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The 10 Best-Selling Nintendo 3D Games of All-Time

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3D games are handheld games developed by Nintendo Research and manufactured by Nintendo, Foxconn. The games were first released in the gaming market on February 26, 2011, in Japan, and by March 2011, they had taken over the world. The production of the games was discontinued on September 16, 2020, with more than 75.94 million copies being shipped in September 2021.

According to The Verge, the company stopped producing the 3D games to focus on the production of new 2DS LL games. The games run on a Nintendo 3D System software with 2 TN LCD Screens. In addition, the games have an inbuilt sound recorder and music player. The most Nintendo 3D games the company has sold in its history are discussed below.

10. Tomodachi life (6 million Sales)

The game is based on the storyline of friends who moved to an island where they enjoyed life as they fell in love. The player acts as an omniscient overseer of a developing island populated by several Miis. In Japanese, 'Tomodachi' means 'friend,' and that is why the game is based on getting connected to friend-like Mii characters. The game allows you to make Mii characters that take after persons you admire, such as friends and family members. As you interact with these Mii Characters, you shall enjoy how they show a normal life like your friends/family members. There is something uniquely Nintendo about the whole experience. Some players would complain that the game was too simple, but that did not stop fans from enjoying the funny and unique game. It sold over 6 million copies.

9. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon (9.09 million Sales)

Ultra-Sun and Moon were among the last 3D Pokémon games to be released into the market by Nintendo. The game came with updated versions of a young Pokémon trainer based in Hawaii, Alola region. Some critics argued that it had few differences from the first version, but the game achieved more than 9 million sales. Game Freak, the mainline Pokémon series developer, has explained why it decided against bringing the games to Switch.

8. Super Smash Bros (9.6 million Sales)

With different 3Ds in the market, Nintendo had to bring in a game to be played with handheld devices. Its fighting was better and as chaotic as the GameCube's Melee. Super Smash Bros. has four who battle each other. It has iconic characters in each stage designed for the portable Nintendo classic game. This is the sixth installment following Smash Ultimate in the games' series. It is the first Smash game in full 3D, with fully immersive stages, but it follows the traditional gameplay style of knocking the opponent off the stage. Other than a few critics of online play issues, this game sold more than 9.6 million copies.

7. Super Mario 3D land (12 million Sales)

In 2013, Nintendo published Super Mario 3D Land for the Wii U. It came after the Super Mario 3D of 2011 and is its sixth generation. This game was the first in the 3Ds Legacy Collection, a collection of various popular 3D games ported to the Nintendo Switch. The game's main features include 82 courses, 12 worlds, several bonus levels, and a DLC area larger than the Super Mario Odyssey map. This title combined elements of a side-scrolling Mario quest with features of a free-roaming 3D Mario game. According to the Gamer, the unique gameplay was praised, resulting in over 12 million copies sold.

6. Animal Crossing: New leaf (13.01 million Sales)

The new "Animal Crossing: New Leaf'' came with many transformations. Statue Mario, Boomerang Mario, and Fire Mario were introduced in this game. More fun is based on creating a human villager who moves into a city with anthropomorphic animals. Upon arriving in the town, they were responsible for ensuring that its residents stayed happy.

Animal Crossing games have always been relaxing and fun to look at, and New Leaf is no different. The characters are much taller than in past AC games, making a lot more sense. The game also looks good in 3D, although you can only play in 3D for a little while before it hurts your eyes. 'Smug' and 'Uchi' (two new villagers) and Hamster and Deer (new animals) were added to the game. The improvements saw the game attract more than 13 million sales.

5. New Super Mario Bros,2 (13.4 million Sales)

The Nintendo Entertainment System, a subsidiary of Nintendo, came up with the Super Mario Bros. 2, which it sold to the North American market in October 1988. The game's storyline was that Luigi and Mario were to undertake a mission to get the Princess from the jaws of Koopalings and Bowser. Players would collect coins as they maneuvered from one game level to the other. It is highly recommendable that you use the NES and Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to play the game. Though the sequel was not that different from the one before, critics remained impressed by the level of design. Over 13.4 million copies have so far been purchased.

4. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (14.5 million Sales)

After the game Boy Advance's advancement, players were treated to the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It is based on the goal of defeating eight Gym leaders and then capturing some Pokémon. Players praised the game's beautiful graphics and the training mechanic, which was extremely super. On its first day, it sold more than three million copies, and within a very short period, it hit the 14.5 million sales mark. If you have played the X and Y version, you will notice that it has no big difference from this game. The first few generations came with boring pixel blobs, which have now been replaced with colored and animated Pokémon.

3. Pokémon Sun and Moon (16.2 million Sales)

More than 16.2 million Pokémon Sun and Moon copies have been sold by March 2022. Players go through the Alola's Islands to engage in battles with other trainers and catch Pokémon. As more versions continued to be produced, the game received modifications in format and designs, which players loved more. It was previously mentioned that Nintendo had reason to create a second version.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will not have stereoscopic 3D Support in battles, unlike its predecessor. Like Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon operate on unique day-night cycles. The game can change times with the real world; when the player plays at night, the game changes to daytime and vice versa. Ultra-Sun will mirror your actual surroundings, on the other hand. One has to decide between catching Pokémon by the light of the Moon or in broad daylight. Pokémon Sun's time matches the Nintendo 3DS' internal clock, but Pokémon Moon is 12 hours ahead.

2. Pokémon X and Y (16.68 million Sales)

The first installments of the sixth generation of the Pokémon series sold over 16.68 million copies. The role-playing game was released into the market on October 12, 2013. These games were the first to include a real 3D world and 3D battles, utilizing 3D models in great battle environments. The world also is completely 3D while keeping grid-based movements. Though the game's concept borrows from its predecessors, the location is unique. The story is based in the Kalos region in France. The game also makes the training of Pokémon's effort values easier through a mean game system known as super training.

With this, you can increase your Pokémon effort values through a scheme of meaningful games and various other features. Apart from challenging Pokémon Trainers, players also attempt to tackle the sinister activities of a criminal organization named 'Team Flare.' It received great reviews for its updated animations, battle challenges, and characters. This game also introduced the customization idea of the trainer. It allows you to pick your trainer's hair color and skin tone from three options and completely customize your trainer's accessories and outfits.

1. Mario Kart 7 (18.97 million Sales)

Mario kart 7 is a video game developed by Nintendo EAD in conjunction with Retro studios in 2011. Mario Kart 7 is full of wins. Its players have termed it the best game to be produced by the enterprise so far. It marked one of the biggest steps for Nintendo's method of doing online multilayers. The players play on themed Mario tracks and play as one of seventeen Mario players. Players use power items to assist their characters or hinder them. An extra addition to the game includes a chance to drive underwater, first person, and players can build customized vehicles besides hanging attachments for karts.

The game supported local and online multiplayer for up to eight players. Upon its release, it received highly positive reviews, with players praising its addition of tracks and item balancing, with a few critics mentioning its difficulties in curving. The Mario Kart series totals fourteen games, six on-home consoles, three on handheld consoles, four arcade games co-developed with Namco, and one for mobile phones. The game was the first 3D game to have over five million units sold on the first day, following Super Mario 3D land. According to Wikiwand, the game had sold more than 18.97 million copies by March 31, 2022.

Health and Safety Precautions When Playing Nintendo 3DS

Now you are aware of the best Nintendo 3Ds you can play. These are some of the reasons which resulted in the decline in the sales of the games. We must also inform you that there are serious health precautions that you should observe. America's Support researched and gave us the following precautions to observe.

1. Incorrect use of Nintendo 3D games may result in personal injury. This includes its components and accessories.

2. They are only recommended for children seven years and above, which can cause vision damage. Children above seven years must consult the doctor on how many times they can play the games in a week. Even adults must find breaks when playing games. If your child reports losing awareness, eye twitching, convulsions, and disorientation, immediately see a doctor.

3. The games contain a rechargeable lithium battery which may leak from time to time. The substance is harmful, and it may damage your skin and clothes.

4. Some Nintendo 3Ds have been found to emit radioactive waves, which may affect nearby electronics. Exposure to them for a long time can also cause skin cancer. Avoid long-time exposures.

Why You Should Buy and Play the Nintendo 3D Games

If you observe the health and safety precautions above, you shall realize that these are some of the best games for the following reasons.

  • Price: The games are available in different versions and designs, as well as their prices. You have the liberty to choose the one which you think is pocket friendly.
  • Battery Life: Depending on the game you are playing, when in good condition, the games have batteries that go for more than three hours. The time is enough to give your family a chance to play the game internally.
  • Easy to monitor kids: Your kids can play the game under your direct supervision, minimizing any chances of misuse of the game.
  • Creativity: Players can use their time effectively through different game levels. Mainly it improves one's creativity.

In Conclusion

Even though the production of the Nintendo 3Ds stopped, the games are still common among the young generation. Trading the game between users is still high and formed the basis on which the Nintendo 2Ds was developed. The company must also consider the complaints raised by its customers when designing future products. It must also be aware that others, such as Bandai Namco, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and CCP games, are producing similar products. Integration of future games with other leading online platforms such as Netflix and online Tv platforms shall make future games more competitive. You can choose from one of the games we have provided above and get the fun experienced by other millions of fans.

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