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10 Games that are Similar to Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

"Animal Crossing" rose to the top of Nintendo's most popular video games. The intriguing series gives players a world to customize and create the life they desire by gathering resources and using their imaginations to build communities on their island, developing anthropomorphic animals. It's helped to ease the burdens of decreased social contact during the Covid-19 pandemic and became a staple for entertainment that continues as a popular pastime today. If you're ready to move on to new adventures, here are 10 games similar to "Animal Crossing."

10. A Short Hike

If you're into adventure, "A Short Hike" offers a similar exploration theme to "Animal Crossing." Players must explore the open world map in the game to achieve the goal of reaching a mountain summit to obtain reception for cell phones.

Canadian indie Adam Robinson-Yu designed and developed the game, according to Games Radar. It's not a particularly demanding game in terms of skill, but it offers enjoyment for accomplishing simple exploration tasks.

The gaming environment features the lushness of Hawk Peak Provincial Park without time limits or pressure to move fast. The game is short and can be completed in a few hours if you're fully invested in reaching the goal. It gives you warm feelings as a wholesome video game, delivering an escape from the business and chaos of the outside world.

It's available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC. However, the game's mechanics are different from "Animal Crossing." "A Short Hike" is appropriate and enjoyable for players of most age groups.

9. Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands

"Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands" is a video game recommended for players who love the concept of building a new life. It's similar to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" in the format with an island to explore and resources to gather. Players arrive on the island after a shipwreck delivers them to the deserted strip of land in the middle of the ocean.

You've become stranded with others from the ship who escaped to find themselves in the same situation. It's up to you to work together to establish a camp, set up farms for food crops, and locate the resources to help you build a ship to get back to civilization.

The game requires you to complete quests and side quests requiring exploration, interactions with the local plant and wildlife, and avoiding a few dangers. It's more intense than "Animal Crossing" as there are supernatural enemies on the island and a cursed relic to avoid. It involves strategy and watching out for trouble while you build a new civilization with the ultimate goal of abandoning it when you can finally sail away toward home.

This game comes on various platforms, including Nintendo Switch, iOS, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You're the leader of the group of castaways, and it's up to you to direct the others in helping you reach the ultimate goal.

8. My Time at Portia

"My Time at Portia" is best for players who love the theme of "Animal Crossing" but also crave a little suspense. Players find various tasks and quests to complete while exploring the large open world in search of relics and other resources. You begin the game with the task of building your income through commissions.

Players earn them by moving into the town and becoming a builder. You get to create various structures for others to earn an income. You can also increase your wealth by farming, raising chickens and cows, fishing, and other ways. It's a q1uest-based game that involves exploration to discover relics and solve mysteries of Portia.

You interact with the residents of the town to gain experience and knowledge. Follow the game's storyline as you explore and learn more about your surroundings and the game's overall goal. There are some dangerous areas in the game, and you can embark upon to venture into the danger zones. You can arm yourself and wade into the fray if you enjoy a fight.

If you prefer a peaceful experience, you can send the Civil Corps into danger to retrieve items necessary to complete quests. It's a game with options; you can decide how you want to play. The pace is fairly slow, but many quests are available for hours of gameplay before you finish the game. Pathea Games created "My Time at Portia" for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or PC.

7. Hokko Life

The Indie game is a life simulation game involving role-playing and adventure. Players enter the game as humans, with the NPCs as animals. The goal is to spend your time improving the town of Hokko through renovations and expansion.

If you're bursting with creativity, the sky is practically the limit in Hokko. Players engage in hobbies and customize clothing, furniture, buildings, and other tasks.

You can also hunt bugs, fish, and much more. It's a cozy game you can play whenever you like, then return to the stage where you left it. Buildings and assets do not decay or change if you're away for a month or two. It's a wholesome video game that is appropriate for most age groups. "Hokko Life" is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

6. Kynseed

"Kynseed" is a video game that is popular with players who enjoy "Animal Crossing" and the "Fable Series, made by the same developer. You'll notice that the spiritual aspects of the game are similar to "Fable," with some of the same gameplay as "Animal Crossing." Players enjoy the freedom of choosing from working on social skills, building a farm, running a business, or going on an adventure.

The game consists of a series of mini-games requiring in-depth actions for prep when cooking, blacksmithing, and other activities. It's an immersive game that keeps you on your toes.

Players appreciate the laid-back pace of the game. Although you must take action during combat, the turn-based format gives you all the time necessary to assess the situation and make the best decisions for defense. Quick reflexes are not required to achieve success in the game. It's a PC-based platform.

5. Stardew Valley

"Stardew Valley" is a role-playing game similar to "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." Players assume the role of a character that decides to make life changes, leaving the chaos of mainstream society. Your grandfather passes away in the game, and you move to his farm in Stardew Valley to take over the operations, like "Animal Crossing."

Your character is a farmer, but that's not the only option open to you. "Stardew Valley" is an open-ended game that gives you the option of leaving the farm and engaging in an exploration of the map, fishing, cooking, crafting, or socializing to build relationships.

Like "Animal Crossing," you get to engage with the townspeople to open up new options for your character. The game offers many features like "Animal Crossing." Some of them include changing seasons, special festival events, and more. It's a fun and relaxing game that gives you plenty of things to do and challenges to tackle to build your character and wealth.

The game is available on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can easily spend hours playing the game and escaping from the stresses and pressures of life. It's every bit as addictive as "Animal Crossing."

4. Garden Paws

Cultured Vultures suggests the "Garden Paws" title if you're looking for a new video game that is similar to "Animal Crossing." It's developed and published by Bitten Toast Games, drawing inspiration from "Animal Crossing." The game is available on Switch, Mac, and PC platforms. You'll find similar visuals with gameplay that follows along similar lines. Your grandparents leave you a farm as an inheritance.

The game aims to build the town to its highest potential. The game allows players multiple characters to choose among. You can play as a dragon, a horse, a dog, a cat, or a human. You'll find a diverse selection of anthropomorphic characters in the game. You can make friends with the various characters and the residents.

The game is filled with many activities that allow you to earn wealth to improve the town. Choose from mining, growing crops, fishing, raising animals, treasure hunting, managing a shop, cooking, making furniture, and more. You can also participate in seasonal events in your town.

There are tons of quests available while you're busy expanding the town. You can add more residents and other items as the game progresses. Completing a quest unlocks more fun and excitement. You can also customize your town, house, and character. It's a game that allows your inner creativity to flourish. It's a slow-paced game that you can take at your leisure.

Players note that many of the gameplay elements are the same as those in "Animal Crossing," but there's enough difference to make it interesting and fresh. It's a game that is fun and enjoyable for most age groups.

3. Alchemy Story

"Alchemy Story" is a video game developed for the PC platform. It's similar to "Animal Crossing" with its casual gameplay and fun visual effects. The difference is that the focus is on the backstory of potion brewing. That's the main goal of players. The village has been struck with a dark curse that turned all residents into animals.

It's your job as an apprentice alchemist to undo the damage by learning the trade. You're assisted by a Professor who helps you to learn the art of alchemy and develop the skills and knowledge needed to lift the curse.

Your goal is to restore the people and things in the village to the way they were. You brew elixirs and potions to sell or use in daily tasks and quests. Your character also raises cows and sheep chickens and runs a farm. You must gain the trust of the animals you care for to obtain ingredients you need to make certain potions to complete quests.

You can also socialize with the town's residents, forage, fish, mine, garden, and more. After you complete the quests to lift the curse, the residents will return to their human form. You can also engage in romance and get married if you find a suitable human.

2. Rune Factory 4 Special

The game has similar gameplay elements, like earning rewards for finding new ways to craft, farm, and more. You can even plunder dungeons for more rewards. It's an expansive game with exciting visuals; you can adjust the difficulty level to avoid boredom. If you're looking for a game similar to "Animal Crossing" but offers greater difficulty levels, it's worth considering.

1. Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

"The Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town" is another game that's a lot like "Animal Crossing." You start the game with a farm. You can tame wild animals, grow and harvest crops, and build your livelihood. The game takes place in a village by the sea.

You can venture into the busy town to make new friends. You may even meet someone you want to marry while visiting. The game allows you to marry, begin a family, or remain single. It's about building the life you want as a pioneer in Olive Town.

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