering from severe, chronic, or terminal illnesses are treated at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In order to be the largest in the area and support the number of children and families that they do each year, they survive primarily from donations. 

Heidi Klum charity donations to this hospital have personally been undisclosed amounts each year. She and her family also participate in local drives and fundraisers to help promote and generate donations from other benefactors in the area.

In addition to donating funds, she has also donated her own time and items to ensure that the hospital has what it needs to move forward.

Cancer Research UK

Operating as the largest independent cancer research organization in the world, Cancer Research UK receives a significant amount of donations annually to continue progressing through their research and finding new ways to treat and fight the different types of cancer.

With Heidi Klum having roots in Europe, it is no surprise that this organization is also on the list of donations for the Heidi Klum charity.

The cancer research that this organization utilizes supports some of the largest cancer research projects that are currently underway and others that have made some of the largest milestones in cancer research.


Over the last decade, Heidi Klum has joined several other celebrities in their fight to help children reach their full potential through UNICEF.

Not only has she made personal donations of over $100,000 many times, but she has helped raise awareness by modeling for them at donation fundraisers, being an advocate for their mission, and supporting a variety of fundraisers to raise awareness in these areas.

When you visit their website, the work that Heidi Klum has done for the organization is listed, when she made visits to India on their behalf and assisted in the field working to help the locals who needed care.

Red Dress Program

One of the biggest charity events annually is the Red Dress Program, which is hosted by the Go Red for Women organization.

In an attempt to gain donations and raise awareness about heart disease affecting women, stars such as Heidi Klum donate some of their most expensive and prestigious gowns to give back to the organization.

She publicly donated her Oscar gown to the organization which raised thousands of dollars for the organization and its mission.

21st Century Leaders

With the success of children being a personal mission for Heidi Klum, she maintains a presence and partnership with the 21st Century Leaders organization.

The goal of this mission is to encourage some of the most promising young people throughout the state of Georgia to take advantage of different opportunities where they can grow and prosper later in life.

Because high school is a critical age and big life decisions need to be made soon, 21st Century Leaders give these students the resources they need that they may not have had otherwise due to financial or geographical constraints.

Heidi Klum has donated her time as a mentor to this program and worked to encourage young women, especially, those in this program that there are resources available and insights to help them secure their future.

Elton John AIDS Foundation

Because she is a humanitarian advocating for those living with AIDS and has contributed to other AIDS-based organizations, she also supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which has been one of the leading supporters of AIDS research, support, and raising awareness over the last 30 years.

This is a global organization that has benefited Americans suffering from HIV/AIDS and also those in Europe, where Heidi Klum was born.

While it is not disclosed how much she has donated personally, she has been in attendance for galas and fundraisers for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, showing immense support on social media for her followers.

Local Charities

In addition to donating to large and well-known charities, Heidi Klum has also donated nearly $1 Million dollars to local charities within the Southern California area.

She has also made significant donations to her community in Germany, as well. Being able to assist local children and ensuring they have the resources they need is something that she has advocated for since becoming a mother herself.

Moving Forward

With all the work that Heidi Klum has done over the years for charity, it is expected that these habits will continue well into the future.

She has laid a foundation as one of the most active celebrities who gives more than money, but time and resources to improve the area where she is living and help those around her.

Over the years, she has become more involved with charitable events. As she continues to have a career in the industry and generate significant net worth, we can expect to see Heidi Klum keep up with these larger organizations, advocating for their missions and using her social media platforms as a way to raise awareness for their goals and missions.

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